Dead Tube
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Dead Tube

Alternative Titles

Japanese: DEAD Tube ~デッドチューブ~


Type: Manga
Volumes: Unknown
Chapters: Unknown
Status: Publishing
Published: Apr 19, 2014 to ?
Genres: EcchiEcchi, HorrorHorror, SchoolSchool, SeinenSeinen
Authors: Kitakawa, Touta (Art), Yamaguchi, Mikoto (Story)
Serialization: Champion RED


Score: 6.911 (scored by 1753117,531 users)
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Ranked: #86272
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Popularity: #190
Members: 46,930
Favorites: 1,438


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Jan 5, 2015
christo834 (All reviews)
(Spoilers Free) #ithink.
So far i have read a total of 6 chapters And only 3 letters stays pinpointed on my head. ~WTF~

Lets get down to Business , If you dislike heavy gore, extreme nudity and hate deaths in general, Then i would advise you to never ever read this manga. On the other hand if you enjoy them, then oh boy, you are in for a treat.

As the Synopsis shows "Distributing thrilling videos in secret! A school game that puts life and death on the line!". Along these lines i would really recommend adding the words "What","The" and "Fuck".
After laughing out loud on read more
Oct 21, 2016
TravisBickle (All reviews)
The story is really dumb. But if you're the type of person that will read this after being intrigued by the plot-line, then you might enjoy it. I read it because I like darker stuff, but rather than being pitch-black, this is more like a shit brown. The main girl is drawn really attractively so that kept me reading, plus the rest of the artwork is well done. But holy shit if this won't make you lose a few brain cells in the process of reading it.

I think I should reiterate that the only enjoyment I got out of this was that the read more
Aug 5, 2016
BonkK (All reviews)
[Semi Spoilers but only disclosing what happens in the first chapter so you better be not surprised]
You follow the main character Machiya Tomohiro, a cameraman working for the Film Research Club. The only thing he ever wants in life to to record and film. One day he bumps into a girl named Mashiro Mai, who asks him to record her daily life. Being the edgy man that Machiya is, he accepts and continues to film her for the next few days. One thing leads to another and suddenly Machiya finds that Mashiro is a crazy murdering bitch.

Now, as someone who read more
Nov 1, 2015
BYE_LIL_PUT4S (All reviews)
Story: it's quite unique in a way, overall for the genre, it starts on shockingly on hold but the director and teacher arc's do save the day

Art: stunning, refined and very ''beatifully made'' it will catch your eye

Characters: impressive development during the so far published material, much more than you can count on at first glance

Enjoyment: if you're into the genre or the story and characters interest you to keep on reading or you love series with many twists, it will definitely entertain you

Overall: if you're not into a bit of gore and nudity then stay away however if you want something in the read more
Jan 9, 2020
ZBubble98 (All reviews)
Essensially, this manga is for those who love gore, extreme nudility, and horror. If you can't take any of these things, stay away from this manga at all costs or you will have wierd images burned into your brain.

Story (6/10): I'll be honest, the plot isn't great. Once you get into it (around 25 chapters in) the story begins to get really repetitive. Outside of deadtube videos and events, the story of the characters in school (without the gore) is seriously medicore. Even Tomohiro Machiya's main goal in deadtube is really not written well (not explaining the goal due to spoilers but yeah). There read more
Feb 13, 2019
Karunasagar_Gv (All reviews)
I will not spend time writing 5-6 pages of review for this total malarkey.
This manga is horrible. The protagonist only enjoys filming murders and the female lead is the worst character to ever exist in this manga. This manga is way too edgy. Too much nudity, sex and gore are the pivotal elements of this ratshit. If you want to have a peaceful mind skip this manga. Just don't read it for sheer curiosity. I only read 6 chapters and man this was insanity at its pinnacle.

ART: art is very good. Each gore scene is drawn with read more
Jul 25, 2017
Moe_VII (All reviews)
Where do I begin with the mess that this manga's story is? As a person who doesn't like survival games, yet I have read a fair bit of Btoom...not sure if that is it's correct spelling or not, but I do not see any story in Dead Tube. Btoom is the only other survival game manga I have read which had a story. Dead Tube has a plot, but that is all it has. The plot being film gruesome scenes and get the most views. It's a good idea as a plot point, but not as a story.

And the "story" is hardly held together by read more
Jul 26, 2020
Mozartwire (All reviews)

I have never read Gore Mangas, but this is gonna be my first time reading one. Actually my curiosity brought me up from a Youtuber that shared and surfaced one of the disturbing Mangas in the internet. Dead tube is one. So at first, I was really in disbelief what they reviewed how f*ked up this series can be. But then i started off reading the manga, I honestly didn't bothered much about the Gore/Hentai stuffs than watching non-anime snuff films.

This one caught my attention because there were a lot of entertaining scenes. I really liked how the plot goes, it has the read more
Jan 8, 2019
Monkeixa (All reviews)
After I read the existing 44 chapters I can give my honest review about this shitshow:

DeadTube is way to fckd up and thats its problem. The scenes and storys connected to them are basicly always the same. They all rely on rape, nuditiy, gore and revenge. These things are a very cheap way of writing and also of presenting a story. The actions from almost every single character are not reasonable at all.They mostly "just do" for always the same reason. (money or fetish)

