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Japanese: オーバーロード
English: Overlord
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Type: Manga
Volumes: 19
Chapters: Unknown
Status: Finished
Published: Nov 26, 2014 to May 25, 2023
Genres: Action Action, Fantasy Fantasy
Theme: Isekai Isekai
Serialization: Comp Ace
Authors: Miyama, Fugin (Art), Maruyama, Kugane (Story)


Score: 7.981 (scored by 1486414,864 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #7872
2 based on the top manga page. Please note that 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #383
Members: 44,682
Favorites: 1,309



These titles are about two powerful protagonists who stayed for the last few hours before the "END GAME" of the RPG they are involved in, but a twist of fate led them to still remain inside the game. They are now stuck inside the game which is now their new reality, as the one PLAYER with no functioning log-out button.  
reportRecommended by MagicFlier
-Both MCs were humans and later became monsters -Both MCs are OP -Both MCs are being folowed by monsters and they are their leaders -Both MCs are trying to build their town/kingdom for their own reasons.  
reportRecommended by iwsifakismag
Both protagonist were gamers that somehow got into the game. They are both have overpowered equipment they got from the game from playing and are using them to survive into the new world that they're living in 
reportRecommended by JFizzy
Both main characters have the form of demon lord, both of them look calm and intimidating but on the inside they're just normal human 
reportRecommended by Diana_Chan_3
When the MC open his eyes and see that the first thing he sees are the NPC from the online game he played are fully alive. A Isekai story that are transported into their VRMMO game character but they are not in the game world but into a different world with similar traits of the game. Both MC are Dark Character (evil looking/dark aura) they may be nice but they might kill for something good and improved on some stuff for the better  
reportRecommended by AkatsukiUlquiora
-Both have Skeleton MCs -They both wage war against humans although Dwight does it for revenge while Ainz wants to find his friends and also establish an egalitarian utopia -They both have loyal servants who are quite strong and will turn ruthless against anyone who stands against their Lords/Kings If you enjoyed any one of them, its clear as day that you would definitely enjoy the other as well 
reportRecommended by fubukishiroune
-Both MCs are monsters -Both MCs are strong and have strong allies -Both MCs are brutal, ruthless and are almost emotionless. 
reportRecommended by iwsifakismag
based on old times epicness mages warriors fantasy being badass over all 
reportRecommended by Devastator004
Very overpowered Isekai protagonists with a very loose sense of morality get transported to a fantasy world. They both are looking for a way back home, but set out to conquer the world to cure their own boredom in the meantime. Both have no qualms killing humans and do whatever it takes to further their own power without hurting those they actually care about. Wortenia Senki is low fantasy, much more emphasis on swords, political infighting, and commanding armies to fight each other. The MC is overpowered due to his extensive knowledge of martial arts, traditional military tactics and pre-modern weaponry. Overlord is a high fantasy mmorpg  read more 
reportRecommended by sereseresere
Very similar in the fact that the Hero sets out to make the world a better place, going on adventures planning for the improvement of the human race. Ecchi scenes, but very much about a hero who sets out to defeat/kill the demon lord, but ends up with some unexpected results in the end. 
reportRecommended by SasoriUzumaki
Both mangas/manhwas have a game based system, in overlord, the protagonist is transported to a game while Solo Leveling has a game system in real life. Overlord's main character is an ''undead god'' which makes him summon undead, something similar to the Solo Leveling MC's shadow ability even though Overlord uses more other more OP skills than Solo Leveling. Although Overlord has quite a calm storyline with not so many fights, when the time comes, it can be considered good but lacks excitement compared to Solo Leveling. 
reportRecommended by SYJun
Everyone expects the main character to be smarter than they are, with overarching plans, and the main character just kinda goes along with it. 
reportRecommended by legoman5746
You got an OP MC who in the case of this manga used to rule over the world. Both got isekayed to an MMO and search for their old companions while being entangled in the plots and the world itself. Both have to struggle with some mental conditions after being isekayed. While Overlord edges somewhere between lawful evil and neutral evil, this manga is closer to the true neutral side, meaning that MC is not that cold-blooded and malevolent in his goals. Still, quite surprisingly it gives off a lot of similar vibes. The setup and the world are much closer to the standard isekai, but  read more 
reportRecommended by StateDeparting
Ains and Kunai shares the same storyline. Suddenly Isekaid after the finishing of a game. Most powerful MC who is consider to be EVIL but is soft hearted. They both are funny as they act strong but helpless in their mind and everyone thinks them to be too smart. You will get same vibes if you compare them side by side. 
reportRecommended by Gorenko
both Fantasy world, Both seek to build a peaceful world, and war between humans and demons,. 
reportRecommended by alirezasharifi
Op protagonist. Has their own op servants. Try to act great in front of their servants. Bring op items etc. 
reportRecommended by super_villlain
Both are Isekai, both have strong subordinates, are similar in both goals and attitudes, funny scenes are sometimes seriously mixed 
reportRecommended by alirezasharifi
both have strong subordinates, both have subordinates who help her in her work. and, Both of the main characters have an ability to command an army of monsters . 
reportRecommended by alirezasharifi
, both have strong subordinates, both have subordinates who help her in her work. and, Both of the main characters have an ability to command an army of monsters . 
