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Japanese: オーバーロード
English: Overlord
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Type: Manga
Volumes: 19
Chapters: Unknown
Status: Finished
Published: Nov 26, 2014 to May 25, 2023
Genres: Action Action, Fantasy Fantasy
Theme: Isekai Isekai
Serialization: Comp Ace
Authors: Miyama, Fugin (Art), Maruyama, Kugane (Story)


Score: 7.981 (scored by 1485414,854 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #7752
2 based on the top manga page. Please note that 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #384
Members: 44,643
Favorites: 1,311


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Mangaby Dreik55

Series where the main focus of the story is characters advancing civilization using their (otherworldly) knowledge, expanding an already existing kingdom or are in the process of (re)building one with military might or with their personal might/knowledge.

48 Entries · Feb 29, 12:34 PM


Mangaby Dreik55

Dark fantasy series that have a "gritty" feel to them.

42 Entries · Apr 7, 10:38 AM


Mangaby OttoVonHeim

From dragon to vending machine and all wacky stuff in between.
(not counting elfs, goblins or anything else that looks human).

32 Entries · Mar 15, 7:20 PM


Mangaby spaceslut

33 Entries · Jun 13, 2022 12:31 PM


Manga that involve the use of magic excluding isekai.
Only includes one title from each series as some have a ridiculous amount of titles.

50 Entries · Mar 23, 2023 3:57 AM


Mangaby FatherLucas

This list is derived from The Anime Man's "The OFFICIAL Top 100 Manga Of All Time (According To The Internet) Is Actually Surprising..." video. The video goes over the results of an online poll that he created in which people could vote for their favorite manga series.

The poll, taken in 2018, garnered over 160,000 votes from the international anime community. This is a complete list of the results along with the total vote count for each series. The list is in descending order, meaning the manga with the most votes come first.

Some entries are omitted because they don't have a MAL page. This is usually because they're web comics or made outside of Japan. Those omitted entries are listed here:
#53: Lumine (605 Votes)
#73: Tales of Demons and Gods (348 Votes)
#74: 19 Days (347 Votes)

Note: In the video, Joey accidentally counts all votes for Seven Deadly Sins and THE Seven Deadly Sins separately, meaning that there are technically 99 manga in this list. In the true list, Seven Deadly Sins would've been #13 with 1,795 votes. However, I've kept it in it's original position for the sake of being consistent with the video. THE Seven Deadly Sins garnered 271 votes, tying it with #89 (Aku no Hana), hence why there is no #90 on this list.

Original Video: https://youtu.be/9pb9BpD4oL8
Part 1: https://myanimelist.net/stacks/15451

46 Entries · Oct 21, 2022 11:59 PM


Mangaby Nancy_Drew

Video games, isekai worlds with game elements, game worlds on Earth, etc.

Keyword: Light Novels, Web Novels, LitRPG Books, VRMMO Manga, Game Fantasy Manhwa, Game Manhua, GameLit, Game Literary, Fictional Video Game, Game System, Gamer Manga, Game Mechanics, Game-Like Elements, Gaming Setting, Dungeons, Leveling System, Levels, Literary Role Playing Game, MMORPG, Munchkin Webtoons, Overpowered, Players, Portal Fantasy, Role-Playing Games, RPG Elements, RPG Stats, Science Fiction Literature, Sci-Fi Manhwa, Sci-Fi Webcomic, Skills, Stats, Video Game Manga, Video Game Stories, Videogame Rules, Virtual Reality, Virtual Worlds, VR Game, VR World, VRMMO, VRMMORPG.

50 Entries · Jan 8, 2023 1:27 AM


maybe its the way youre dressed

18 Entries · Jan 21, 4:41 AM


Mangaby Webbert156

For fit in this category need:

Be isekaied or reincarnaited
Can be also live or death
Can fit if the arc pass in other world

This stacks is more about what i reading now not a recomendation one
But feel free to read some of then

30 Entries · May 13, 1:13 PM


Mangaby Herolles

Mangas that discuss the subject of diplomatic and political developpement of a state.

