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Dec 21, 2012
This is an anime that had so much promise, unfortunately it fails horribly to live up to what it is capable of reaching.

As an anime that is meant to appeal to fans of its source material (Dragon Age franchise) it fails almost immediately in every department.

One of the first things that came to mind when watching this was the art style, it sort of looked like a good old PS2 game, while the graphics itself isn't terrible ( I actually liked the facial animation and some of the motion capture was pretty smooth) the direction was incredibly boring, the fight scenes were poorly directed and ...
Jul 12, 2012
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (Unknown/86 chp)
As someone who considers Front Mission 3 to be one of his favorite games of all time I am very disappointed in this manga adaptation.

Because this is a Front Mission manga I was expecting plenty of awesome Wanzer (Mecg) on Wanzer action but instead the story follows a reporter from Japan who is sent to the Hauffman islands (a key subject in the games) to cover the ongoing territorial disputes between the 2 super power the USN and the OCU both of which are claiming sovereignty over the new island. The story had the potential to be good and interesting but it as a Front ...
May 15, 2011
Bestiarius (Manga) add
Preliminary (2/54 chp)
Very few mangas have a roman setting so this is sort of a gem for fans of the movie "Gladiator".

As a oneshot there is very little room for this title to move around in terms of action and story, but the author manages to admirably make a story that is more driven by the characters' relationship with one another than the actual action itself.

Probably the best selling point for this one shot is the awesome artwork, great detail was resent in every panel and there are also some decent fight scenes that have nothing to do with super powers or special techniques that require their ...
Aug 22, 2010
Ikkitousen (Manga) add
Preliminary (Unknown/187 chp)
Ikkitousen is a hit and miss manga, it excels in many areas and fails equally in vital areas.

The pros:
1. Ikkitousen has great artwork, the earlier chapters contain good artwork but the later chapters are outstanding. The girls of Ikkitousen are the major selling point of this title, and as the series progresses the girls begin to be depicted in more and more explicit ways (it went from simple panty shots to down right rape scenes and I'm not saying that's a bad thing). The only bad thing about this is that sometimes its very difficult to identify one character from the other particularly the girls ...
May 9, 2009
Berserk (Manga) add
Preliminary (Unknown/? chp)
An incredibly blood thirsty take no prisoners style of manga where no one is safe. This title is incredibly violent and not for the faint of heart. This title is so violent that no one in the story is spared not even the elderly, the women and the children (all of whom share an equal amount of brutality) therefore this is definitely not for the squeamish.

The story is set during a medieval Europe style world and is divided mainly into three major arcs (for now at least since this is an ongoing series and will most likely have more major arcs in the future). ...
Feb 20, 2009
Rappi Rangai (Manga) add
Preliminary (Unknown/48 chp)
This manga is pretty much a harem title (expect a descent amount of fan service) with plenty of violence (not nearly as much as other titles though). The story is set during medieval japan so expect plenty of samurai and ninja action and the plot is about Raizou, a boy with a horn on his forehead and this horn has led society to demonize him but the truth is the boy is actually a very warmhearted person and is in fact the illegitimate child and last remaining heir to the noble Katana household. He meets up with several kunoichis who serve under the said household ...
Feb 5, 2009
Slam Dunk (Manga) add
Slam Dunk is probably the best manga ever published and the anime version is one of the best I have ever seen. Even though the series has ended more than a decade ago, many people wiill wholeheartedly agree that this franchise has stood the test of time.

The story is simple but the execution is incredible, each chapter is filled with humor, action, drama, comedy and a whole lot more. The anime series was good and worthy of being considered a landmark anime, but if you have yet to see the anime then you don't know what you're missing. However there are things that ...
Feb 5, 2009
Mixed Feelings
A One Shot that starts with a BANG!!!... but eventually looses its luster. That's probably the best way to sum it up. It's about a T-Rex trapped inside a Japanese high school girls body.

The Good:
The beginning is a wild roller coaster ride that will keep the reader interested for a while.
Funny characters and situations.
Unique story.
Decent artwork.

The Bad:
The layout of the drawings become more and more chaotic.
Jan 24, 2009
Preliminary (1/9 chp)
Want a One Shot title that truly feels like a complete story?

The story is about a young Japanese stunt woman striving to become a Hollywood actress, along the course of the story she ends up being given the chance of playing a small role which she sees as an opportunity to improve her career but before she could accept the role she had to first go back to Japan to attend her brother,s wedding. While in Japan, a hotel near the one she's staying at is set aflame by a freak accident and a couple of kids are stuck at the burning building and ...
Jan 21, 2009
This is a One Shot about a teenage girl who is madly in love with one of her schoolmates... but actually there's just a little bit more to it than that, there's also a little bit of incest in here...

Anyway as I just said before, this is about an overly energetic and imaginative teenager who has a huge crush on one of her schoolmates, during the course of this story she will have multiple fantasies about how to get closer to the guy she likes while her brother helps her picture these scenarios.

The artwork is pretty good, similar to titles like Ichigo 100%, there are ...

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