I mean, its good if you want to lose some braincells. I cant imagine any1 really enjoying this bs unless you are read more
Nov 8, 2020
Kurlie (All reviews)
Idk how to explain it but i feel this enjoyment while i was reading it the characters are awesome there are many unexpected scenes for me the genre are pretty good if your love yandere i recommend you to read this i hate reading long reviews so yeah just read it yourself =^= turns out i cant upload short review '-'.... I'll start again in the story, the story is about dead tube where they put different kind or videos it became popular to their school the thing is the more dangerous the video you uploaded the more people would be interested to watch them read more
Jan 14, 2019
infernalteo (All reviews)
If you enjoy a shallow story with characters that seem more like robots following a specific type of attitude from any anime you've seen that this manga is right for you.
the keyword this manga strives for is 'shock'. It wants to shock it viewers, and I can say that I'm honestly not shocked at all, I'm actually bored out of my mind. Which is surprising considering that every two pages you're going to find either gore or rape. But honestly, you've probably seen everything this manga has to offer from your friendly neighborhood fishy website. Head sliced in half, see it. Body read more
Oct 22, 2018
Somebody101 (All reviews)
So, I see this manga again after two years since I first read it in 2016, and I spent the last 2 days binging it and catching up to what is at the time of this post the latest chapter, chapter 44.

First off this isn't a manga that should be binged. It's just unbearable to read multiple chapters of this psychotic shitshow of a manga. At least not for me.

As for the manga itself, I guess I'll start with story. The general synopsis is that there's this site called Deadtube and people upload basically very very bad boy stuff on there from rape to mutilation read more
Nov 30, 2020
ebikuu (All reviews)
i finished this manga in the span of 3 days.
honestly ,, i really found this manga interesting to read ,, im a fan of horror/gore type genre.
i dont necessarily recommend this manga to anyone who is sensitive to T;W gore ,, sexual harrasment and such. viewer discretion is advised for this one. definately not for kids lol.

the plot and story was quite good for me. a little bit more than decent. most of them had some what predictable plot twists ,, although that doesnt make it any less enjoyable.
i enjoyed reading them and always had the urge to continue reading.

the art was alright ,, it read more
Oct 19, 2016
HikiNEET021 (All reviews)
When was the last time you spend watching videos some people died in accidents brutally screwed up a bit..

Well If that's the cases we have here called a not so normal website when people tried to post some gruesome lowlife stock even talk about sex or death.. all over in the internet

I mean seriously? What could be possibly wrong with that? Said that to a freaking sadist like me...

The story isn't really that ordinary... If I remember correctly There's no way out, after you participate in some random stunt game.. You should Come up with some ideas in order to kill someone then read more
Apr 22, 2018
GrayRealm (All reviews)
Story 3/10, Art 6/10, Character 2/10, Enjoyment 3/10, Overall 3/10

It is another situation where skills of a very experienced artist are wasted on a poor story, unconvincing characters and weak and unimpressive attempts to shock the viewer with gore, violence, nudity and sex. There's rape, murder, dismemberment, gore, sex, but somehow it avoids becoming Guro or Hentai title.

In essence, this is somewhat similar to Kakegurui(anime) or Mahou Shoujou of the End (manga) and is as bad as both of those. The central idea of the work is apparently to demonstrate "horrible" and "monstrous" qualities of a human, i.e. how greed and fear turn humans into read more
Sep 19, 2017
song12301 (All reviews)
This manga is really bad. It tries to be a horror manga, which it successfully does on the surface, but when one really goes into it, one would realise how bad this manga actually is.

Edit:Go fking read some good manga, I would be a good guy here and suggest that you read horror manga before 2010, yet some of the bests ones are older. This manga is comparable Scumbag loser and that manga is a fking joke trust me

Story(2): It is a pretty shit story, which contains multiple short stories which all tie into the dead tube website. First story had a plot twist that read more
Sep 6, 2016
HandA711 (All reviews)
The "DEAD" in the title says a lot about this manga.

Gore is an extremely important element of this manga, so if that's not your thing, don't bother. Otherwise it's a great manga, though the latest arc had a lot of people confused and/or disappointed.

The art style is pleasant to the eyes. Some characters look a bit similar though, which is pretty much the case for most manga.

I personally like this manga because of the pretty and unique characters, the unexpected events and, to a lesser extend, the gore.

Conclusion: this manga is totally worth your time, unless you hate gore.
Oct 3, 2016
killerent (All reviews)
Before you read this manga you should know that it contains a lot of graphic nudity and violence. Including themes of rape, assault and murder. If any of this bothers you then i would not recommend this manga. For me personally the nudity in some places is used well for the story tone and plot but on a lot of cases is a little over the top. If you can look passed that then there is a nice manga underneath. From the first chapter one gets the impression that it is just a mindless fan service piece with little depth but as you read further read more
Oct 7, 2017
KatzeDerNacht (All reviews)
Spoiler free!

I REALLY liked this manga, why? Cos even tho the premise is somehow not so unique, the way the characters are, it makes me want to know more about them, specially Mai, I'm a sucker for horror/wtf stories so that must be also a part of why do I love it so much.

I love how it starts pretty gruesome quite soon letting you know what are you getting in, the way the story unfolds is, to me, quite creative, specially the "crazy rascal" arch, seriously, horror movies should do that stuff more often.

After reading Ana Satsujin the whole murder and sexyness together is quite read more
Sep 30, 2016
error0004 (All reviews)
I'm going to try to sumarize mi opinion as much as I can:

1.Story: I think the concept is really original, It was about time that someone used it for a manga. (but i can't avoid to remember Mirai Nikki)
2.Character designs: It's not very good, it's very generic for me, but it's alright , I guess.
3.Character development: Well, it's kinda short for some of them, but I don't care about most of the manga's characters so I dont mind it.
4.Character personality: The protagonist has a personality that I really love, he looks like he is a sweet, inoccent boy, but in the inside, well, I won't read more