Maruyama, Kugane

Given name: くがね
Family name: 丸山
Alternate names: Muchimuchi Puririn, むちむちぷりりん
Birthday: Unknown
Member Favorites: 434
Muchimuchi Puririn was his handle name when he first posted Overlord on the website. Subsequently, he changed his pseudonym to Kugane Maruyama when Overlord got published; he didn't want readers to cast strange eyes when purchasing Overlord since Muchimuchi Puririn means "blubbery fatty."

His short story Dawn has been adapted in Kagetsu Tohya which is Type-Moon's sequel to their earlier doujin visual novel game, Tsukihime, released in August 2001.

Even Nasu Kinoko, the writer of Fate/stay night, praised his work but Maruyama gave up the dream of becoming a writer because he felt the difference in talent between Nasu and himself.

He is a big fan of the Dungeon and Dragons game. One of the reason he started writing again was all of his DnD buddies were too busy to play with him.

Twitter: @maruyama_kugane

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Opor97 | Jun 16, 2:16 PM
What a dumb piece of shit.

Opor97 | Jun 16, 2:15 PM
He literally kills off all interesting and charming characters and calls it writing.
What a sad joke of an author.

cediepajanil14 | May 10, 11:37 PM
hopefully many manga series overlord.because it's a nice story\

RilestX | May 9, 4:51 PM
overlord is very underrated. 100% the king of isekai

TheGon | Apr 25, 2:06 PM
My sincere thanks for creating the wonder called Overlord!

LewdMegumin | Mar 12, 11:19 PM
this guy now needs a profile picture (because akatsuki, natsume got one)
come on he has one too in the fandom wikipedia, sure he doesnt show his face but that wont change atleast its him wearing a cool ass skull mask <3

LewdMegumin | Mar 9, 2:22 AM
thank you so much for Overlord!! <3

N30-R3TR0 | Nov 6, 2020 7:57 PM
Everybody's saying how edgy Overlord is, but imo it feels pretty average in terms of explicit content. Decent work. Not the best, but it's unique.

MajimaShouko27 | Apr 9, 2020 4:55 AM
Haters gonna hates and that doesn't change that the are all jeleaous cuz the cannot be success like him. Much Respect to Maruyama Sensei to make this novel for us and only focused his art in overlord

Aiyele_Ahiru | Mar 19, 2020 1:49 PM
People here still cannot accept criticism about Overlord and that it is actually poorly written? Hardly surprising.

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