May 15, 2011
kuglefang (All reviews)
Very few mangas have a roman setting so this is sort of a gem for fans of the movie "Gladiator".

As a oneshot there is very little room for this title to move around in terms of action and story, but the author manages to admirably make a story that is more driven by the characters' relationship with one another than the actual action itself.

Probably the best selling point for this one shot is the awesome artwork, great detail was resent in every panel and there are also some decent fight scenes that have nothing to do with super powers or special techniques that require their names to be shouted before being used. Although it can also get pretty confusing sometimes since the transition from panel to panel is pretty hard to follow sometimes

The biggest letdown aside from it being short is the fact that even though the Roman Legion plays a key part in this setting, they don't actually stand out as well... "Roman" they might as well be a fictitious army similar to those in other fantasy anime and manga, the only resemblance they have to Rome's mighty legion is that they have their uniform but I was hoping to see just a little bit more of their trademark formations and tactics such as the Legendary Testudo formation. But of course this is just a one shot, and I'm hoping for this title to become a full blown manga series in the future similar to Berserk so it can have more room for development and added detail to become a rich Roman / Fantasy hybrid epic.