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Nov 1, 2015
Story: more like a lack of story but this was to be seen on the premise, i still admit having some fun with this season's first part, however it does make incredible dull moments be a common of the show, still is way better than the following up seasons of it

Art: was good, nothing spectacular but overally good

Sound: was decent and fitting

Characters: some characters were just ''bleh at finest'' and others were actually interesting, i do think the ones that are more developed and interesting are the antagonists than rather the main bunch

Enjoyment: if you're into a lot of ecchi and random fights it will read more
Nov 1, 2015
Story: if you're into hot chicks and zombies then you're all in for a good time, it has some big mistakes made during it which let down the feeling of the series but if you're a sucker for the genre will do fine

Art: appealing and pleasant

Sound: was good, not exaggerated so it was okay

Characters: some of them have an awful engagement from the start, however others are great characters summed up abroad, the general conscent is that the vast majority of them are interesting

Enjoyment: like mentioned if you're into the genre you will enjoy yourself

Overall: the premise and idea worked fine, the only issues for read more
Nov 1, 2015
Story: this anime made me realize years ago that there were actually well plotted animes with very good developments outside of the usual hyped up series, the story is interesting and the whole engaging will get you hooked up to your seat

Art: very nicely made, enjoyable portrayals

Sound: amazing sound work, never gets annoying and always works fine

Characters: quite delightful, the main and rest of the crew pulls into the role your expecting them to pull and makes it work quite nicely

Enjoyment: very enjoyable, especially the first part of the story with the confrontations between L and Light will make you hunch for more episodes

Overall: one read more
Nov 1, 2015
Story: basic on the start but can be well put as far as i read from it

Art: consistently good

Characters: fair interesting main character not on the steoretyped shoujo female which is a good thing, the rest of the supporting cast is also alright

Enjoyment: if you're looking to have some heatlhy fun for a while it can get you very tempted for the genre that plays for, too bad from 7 on the scanlated rest of the chapters are totally abandoned in the main manga sites and almost imposible to get

Overall: for reasons mentioned before there are no groups or fansubs continuing it as far as read more
Nov 1, 2015
Story: sure is edgy and not super original but if you're into this kind of genre than you will love it and enjoy the ride, so far it keeps pace well and does not fall short on suspense and delivering exactly what you want to see from the early chapters, it also has complexity to it and different twists to it

Art: is not superb but i found it appealing, fits the story

Characters: the main and supporting characters are everyone adding to their respective roles from the premise and on in the promised direction and go through many different phases

Enjoyment: as i said if you're into read more
Nov 1, 2015
Story: it's quite unique in a way, overall for the genre, it starts on shockingly on hold but the director and teacher arc's do save the day

Art: stunning, refined and very ''beatifully made'' it will catch your eye

Characters: impressive development during the so far published material, much more than you can count on at first glance

Enjoyment: if you're into the genre or the story and characters interest you to keep on reading or you love series with many twists, it will definitely entertain you

Overall: if you're not into a bit of gore and nudity then stay away however if you want something in the read more
Nov 1, 2015
Story: for a fighting series with a lot of ecchi it does make a finer job than most of the one's out there in the same category, mainly because it doesnt fall into the cliches especially around the main characters

Art: i found the art quite appealing and interesting

Characters: many are not superb but the main characters are actually enjoyable for the style of manga, and add something different in the mix

Enjoyment: feel it can fall a bit repetitive when it goes on forever and hope it does not fall into the fill cliches that it's competitors usually do to keep it on running, but if read more
Nov 1, 2015
Judge (Manga) add (All reviews)
Story: following up as almost a sequel of Doubt (from the same author) if you liked doubt this one won't disappoint you and will get you equally interested, the ending was dragged a bit but still delivers a sense to it

Art: found it quite good myself

Characters: most of them are quite appealing, except for a few but in general they all keep a good thrill to the plot

Enjoyment: same way as Doubt, Judge engages well in telling the story in a way that makes you enjoy it specially if you like the genre

Overall: again in the same example this one could have an anime adaptation, read more
Nov 1, 2015
Doubt (Manga) add (All reviews)
Story: not the most original on the book sure, but its handled well paced and makes it work altogether for the mystery purpose

Art: suits the story, i found it quite amazing

characters: all of them are interesting and very well developed during the story without dragging any of them around and adding interest to the entire bunch

enjoyment: absolutely enjoyable and worth a second read, even perhaps worth an anime or movie remake because gets you into the thing easily

overall: you can keep scrolling back to this one from time to time and still find it exciting, the plot works out fine and the characters bias makes read more