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Vinland Saga

Vinland Saga

Alternative Titles

English: Vinland Saga
Japanese: ヴィンランド・サガ


Type: Manga
Volumes: Unknown
Chapters: Unknown
Status: Publishing
Published: Apr 13, 2005 to ?
Authors: Yukimura, Makoto (Story & Art)
Serialization: Afternoon


Score: 8.761 (scored by 29188 users)
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Ranked: #362
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Popularity: #49
Members: 84,624
Favorites: 8,009


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Jan 24, 2009
Beatnik (All reviews)
Revenge, compassion, humanity, love. Pointy weapons making minced meat of people.

Vinland Saga almost has nothing in common with Makoto Yukimura's previous much praised work, Planetes, except for his passion for technical realism. He grounds his work with research, yet at the same time leaving it open for creative exploration. It’s not dry and lifeless, and at the same time it’s not completely in the realm of fantasy. Vinland saga walks the thin line well. Razor blood soaked thin.

This manga is brutal. More brutal than Berserk, Vagabond or anything of that ilk. Not to slight those manga, but one read more
Jan 7, 2009
kuglefang (All reviews)
Looking for an intelligent manga with intense violence, action, complex character development with a little bit of viking touch? If you answer yes then this epic manga is a must read.

The story is set during the golden age of the Vikings (11th century) particularly during the invasion of England. The main story is about Thorfinn's quest to avenge his father's death by defeating Askeladd (his father's murderer) in an honorable duel and he plans to accomplish this by working for him and doing whatever Askelad asks and in return he is granted a chance to kill him in an honorable duel. The story however is read more
Aug 12, 2015
Nervin (All reviews)
Childhood innocence, murder, sorrow, revenge, emptiness, redemption and aspiration. Taking place in the 11th century, the age of vikings, Vinland Saga follows the tale of Thorfinn's path of revenge which ultimately culminates into his redemption and aspiration. From the impressive story telling to complex and deep character development, and least but not less, the art style, Makoto Yukimura manages to create a masterfully written story of the brutal age of the vikings.


The story of Vinland Saga is set in the golden age of the vikings, narrating the tale of the protagonist, Thorfinn. Witnessing the murder of his own father Thors at a very young read more
Mar 28, 2019
nutboal (All reviews)
Let me start by saying this is a very good manga, objectively speaking that is. The world of Vinland Saga is one of great depth and one built upon layers of history. The towns, cities, farms and campgrounds feel well thought out and are meticulously detailed, bringing the story to life with a strong sense and feel of believability. Many of the side characters in Vinland Saga seem to have been written to overwhelmingly overshadow the main character, to the point where I had fully believed that the story was in fact NOT about Thorfin, which I believe would have been a good thing. The read more
Apr 28, 2015
PowerUpOrDie (All reviews)
"God's divine creation is so brimming with love... and yet there is no love in the hearts of men." -Canute

I believe this work to truly be the best manga series currently running, and believe I can back this assertion with valid examples. 'Vinland Saga' is available from Kodansha Comics USA in 5 double-sized volumes (containing the first 10 Japanese volumes), with the 6th and 7th double-sized volumes scheduled to come out later in 2015.


This series is brutal and it's mature, but those two things are not the same. There's no shortage of graphic carnage and gory battles, but any mangaka worth his or her salt read more
Aug 11, 2019
Nizada (All reviews)
I really wanted to give this Manga a 10.
It starts out very well, with a plot hook that makes you want to know what happens onward. The reason I can't possibly give this manga more than 6 is because of the characters. Almost all the main characters are so incredibly Japanese. It hurts seeing a character that is portrayed as a Norse warrior do things, and think things, that fits for a Japanese peasant.

One comment in particular stuck with me. And this isn't a big spoiler as it comes up very quickly and is often repeated.
"A true warrior don't need a sword".
How do I read more
Mar 15, 2016
Fro_Buntu77 (All reviews)
I'll keep this review brief.
I started reading this manga because it was part of the recommendations for the "Kingdom" manga. Let me tell you for anyone who wants to read this for the same reason; there's so little similar about the two mangas you'll probably end up as pissed as I am.

