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Apr 4, 2017
I spoke too early about this anime. And now? You could say that my opinions have changed after watching, but it wasn't enough for me to say that "I shouldn't judge a book by the cover". I finished the whole thing and I do believe the story is something new and great, however what's been bugging me is the technical points of the anime.

Let me emphasize my comments with my review. There might be some spoilers. Teehee

Story 9/10
This is something fresh, I can't say it's a nice kind of fresh but it is something to inspire authors with so that we don't get a repetition read more
Jan 28, 2017
This manhua is about a girl that likes a girl (Hot isn't it?) and it actually is really good. I am done reading Ch123.

Good things -
It actually is quite good, it doesn't progress like a normal shoujo or shoujo ai manga that completely shoves the drama or conflict up by your throat in an instant, this manhua actually gives us a bit of a development to that point or something to not completely yank us off with.

The art is also amazing (apart from their broken reaction faces, I think those are intentional) Lots of things are quite detailed and nice. The scenery is also read more
Jul 6, 2016
This anime is a bunch of illustrated skits of couples that is really short and would basically waste your time, if you aren't interested in couples and their daily lives. These animated flicks are a real box filled with kittens sent right in front of your doorstep without any note, and unless you don't like surprises or you don't like responsibility over those new tiny liter of kittens, then you won't enjoy this anime.

There is nothing special about this anime, no plot, no character, the art is fine, no fanservice and basically no bullshit, it literally is just some animated flicks of couples goofing around read more
Jul 2, 2016
"Sakamoto desu ga?" Is an anime I didn't really enjoy watching, but it also wasn't something that I needed to avert my eyes to.

First off, there isn't any real plot to begin with, it's just Sakamoto's every day habits with the thoughts of the people involved in it, and it only gets interesting after an episode introducing a "villain" whereas, ploys to "annihilate" our Stylish MC.

This is an anime that will really make you laugh at some point, the comedy is worth a watch, some conflicts are easily predictable and how the whole thing delivers is a bit generic, bad person realizes mistake, and Sakamoto read more