Jan 28, 2017
SevenSpeaks (All reviews)
This manhua is about a girl that likes a girl (Hot isn't it?) and it actually is really good. I am done reading Ch123.

Good things -
It actually is quite good, it doesn't progress like a normal shoujo or shoujo ai manga that completely shoves the drama or conflict up by your throat in an instant, this manhua actually gives us a bit of a development to that point or something to not completely yank us off with.

The art is also amazing (apart from their broken reaction faces, I think those are intentional) Lots of things are quite detailed and nice. The scenery is also good and the art style of the characters is quite nice.

I also love how the story progresses, almost everything has a connecting point from each story line and doesn't entirely shut us off at one point and begin another. (Also did I mention that a girl likes a girl here? It's gooooood stuff)

Bad things -
When is the new chapter coming out (it isn't on par with japanese release dates, so it's quite frustrating that it might come out a bit longer, but it's worth the wait.)

The chapters are too fucking short.
The pages are so few and sometimes they're only visuals of a character's everyday life, so sometimes it can be a real bummer since those unwanted visuals can only do so little to build up the story (and sometimes don't help at all)

But I do recommend reading this if you want to read a simple love story but with a little twist, also to make you feel good and happy on the inside.