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Jun 23, 2022
Mixed Feelings
Story is a 7
Art/Animation is a 4
Sound is a 8
Character is a 6
Enjoyment is a 7
and overall a 6.3 ish in general if you average those scores out.

Story is fine, it's just a isekai of someone who got summoned as their game character which has a skeleton avatar. He's overpowered compared to most people, so the story is him usually curb stomping most conflicts. Which is eh usually since the current story elements are cliche, as in cliche EVIL! villains who have backstories and motives you've seen a 1000 times over.

The animation is the worst part, they had a small budget and it shows ...
Apr 3, 2022
One of the many manga cut far shorter than it should have. This is the story of a wolf who lives inside a forest with her animal friends. Basically a slice of life wholesome manga that revolves around the cuteness of the wolf, and her playing with her friends. The art is surprisingly good, around a 8 ish and there wasn't ever any issues with it from what I remember. The story is a 7, maybe a 6. There's no real over arching plot, it's mainly episodic chapters centering around the wolf girl, but characters do re appear and make mention of previous happenings in ...
Apr 3, 2022
The art is the only real downside of this manga, it's very simplistic. Besides that though, it's a nice wholesome story that can be binged in a couple of hours. If you like sweet romance, this is up your alley. Story is about a angel that comes down to earth to help a hero pass on, but the joke is that he's not kicking the bucket any time soon. Characters aren't exactly that unique, but they are enjoyable. Overall was a very nice read though, and would recommend to anyone looking for a fluffy story that doesn't take too long to get through.

Art: 5
Character: 7
Story: ...
Jan 15, 2022
Another case of an isekai being far better in its manga/novel form, and its adaption being worse. It's definitely not a 4 or a 2 (lol), but it's no 10. The anime about halfway in starts doing time skips to whatever destination the MC is heading, and does tldrs about what happens sometimes in order to gloss over what could be seen as "boring stuff" which took it down a few notchs.
Unfortunately, I can't state whether this is the same as the manga, as I haven't read it past the middle anime ish part, but overall, I felt like the manga even for the first ...
Apr 17, 2020
Preliminary (33/? chp)
Story about a vet who was summoned as a hero isekai. Art is average, story is a little interesting, and the characters are decent as they are, but they do have some cliche bits to them as well. Notable thing about this story was that they killed off a semi close character around 20 chaps in, and the story tries to focus mostly on him trying to use his knowledge as a vet to figure things out.
It's basically a niche itch, you might, or might not, find it interesting depending on your tastes. Personally, I recommend giving at least the first 15-20 chapters a read ...
Dec 24, 2019
I'm really surprised that this flew under the radar for most people despite it being one of the more interesting anime to air this season. It's funny, has some decent characters, and it's something fresh from what is usually coming out of anime studios from Japan. At least give the first 2 or 3 episodes a try, if the first couple episodes aren't your cup of tea, then it might not be for you.
Sound and background music fits the show, the art and 3d actually works decent with the show, and the story is kept simple. Overall, I enjoyed it and I would definitely recommend ...
Oct 22, 2018
Dead Tube (Manga) add
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (44/? chp)
So, I see this manga again after two years since I first read it in 2016, and I spent the last 2 days binging it and catching up to what is at the time of this post the latest chapter, chapter 44.

First off this isn't a manga that should be binged. It's just unbearable to read multiple chapters of this psychotic shitshow of a manga. At least not for me.

As for the manga itself, I guess I'll start with story. The general synopsis is that there's this site called Deadtube and people upload basically very very bad boy stuff on there from rape to mutilation ...
Jun 28, 2015
Yamada, at first glance a thug and rude guy who's personality puts him apart from the rest of the school body, but as the anime progresses, starts to gain friends from all around.

Story: 8
Yamada goes to a school in which secretly has 7 "witches" who have various powers that are passed down from student to student. The story progresses as Yamada ends up searching for the witchs due to set circumstances influenced by the student council.

Art: 8
The art is some of the most vibrant art that I seen this season. Just by looking at the profile picture, you can tell right away that the characters ...
Jun 24, 2015
This anime, surprisingly, looked boring when I first read its description on the anime site that I frequent, but I decided to give it a chance. I'm glad that I did, cause this anime was...well, a funny anime that is guarenteed to make you smile.
Story: 7
The story is probably one of the lower part the anime, as the story itself isn't really anything new. The protaganist goes to a school where people have superpowers, you seen at least a few of these kind of animes already. What makes it stand out though is the comedy behind the story, which stems from our heroine herself.

Art: 7
The ...
Jun 21, 2015
Well it's an improvement from the first series I'll give it that, but it could still use improvement.

Story: 7
The story in the start and going on was good, and definitely a whole lot better paced then the last season was. However near the end, and especially the last episode, it seemed like the writers tried to cram a whole 2 episodes worth into 12 minutes. Yeah, not a really pretty sight to see. However, they decided to still go with the 10 episodes instead of 12 episodes which would have allowed for a lot better of a transition in the story.

Art: 8
The art, like last ...