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Apr 4, 2018
Mixed Feelings
Violet Evergarden was one of the most anticipated anime of the winter season, with its stunning promotional material showcasing beautifully animated scenes and character designs. It could be said that in that regard it was amazing and lived up to expectations. However, when it comes to the characters and overall narrative, sadly it isn't nearly as good as it could have been. The main problem can be associated with a lackluster cast of characters in combination with a seemingly aimless narrative.

The anime is based around Violet, a young girl that knows nothing else than war: when the Great War ended, she was left with no ...
Oct 3, 2016
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (163/? chp)
Being a fan of the battle shōnen type of manga, Fights Break Sphere certainly seemed worth a try, especially when taking into account the amount of positive reviews for the series. Although it certainly has some good moments, the manhua is rather disappointing as a whole, mainly due to the main character himself, as well as the main story in addition to the later part of the series. Allow me to elaborate.

The premise of the series is nothing revolutionary: a genius fighting prodigy who suddenly loses all his powers. Much to his dismay, a powerful spirit who possess him explains him the very reason ...
Sep 30, 2016
Mixed Feelings
When it comes to settings of fictional pieces, Armed Librarians: the Book of Bantorra has certainly an interesting one: deceased people who turn into books, and librarians that keep those stored in the huge library of Bantorra. Although it has an intriguing story to show, its narrative is lackluster, never really knowing on what it wants to focus on. Don't get the wrong impression, it has some good story arcs alongside some endearing characters.

The anime focusses on the books as well as the armed librarians, people with psychic powers, tasked with retrieving and maintaining the huge archives. As it will, it is not that simple: ...
Sep 12, 2016
A mysterious Ronin that lives in a town, wandering and displaying a somewhat strange behaviour throughout the days: despite being so passionate about nature and life, why is it that some greatly fear him, while others love him? The premise of Takemitsu Zamurai is quite interesting on its own, yet what really makes it stand out is the peculiar art that magnificently blends with the narrative, portraying itc characters greatly.

The very first thing any reader would notice is the peculiar art style of the manga. For many, their first impressions would range from being an unappealing, lazy style, or even plain terrible, where only the ...
Jun 30, 2016
A society in the middle of an industrial revolution. Gigantic steampunk-iron fortresses protecting its citizens. Zombies that terrorizes the lands, where large tank-like trains are the only means of transport and communication with the different fortifications. Such is the setting of Koutesujou no Kabaneri: mankind's struggle to survive the everluring doors of death and despair. Zombies threatening mankind is nothing new, yet is arguably oddly entertaining - when it is done right that is. What could have been a simple story about humankind's struggle for survival, sadly turned out into a petty revenge story: despite its flaws, an enjoyable first part, but with a very ...
Jun 26, 2016
Nightmares are one of the most unpleasant experiences one can have while asleep. But what these dreams, visions of a thousand years ago, abruptly becomes a reality? Suddenly being transported back in time is a common topic in fantastical settings, and Threads of Time is no exception. It is a manhwa that conveys a great, albeit stereotypical message about human life, or rather, exploration of oneself. While it certainly was a very enjoyable read, it does have some issues, in the execution as well as narrative of the story.

The story revolves around a rich and delinquent student by the name of Moon Bin Lee who ...
Jun 22, 2016
Mixed Feelings
Bungou Stray Dogs had a somewhat interesting premise, yet was ultimately disappointing. This anime could be easily summarized as an average battle shōnen with arguably sub par comedy: not exclusively because the comedy is bad, which is hit and miss, but because of its implementation in the most inappropriate moments. This does not mean the anime as a whole is terrible, it is simply lacking as hardly any progression was made throughout its airing time making it as a whole just average.

The story of Bungou Stray Dogs is centered around the orphan protagonist Atsushi who was kicked out of the orphanage because of mysterious incidents ...
May 26, 2016
Hyouge Mono (Anime) add
Social upheaval, constant military conflict and political intrigue are the main characteristics of the Sengoku period; as a matter of fact, it could be described as a chaotic world, a clashing of individuals with vast ambitions. Admist the turmoil, the importance of Aesthetics, a philosophy of art, is not be forgotten, which influences that particular era significantly. Rather than focussing upon the various battles itself, Hyouge Mono showcases the importance of aesthetics, including fantastic characterization of its varied cast of characters. It comes together with a great narrative, along with fantastic and well placed comedy that serve to lighten the atmosphere at appropriate times.


The story ...
Apr 29, 2016
Kubikiri Asa (Manga) add
A bright and sunny sky. The stinging heat. The sound of pouring water on a blade. The convicted last words. Then the slash of the sword as it cuts through the victim's neck as the executioner sends him off. Another person in his large list of beheadings: such is the life of Yamada Asaemon, a man who follows the path of the bushido, a man who deals in death. Kubikiri Asa narrates the daily life of an executioner in the Edo period of Japan, an era of violence, vengeance, greed and justice.

While Samurai Executioner does not have an overarching story, it does present a great ...
Apr 28, 2016
Clover (Manga) add
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (261/401 chp)
Clover is in essence a simple battle shōnen in which through numerous fights the readers are showcased the power of friendship - a characteristic often used in the genre. While this manga may be nothing revolutionary or outstanding in any aspect, it was arguably quite an enjoyable read for a number of reasons: the initial presentations of the various characters, and the intriguing fights that break out in a logical and satisfying manner. However, it becomes apparent that the manga follows a very formulaic approach after the initial introduction of the most important characters, which is to say, after about 100 chapters.

The story of Clover ...

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