Jan 5, 2015
christo834 (All reviews)
(Spoilers Free) #ithink.
So far i have read a total of 6 chapters And only 3 letters stays pinpointed on my head. ~WTF~

Lets get down to Business , If you dislike heavy gore, extreme nudity and hate deaths in general, Then i would advise you to never ever read this manga. On the other hand if you enjoy them, then oh boy, you are in for a treat.

As the Synopsis shows "Distributing thrilling videos in secret! A school game that puts life and death on the line!". Along these lines i would really recommend adding the words "What","The" and "Fuck".
After laughing out loud on how cheesy it sounds i decided to venture in the unknown expecting little, But right of the bat i was intrigued by the simple plot it gives. Not only is it easy to grasp but it leaves quite a few mysteries that makes you get hooked to a extent as well as crazy Cliffhangers. Right now i cannot wait till the next chapter comes out

Oh Ma God. Don't even get me started on how good and refining the art style is. The background may not WOW you , but the design of the characters excite me if ya catch my drift :). All in all the art quality is consistent throughout the chapters .

At first i thought the main male lead was just your average student getting caught in a mess. But my god. I clearly did not expect him to have such a weird fetish. Ever heard of the phrase" Never Judge a book by its cover?" yea, well this phrase could be used on every Character. Its the Unique sudden Eureka moment when you finally see their true colors that makes you think,"Wow that's screwed up" But once you expect this the factor of amazement is gradually decreased. One thing that makes me sad is the development of many characters are utterly ignored.(or just ATM). If we could learn more about the characters then maybe we would emphasis with them a bit more. But still gotta Love the Main lead, Both female and Male :D.

I totally enjoy Anything involving Nudity,gore and horror so .... I loved it.

From the direction this manga is heading , it is looking very promising.