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Sep 7, 2019
In my opinion, the manga is very overrated. With a pretense for realism, there is nothing realistic in it at all. The manga is full of convenient developments, plot armor, unbelievable personality changes. Many characters look interesting at first, but eventually degrade into typical stereotypes from a shonen manga, losing any believability. Strategy and politics look realistic only until the main characters are getting involved, then things just start to bend conveniently to make the heroes shine.

The manga is not bad, by any means, compared to other similar works out there, but one shouldn't expect anything more than a viking-themed time-killer, and imho it read more
Nov 11, 2018
Overall impression:
At first it gives a vibe of a pure comedy, but it has a surprisingly deep serious part to it. While it is written in the humorous style with no trace of a dramatic atmosphere, the characters and the problems they face are actually quite realistic and sympathetic.

I usually don't read comedies, but this one got me hooked. I wish it was written in a more serious style, but that's just my preferences.

On the objective side:
The general quality of manga is quite good, story is well-paced and not too cliche, humor is on a decent level and doesn't get read more