I've never wrote a manga review before, but after reading about half-way through I got so annoyed by the complete and utter genre change from action/drama to a buddhist/hippy/drama, I just had to write my first one.

The manga starts off about a young boy thats struck with hardships and turns into a hard read more
Feb 10, 2015
blazingraz36 (All reviews)
Anime Recommendation and Review.

Manga - Vinland Saga
Author - Yukimura, Makoto (Story & Art)
Genres - Action, Adventure, Drama, Historical, Seinen.
MAL Rating - 8.72

Vinland saga is a Historical Seinen manga based on true historical facts along with . It is more like famous manga Kentaro Miura's Berserk and Takehiko Inoue's Vagabond. If you are a fan of Vikings TV show then Vinland saga is basically a manga version of it with Realistic art, Gore and blood, Tragedy, Self Reflection, Emotions, Adventure, Dreams, War, Conflict and Vengence!

Plot summary
Thorfinn is son to one of the Viking's greatest warriors, but when his father is killed in battle by the mercenary read more
Aug 8, 2014
Yung_Doug (All reviews)
Historical fiction is often a hard subject to tackle, especially for anime/manga. The pandering nature of the medium somewhat limits the spectrum of takes on historical events in a fictional retelling, usually falling into the comedy "parody" or shonen-action genres. Vinland Saga is not either of those. It's everything historical fiction should be. It’s fun, it's sad, it's epic, and it's thoughtful. High adventure, fast paced action and political intrigue are abound in Vinland Saga, balanced out by an equal amount of philosophical introspection and character development. All around, it's an uncommon masterpiece.

Vinland Saga, as stated before, is historical fiction, and set in a uncommon read more
Nov 23, 2014
Sorrow (All reviews)
Makoto Yukimura’s award-winning Vinland Saga is the #1 manga I look forward to reading every every few months when a new volume is released. Why? Well, maybe because it's maybe the best historic - fact and fiction story I've ever read. After all the it's-amazing blah blah blah praises I've heard from the anime community, I finally decided to give this manga a go a couple weeks ago and once I started, I just could not put the manga down. Who knew that a mere manga about Vikings-love-revenge could result in one of the greatest tragic stories ever both inside and outside of the manga read more
Oct 3, 2014
Jet_Nice_Guy (All reviews)
In a world which knows nothing but violence, war and betrayal, it is still possible to find your glimmer of light.
Vinland Saga takes you away to the 1000s, an old, long forgotten era, where seamen known as Vikings are the ruler of the sea. They murder and plunder without inhibitions.
The protagonist of Vinland Saga, Thorfinn sun of Thors, is one of those Vikings. Only with revenge on his mind he travels from battle to battle, day in, day out.

However, you will learn that everyone has his own reasons, his ambitions to go that path of violence. And even among those Vikings there are libertines such read more
Jul 31, 2015
animeBee1ver (All reviews)
It was a long trek since I started this manga. There were two attempts. The first, I lasted until 6 chapters, the second, with effort and scrolling, I finished 'till the latest update of chapter.

The manga details the prologue around the first 50 chapters and after that, the real story.

And when it comes to details in the story, well, let me tell you, it equals to describing thick fantasy books.

I don't mind this style. I mean, if done well, it could be a great captivating read. You'd bury yourself to the world the manga enforces.

It's just that, I've seen this kind. Can't tell you read more
May 13, 2019
Grimzey (All reviews)
Vinland Saga is THE most amazing piece of literature I have ever seen in my life. It takes my favorite guilty pleasure : badass and manly muscle Jesuses beating the bloody shit out of each other, and put them into one of the most complex and interesting storyline I have ever read. I know the existence of this manga since basically forever but I decided to read it about a month ago when I realized it was getting an anime adaptation, and needless to say that I am pissed when I think that I waited 14 years before reading this masterpiece.

