Apr 4, 2017
SevenSpeaks (All reviews)
I spoke too early about this anime. And now? You could say that my opinions have changed after watching, but it wasn't enough for me to say that "I shouldn't judge a book by the cover". I finished the whole thing and I do believe the story is something new and great, however what's been bugging me is the technical points of the anime.

Let me emphasize my comments with my review. There might be some spoilers. Teehee

Story 9/10
This is something fresh, I can't say it's a nice kind of fresh but it is something to inspire authors with so that we don't get a repetition of romcoms and "love triangles" kind-of-stories. It is something new, a unique tackle on romance about love and it's more "unloving" side.

It really was great for me, because alongside Akane's ménage à trois, is the development of each character from their "scummy" state to something more normal. The story is not entirely lacking, everything was almost keen and neat. You have your backstory here, conflict here, plothole there etc etc.. it was basically complete (not to mention the tons of fanservice provided)

However I do believe the story is somewhat pretentious, it couldn't get by without sinking another scene of straight or lesbian fuckenings, it seemed that the anime was trying too hard to get the viewers to stay. Also some scenes could've been better. Overall for the story, it was truly something new and delivered unto the end with great expectations, but the first few episodes were indeed terrible.

Art 6/10
The art is something I take issue with. I mean, is the animator having a bad day or something?

First off why do they look so mechanical? Their movements where really anti-dynamic, its as if every part of them is being controlled by a puppet. A lot of stuff could've been better, even the panning of the shots was mediocrity at its finest, I would've expected something better since the studio animating this actually worked on "Danganrompa".

From the walking, to the timing of the dialogues. Some parts where somewhat fine but the rest was just so pathetic. Well for me, the whole thing is pathetic. Character design is what I'd expect it to be, and I did expect nice character designs based on the cover; it met with my hopes and for me that's what's important.

The background was great and from the leaves falling scenes to the tears falling parts, those parts of this anime were somewhat at an acceptable rate, but the animation was not something I can really get my mind out of, it really wasn't good.

Sound 6/10
The sound was fine to be honest. If I were to emphasize it.

The OP was quite nice, the lyrics were fitting on to the whole thing and as for the ED, I could say the same.

The BGM was just being BGM, for me it wasn't something to be commended but it also wasn't something that was terrible.

Character 7/10
Fresh, fresh as Hanabi's flower. *high-fives itself*

They were renditioned versions of some generic characters (i.e the slutty teacher, the curious protagonist, the corrupted and misguided protagonist, the friend that likes the MC but not liked back, the character that likes the friend that likes MC but not like her back etc...)This is something I really don't mind to be honest, every character that flows right with the story is an interesting character itself, but this one is just really weird since the teacher just keeps fucking around (literally) and the misguided protagonist was really misguided. Everything went to plan I guess?

But why "7"? Why "fresh"?
Just as I've said, they are renditioned versions of generic characters, they still have that same taste of old-school mannerisms, except on this story we got to see their sides and persepectives as a whole. Like how did the teacher become such a slut, what happened behind the scenes of our protagonists? Etc.. etc..

Enjoyment 6/10
I did enjoy it, but I didn't quite appreciate it.

Good stories likes these basically takes place in my heart, And fresh stories like these turns into inspirations in my mind for future references when making a story. But this one didn't sink it on my heart, it was a feast for references though.

It wasn't a good experience on the first half, and for me the first half is basically the dead zone for watching anime, it's the "impress or depress" point of a story, and in this anime, it wasn't even in the fucking choices.

I hated the first half with a passion, it was weird and very unsettling, it threw a lot of uncalled details on to me as a viewer and it just shoved drama and conflict in a very abrupt way. The storytelling was all over the place and at the same time lined up in front of you. And the constant sex scenes of (insert main character here) got to be quite annoying, and at the same time very, very, interesting.

Overall 7/10
Kuzu no Honkai is great indeed, but as I've said the main issue that I have is more on the anime's technical points. It could've been much more better if the animations were somewhat more lively, and the dialogues where more precisely timed with their mouths.

The story doesn't need more work, and has little room for improvement considering how new the concept actually is. The art really could've done a lot more better. So much more better.

Would I recommend it? Yes, I would, only if the person is actually looking for something raw and quite bold for an anime.

Should you watch it?
Depends on you entirely, if I were you I'd definitely watch it, the story delivers quite well from the beginning to the end.

It also has an awful lot of "fanservice" too. Teehee