Aug 5, 2016
BonkK (All reviews)
[Semi Spoilers but only disclosing what happens in the first chapter so you better be not surprised]
You follow the main character Machiya Tomohiro, a cameraman working for the Film Research Club. The only thing he ever wants in life to to record and film. One day he bumps into a girl named Mashiro Mai, who asks him to record her daily life. Being the edgy man that Machiya is, he accepts and continues to film her for the next few days. One thing leads to another and suddenly Machiya finds that Mashiro is a crazy murdering bitch.

Now, as someone who really enjoys reading graphic manga, Dead Tube really shines upon itself on it's artwork, thanks to Kitakawa Touta, but my main concern is how hard it tries to be to, "become the most edgiest manga" in the story line. I won't be spoiling anything that happens after chapter one but I will hint out that everything past chapter one is a disappointment. The format of the story is just fantastic, showing how crazy humans can be just for fame and fortune, and will do anything for it, but it will bring you down that it just kind repeats itself for the next several chapters. All they want and do is sex and murder, giving you a vibe that it just repeats itself consistently. After chapter 15, it just becomes ridiculous and uninteresting, trying to keep itself up with being edgy. In my opinion, you don't connect with the story and just basically stay for the artwork provided. One thing that really grinds my gears is the characters.

The characters are cliche, plain and uninteresting to see. You get your MC, boring, has no meaning in life and just stays there for plot convenience, then you have SC, who is a crazy yandere bitch that will do anything for money and fame (or just outright crazy). Any other character introduced will just make you annoyed to the point you're asking yourself 'when will they die?' and if that thought ever arose from my mind, I would drop the series completely. You don't really feel for the characters but rather to just pitch a tent or unleash the water gates.

The setting of the story is pretty common too. You have the highschool, the MC house, sometimes the SC house and it just really doesn't bring much to the table. Though after the 12 or so chapters, the setting changes completely which is good in a way but it doesn't change the fact that the story itself is kind of bland.

Bad notes aside, I've been mentioning this a lot in the review but the artwork is just tremendous. The way the facial expressions are, the movements and the gore really gives you a great feeling about the story. It may look normal and typical the first few frames but focus a lot on the characters faces and it's somewhat realistic.

This has been my first review so I apologize if everything is all over the place or there is grammar mistakes but I thank you for reading and taking your time this far! I will give my overall verdict.

As seen above my review, I am giving this a 6/10 Benedict Cumberbatch's. The reason why it isn't any lower is because of the artwork alone. The story is unique in a way but it doesn't try hard enough to make it seem unique and special in its' own way and continues to try so hard to be edgy that it's a complete square. The characters are boring and uninteresting and it just doesn't make me want to keep reading. If you're here for the titties then enjoy them while it lasts because it will get boring real quickly.

Story is special but doesn't highlight on it, the art is amazing, with having amazing facial expressions, characters are boring as shit, you're most likely going to read it for the titties.
Thanks for reading! ( ^∇^)