Mar 28, 2019
nutboal (All reviews)
Let me start by saying this is a very good manga, objectively speaking that is. The world of Vinland Saga is one of great depth and one built upon layers of history. The towns, cities, farms and campgrounds feel well thought out and are meticulously detailed, bringing the story to life with a strong sense and feel of believability. Many of the side characters in Vinland Saga seem to have been written to overwhelmingly overshadow the main character, to the point where I had fully believed that the story was in fact NOT about Thorfin, which I believe would have been a good thing. The main bone I have to pick with Vinland Saga lies within the writing of the main character, one who feels so underdeveloped and forgotten about by the author that he ends up feeling very forced onto the reader during the later half of the series. I wont spoil anything, but basically Thorfin changes his personality drastically after a series of events that unfold over a few years. To put it bluntly, he ruins the story for me completely by becoming a self sacrificing pussy. He creates these idiotic and irrational principals to live by that make him put up with insane amounts of unnecessary bullshit and suffering, many times it has become so brutal that I skip multiple pages because of how overly cringe worthy his bullshit can become. If you can look past and put up with a character that is incredibly arrogant and has an idiotic persistence, I recommend this manga