12 Entries · Jun 27, 2023 5:02 AM


Manga/Manhwa I feel will immerse you into their world.
Although there is more but I don’t want to fill this up with poor Mangas/Manhwas.
So I’ve put ones I feel won't waste your time.
I'll be updating more!

19 Entries · May 1, 11:14 AM


Mangaby MagicFlier

Protagonist is a non-human at the beginning of the story. Includes Reincarnation, Transmigration tag. Anything from objects, to creatures, to other humanoid races.

Has a Female Lead Beastkin in fantasy/isekai
Has a Female Lead of a Human-like Race/Creature in fantasy/isekai
Romantic Development with Monster Girl Female Leads/Heroines

Has a Female Lead of a Human-like Race/Creature in Modern Setting on Earth

Additional (currently no MyAnimeList page):
- Scenario Nante Iranai! Rival Chara no Kitsune Musume / Surviving in Another World as a Villainess Fox Girl! (Light Novel)(Foxkin)
- Dungeon Defense (Manhwa)(Demon Lord)
- The Vampire's Plans to Die in Peace / The Villainess Wants to Die Gracefully (Manhwa)(Vampire)
- You’re a Cat, But You’ve Been Adopted by a Wolf Family (Manhwa)(Cat)
- From Goblin to Goblin God (Chinese Manhua)(Goblin)

51- The Adventures of a Demon King's Daughter (Demon Princess)
52- Jishou! Heibon Mazoku no Eiyuu Life: B-kyuu Mazoku nanoni Cheat Dungeon wo Tsukutteshimatta Kekka / The Hero Life of a (Self-Proclaimed) "Mediocre" Demon! (Demon)
53- The Bird Empress (Divine Bird)
54- Gaikotsu Kishi-sama, Tadaima Isekai e Odekakechuu / Skeleton Knight in Another World (Skeleton)
55- Reiketsu Ryuuou Heika no "Unmei no Tsugai" Rashii desu ga, Koukyuu ni Hikikomorou to Omoimasu / It seems I am the "fated mate" of the cold-blooded Dragon Emperor, but I plan to stay secluded in the harem (Fairy Princess)
56- Dungeon Elf: Dungeon ni Takarabako ga Aru no wa Atarimae desu ka (Elf)
A 'Part 2' will be created if this list goes up to 60.

50 Entries · Jul 8, 9:27 PM


Mangaby Noth94

A whole list of manga that excited me and of which I would also do a daily re-reading, in short, my favorites.

-- Work in progress --

17 Entries · Dec 6, 2023 7:16 PM


Mangaby Daddy-Lucifer

All manga published by polish publisher Studio JG


Studio JG, powstałe w 2006 roku, na początku swojego istnienia znane było z wydawania magazynu o mandze i anime „Otaku”. Po czasie ich działaność rozszerzyła się o polskie komiksy inspirowane stylem mangowym oraz doujinshi komedie oparte na wcześniej powstałych już tworach (np. Akatsukiss inspirowane Naruto, Dead Not inspirowane Death Note).
W 2009 postanowili wydać mangę „Hetalia”, co rozpoczęło ich drogę w zostaniu jednym z największych wydawnictw mangowych w Polsce.

Lista jest ułożona od najstarszej pozycji do najnowszej.
Part 1 obejmuje lata 2009 do 2016: https://myanimelist.net/stacks/40713
Part 2 lata 2017 do 2019
Part 3 lata 2019 do 2022 https://myanimelist.net/stacks/40738
Part 4 lata 2022 do 2023 https://myanimelist.net/stacks/40746
Part 5: soon!

Uwzględniłam tutaj także Light Novel oraz pozycje z wydawnictwa Osiem Macek.
Jeżeli interesuje cię lista Light Novel wydanych w Polsce zapraszam tutaj: https://myanimelist.net/stacks/38468
Jeżeli interesują cię mangi wydane tylko przez Osiem Macek zapraszam tutaj: WIP

Mangi, które nie są już w oficjalnej dystrybucji nadal można kupić z drugiej ręki.

50 Entries · Jan 8, 7:40 AM