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Mar 7, 2017
This is a criminally underrated manga and I'm not completely sure why. My guess would be that people don't like the art style, which is fair enough, but that's such a surface level criticism that I find hard to take seriously. I read another manga recently called Ningen Tokei, and although it isn't great, it still has its merits. Yet it has a 5.10 on MAL, just because of the art style.

I think anime and manga fans are a little spoiled. But I digress.

What makes this manga great? For one it is constantly engaging and exciting, its devilishly hilarious because of its dark read more
Feb 28, 2017
This is a piss-poor rip off of the movie Dead Man Walking. While that movie was about redemption and owning up to your past, this is a lousy melodrama about star crossed lovers. Comparing Sean Penn's character to the prisoner in this comic leads me to feel both humored and an irate irritation. Any of the nuance and moral ambiguity is thrown out the window in favor of tear-jerking schmaltz. I say this is a clear rip off of Dead Man Walking, because there is clear overlapping elements; both are about a nun who helps a prisoner on death row during his final days, both read more
Oct 21, 2016
The story is really dumb. But if you're the type of person that will read this after being intrigued by the plot-line, then you might enjoy it. I read it because I like darker stuff, but rather than being pitch-black, this is more like a shit brown. The main girl is drawn really attractively so that kept me reading, plus the rest of the artwork is well done. But holy shit if this won't make you lose a few brain cells in the process of reading it.

I think I should reiterate that the only enjoyment I got out of this was that the read more
Sep 21, 2016
This thing was intriguing for the first three episodes, during which I kept asking myself, how long can they keep this up?

They didn't....

Well, at least not until episode 15 rolls along by and the plot sort of picks up again. If I were to list some of the most problematic things about the show, they would be most apparent in episode 4 to episode 14. Tonal inconsistencies; one moment everything is happy-go-lucky, the next moment the drama is heightened to the point of melodramatic cheese. Confusing character motivations. Sometimes Subaru does or says things and I'm left thinking, why?

I think another major read more
Sep 17, 2016
I can't remember the last thing that moved this much and still left me thinking about it after finishing it. I feel moodier, more emotional, I feel like somebody I know died or I broke up with my girlfriend, I'm left feeling depressed.

I feel like my perspective has changed, my opinions have changed, my life has changed because of this manga. Isn't that the best thing you can say about a piece of art? That it genuinely moved you so much that your feel your life has changed because of it?

I don't know if it will do that for everyone, it ticked all the read more
Sep 16, 2016
For what it lacks in the art department, it more than makes up for with it's energy. This energy is best described as great shot composition, snappy editing, eye catching colors, a tight narrative, and a great soundtrack.

There is no narrative fat, no filler, nothing is unnecessary to the overall story, the plotting is air-tight and everything that happens, matters. This show so skillfully packs in so much narrative into a short eleven episode series that most wannabe writers oughta watch this and take notes, hell, even the professional ones.

The main characters are great, they all have wants and goals, dreams, and a strong backstory. read more
Sep 13, 2016
If you're looking for an anime that is intelligently written, has realistic characters, and none of the pitfalls of modern anime, then this is the one you want to watch.

Shinsekai Yori is one of the most well written anime's I've seen thus far, and that's probably because it is based on an award winning novel. I chose to watch this show because recently I've been searching for well written anime, stuff that I could show anybody without explaining, "it's anime, just go with it." This one had nothing I would need to explain to an outsider. No fan-service, forced comedy bits, or melodrama.

You have read more
Sep 12, 2016
I enjoyed this thing enough to read it in one sitting. At first it was the shock factor that gripped me, then the cringe factor, next 'oh my god, what's going to happen next'- factor, and finally the 'Aww, that's kind of sweet' - factor.

This manga is in two parts. One is the opening, which deals with a weird love triangle and the second is a much more normal love triangle that felt traditional and sweet.

I know that the mature thing to say is the second part is superior, it had real emotional depth, character growth, and admirable moments. One of those admirable moments read more