Story (10/10) :
The best read more
Nov 18, 2014
cwhits91 (All reviews)
There are very few series I have read or watched that I would give a perfect 10, but believe me when I say this series is a masterpiece. This series at first glance seems like your typical story of revenge, but after reading a few chapters you realize it is so much more.

Story: This story has it all, in terms of truly depicting all the emotion included with drama such as despair, anger, revenge, sadness, repentance, hope, and bearing with sin while moving forward, very few works compare. the author takes his time with the story, the first half is a prologue, but read more
Feb 4, 2012
seinenfag (All reviews)
Story - Not your typical revenge story. Almost funny in a way, if it were not so brutal. The revenge arc is fairly interesting, where we mostly see Askeladd's and later Canute's characters being developed, with some of Thorkell as well. Thorfinn got practically no character development during the revenge arc and only really developed after he became a slave. I found the farmland saga quite refreshing and not at all boring compared to the previous arcs, even though there was less action.

Art - Outstanding. On par with Berserk I would say, although cleaner and slightly less detailed.

Character - Thorfinn is strange, I read more
Sep 13, 2015
Cheesegod (All reviews)
A gritty historical adventure manga with a strong story, great character development and beautiful artwork makes this manga one with few peers.

I only have two very minor issues, I feel that at times the pacing of the story is slightly out and some scenes could benefit from another page of 'screen time'. I also would like some of the side characters to have a more fleshed out story but this could be done to reduce bloat which I completely understand.

I personally find the art style to be exquisite and the attention to detail makes for breathtaking landscapes and stunning battles. The intense fights are made read more
Jan 5, 2019
Ankithadam (All reviews)
Recently I've read "Vagabond" only to know that it went on hiatus, thus being depressed I found a similar manga called Vinland saga and lo it was as if I hit a gold mine. Vinland saga might be similar to berserk and vagabond, but hell no!!! It's actually closer to Fullmetal Alchemist.

Hatred, revenge, failure, realization and finally redemption that what Vinland saga is about. What I found amusing was not the brutality of wars but the ideals or philosophy it conveys effectively.

In this story there are no dragons, there are no mythical beasts, perhaps that’s what it is as of now, but it's just an read more
Oct 3, 2015
VanAlex (All reviews)
This is the First Time I've Encountered the "BEST of the BEST"

-How it was done- 8
the story were told in great style, I've never seen anyone who would put such a prologue in 50 chapters, or 50 months, I mean, that's a gamble in Manga Making. The Art was Superb, it was able to give the expression and the message without showing too much scene. The characters design here are not the best looking, but the best in showing who they are. But the background is superb, which is hard to pull.

So far, the only disadvantage of this manga is the the Chapters Story, this read more
Feb 2, 2014
pratulbagri (All reviews)
Vinland Saga depicts a mythology in the most realistic from. You’ll be disgusted seeing the horrors of war yet before you throw down the manga you’ll realize it has established a tight grip on you. In the most basic form the manga deals with war and slavery. But the allure of the manga lies in its depiction of revenge and forgiveness. The story follows the adventures and misadventures of Thorfinn who after witnessing the murder of his father swears revenge. Revenge can drive a man insane and its effect on 6 year old boy is incomprehensible.

Manga depicts gore scenes with grotesque beauty. True nature of read more
Aug 10, 2016
JOHNCH3 (All reviews)
Overall: 10

Vinland Saga by Makoto Yukimura is a personal favorite of mine. I think it is widely underrated (in the west at least).The art and the character development are nothing short of masterful.

Vinland Saga is a historical fiction based on Vikings, the norman conquest of England, and the eventual voyage to Vinland (AKA North America). The story can basically be split up into 3 parts. Without spoiling anything, the first part is about revenge. There is a lot of good, realistic fighting in this part. Most people fall in love with Vinland Saga for its realistic depiction of Viking warfare. The second part is about read more