Oct 22, 2018
Somebody101 (All reviews)
So, I see this manga again after two years since I first read it in 2016, and I spent the last 2 days binging it and catching up to what is at the time of this post the latest chapter, chapter 44.

First off this isn't a manga that should be binged. It's just unbearable to read multiple chapters of this psychotic shitshow of a manga. At least not for me.

As for the manga itself, I guess I'll start with story. The general synopsis is that there's this site called Deadtube and people upload basically very very bad boy stuff on there from rape to mutilation and murder to gain views and millions of yen. The site and the acts that can be seen on the site are protected from worldwide scrutiny by "corruption", a really totally completely flawless excuse for why people can get away with mass murder and the like.
But guess what, there's a super secret catch, the lowest viewed channel on the site gets to take the fall for all the rest of the crimes and shit the rest of the site does.
Now the story focuses on our MC, a sad degenerate to put it mildly, who loves filming. What he likes filming the most though, well that's you would have to read to find out.
Oh, don't get it wrong, he's not alone. 95% of the characters in this manga are just plain psychos just to be psychos. The author also has the really cool habit of making sure to brutally kill off pretty much every character who's somewhat good for the really wow factor.
The other 5% of the characters are a little better development wise but when your main girl's specialty is to just to be a weapon wielding psycho , it doesn't really speak volumes about your ability to make interesting characters.
The arts somewhat decent, which is a small saving grace of this manga. It does give good eye candy of cute girls, of course before it brutally kills them or before making sure to shove in your face a friendly reminder that they're either side characters to rack up the body count or just evil as shit villians.

Enjoyment wise, this was a hassle to catch up on. The main characters are pretty much all trash, both trash in writing, and trash as you want them to die. The story is halfassed with the excuse of "muh corruption" to explain why they can somehow coverup a site that hosts massive amounts of videos of mass murders and torture that involve thousands of people at minimum. It would be one thing if this manga incorporated perhaps some kind of fantasy element to help out with this, but this manga is supposed to be set in the same time era as current, so there's no excuse for why a supposed murder site of this proportion, even with the help of corrupt officials, would still be able to stay in the dark after all of the chaos it's brought. The only thing I found interesting about this manga was the good art and the fact that some of the characters that are seen are pretty fine, but even that is in general ruined by the fact that they are either psychotic or just get killed immediately.

Overall, I give this a 5. If you love gore and can turn your brain off to a shit plot, then go and enjoy this slaughterfest. Otherwise don't even bother, it's just another crappy gore manga that tries to play up the shock factor.