reportRecommended by alirezasharifi
"Overlord" and "Dusk Howler" are adaptations of the LitRPG novels of the same name about the adventures of a dark guild that consists of monsters, however, Momonga, the male protagonist in "Overlord", is the head of the guild, while Jaiha, the male protagonist in "Dusk Howler", is a student of the head of the guild. "Overlord" is an isekai story where Momonga is a simple salaryman who turned into his overpowered character in his favorite virtual game, while "Dusk Howler" is a Sci-Fi story where Jaiha is an unemployed 21-year-old man who started playing a virtual game in order to overcome his social phobia,  read more 
reportRecommended by Nancy_Drew
both have strong subordinates, both have subordinates who help her in her work. and, Both of the main characters have an ability to command an army of monsters , . 
reportRecommended by alirezasharifi
both have strong subordinates, both all subordinates consider him a great genius, both have subordinates who help her in her work, Both are Isekai,  
reportRecommended by alirezasharifi
Both are Isekai, both are great geniuses, both seek to build a peaceful world, both are lords and evil kings, Both are about an incredibly strong man, 
reportRecommended by alirezasharifi
Both Mcs are loner humans that get trapped in a fantasy world in an inhuman/monstrous body. And With their overpowered abilities they start their conquest of said Fantasy world. 
reportRecommended by xShinigami3125
,Both a that turn into a skeleton, Both with skeleton appearance , 
reportRecommended by alirezasharifi
Death march is about a MC who supposedly dies and is sent to another world with 3 cheat items which he uses right off the bat and becomes a super OP character like Momonga is in Overlord they both share comedy and adventure and I think he Harem aspect too. 
reportRecommended by superspartan177
Both have super OP main characters and both are set on different worlds, they both favour action and just plain awesomeness over romance and other hindrances (a great read if you want a break from reality) 
reportRecommended by FLAME05
Your first instinct seeing this is why are you recommending these 2 well… - These two MC are very powerful, a god tier if you will - Both are transported into a fantasy world - Powerful Allies Just one of the MC is more of an anti-hero 
reportRecommended by AkatsukiUlquiora
These stories are almost exactly the same in terms of plot, where a very powerful kingdom of a game is transferred into another world with the main character (the leader) being transported while playing the game.  
reportRecommended by Dignity
both have a game like feeling mix with fantasy travel to different world and ame characteristics  
reportRecommended by Devastator004
Very similar in the fact that the Hero sets out to make the world a better place. Both protagonist were gamers that somehow got into the game. 
reportRecommended by SasoriUzumaki
Travel to different world . A person that lives on inside a world that started out as a game. 
reportRecommended by SasoriUzumaki
Both male MCs get transported inside the game they played, and know almost everything about it. Also, both of them are pretty strong. Game becomes reality. RPG world with stats etc. 
reportRecommended by iwsifakismag
This manga have alot of similar - both MC have a perverd side but try to endure it - both MC is strong power - both MC are very kind - Both MC is have a beautyfull female companion if you like overlord, you will like this manga too 
reportRecommended by blackzect
Similarity Both ln have followers and are op. Both have ln later introduces politics and the surroundings are wary of their military power. Both have a world of their own, asora and great tomb of nazarik. Both are isekai ln where mc is not much hesitant on killing for their subordinates. Both have rpg type of world settings and gain strength as they progress. Diffrences Tsuki has god like fantasy settings while overlord has vrmmo settings. Tsuki gains their subbordinates upon arriving while overlord has subbordinates already. Tsuki is does not conquer lands leaving kalenon which was actually getting back while overlord is directed on conquering new lands. Tsuki has one destined enemy while overlord  read more 
reportRecommended by Roonyddevil
While Dead Mount has a skeletal fantasy world antagonist type tossed into the real world, Overlord has a real world character placed into a fantasy setting as a bony antagonist. The series remind me of each other how despite the vastly different settings because the leads do brutal things with their abilities while also accomplishing much good. 
reportRecommended by fiore777
Both protagonists are leaders of a nation, and they both move in a way that are heavily misunderstood (in a good way) by their servants and allies. The perceptions of them by their servants are exaggerated as if they are 10 steps ahead of everyone else. 
reportRecommended by MagicFlier
I can't believe nobody suggested this one yet. At the moment, next to SOA, Overlord is what everyone compares game manga/anime to. Although the only similarity between the two mangas is the setting as well as the presence of gore, Overlord is a must read. Check out the overlord anime as well. 
reportRecommended by Thedudeist
MC is OP, and the charm of the series mainly comes from the consequences of MCs' actions and from others' reactions. 
reportRecommended by Sicnarf24
It's baffling that Overlord wasn't recommended here, perhaps because there's a large amount of spin-offs for sword art, nevertheless i will fill the void here. Overlord is about a person that lives on inside a world that started out as a game, but became something more, if you enjoyed sword art, you will definitely love Overlord. 
reportRecommended by Thedudeist
similar as they both get sent to a different world. In Overlord its a game in Dungeon Seeker its a entirely different world. In Overlord its a mix of Harem, Comedy, OP MC, and a adventure fun while for the MC in Dungeon Seeker its Vengence, Betrayal, OP MC, and adventure that you watch to see just how far the MC is willing to go because of all the bad that happens. A huge thing that they both share is potential and a anime  
reportRecommended by superspartan177