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Poll: Overman King Gainer Episode 1 Discussion

Nov 23, 2010 10:24 AM

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The opening blew me away.
I can't get the song out of my head.
The animation was just fun to watch. All the high flying dancing in the face of what seems to be a serious story just made me laugh.

Lots of shizz happened in the first episode. They didn't pull any punches. Plunge straight into the plot.
Dec 20, 2011 4:23 AM

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What a wild anime, I love this.
Nov 14, 2012 4:54 AM
Hitagi's Pet

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I'm very confused as to what's going on, but it's a Tomino show so 'll just keep watching.
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Dec 2, 2013 4:02 AM
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Dec 2, 2013 4:05 AM

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shintai88 said:
The Opening is probably one of the catchiest.
Even if you end up hating the show, you're a pretty swell guy and I applaud you.
Jun 23, 1:26 AM
Bone Idle Perv

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Picked this up after looking for older shows. Really odd series, don't quite know what to make of it.
The visuals for the OP are great, not a big fan of the song itself though. The ED song is absolutely fucking abysmal. Hate it, hate that ED song so much. There has never been a better time to use the word 'caterwauling', seriously how has nobody ever told this guy his voice is like nails on a fucking chalk board and to please never sing again.

I rarely have complaints about japanese voice casts but the voice acting is really bad at times too.
Still kind of like the show though. Weird.
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Jun 28, 1:27 AM

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Again, as expected from Tomino, a teenager is falsely punished and runs away with a rebel, becoming entangled in an armed conflict.

The visuals are very good. I dislike this type of charadesign but it suits very well the digital colouring of this period. Also, everything is astonishingly well drawn for a TV show of the transition era.
On the other hand, this will be yet another 50/50 Tomino show... Almost 11mn of mechanics action ! (good action but still).

4/5 Looks like it could be either a light series with a serious SF background serving as an excuse for action or an ultimately serious story with a few revelations

Farabeuf said:
I'm very confused as to what's going on, but it's a Tomino show.

The basic starting infos were all divulged through History reading, and informations delivered by characters "unimportant-sounding" dialogue lines, in typical Tomino fashion.
After 2500years of living in the harshest places (in order to leave the "good territories" to nature in hope it would develop again), some peoples have decided to break away from the Dome-polis despite the rules. The Exodus is the name for that trend. A mysterious point is the hero being accused of being such a rebel.
It also seems like some organizations centralized the power, also the guy responsible of this Dome looks like he was gathering weapons (with the excuse of being a collection freak).
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