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Poll: Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 165 Discussion

Sep 13, 1:59 AM

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Ah the mind games this episode. Boruto goes against Hiruga's technique but it's more like the two guys are trying to prove their ideal rather than just winning the struggle.

Boruto's the kid that just won't give up.
Sep 13, 2:47 AM

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I've seen enough hentai to realise the Haze shinobi didn't use his weird tentacle jutsu to its full potential (⌐■_■). Boruto is as reckless as ever, good thing Omoi arrived in time to save their asses by saying the clown guy is going after the brother.
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Sep 13, 4:22 AM

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I hope those brothers won't die.
Sep 13, 4:25 AM

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A genuinely good episode. Had a little of the back story on the quadruplets. Boruto's just like Naruto here. The one who doesn't give up on others.
Overall good episode.
Sep 13, 5:40 AM

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these siblings have such dangerous jutsu.. using their jutsu= death, jeez.
Sep 13, 6:02 AM

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Lmao. Who would have thought that the enemies would become a friends? And Who would have thought that the enemy could release his Kinjutsu to saved Boruto's neck. Who would have thought that Omoi successfully caught up with them after losing badly? The time rate was nonsense and full of bs. Surely this episode was shock me until i give up so fast with what happened. Heck, whatever with all of that, man. Lets skipped this to a good battle scene featuring Deepa in the next episode. Once again, more waiting to be added. Thank you very much. I hope he doesn't lose at one episode.
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Sep 13, 11:18 AM

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Boruto's recklessness annoys me but hey he got the result he wanted I guess. The preview gives me hope that the action next week will be pretty good.
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Sep 13, 12:12 PM

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The classic puppy beating approach to making you cray kind of plot.
Sep 13, 12:21 PM
kage bunshin

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Can we just start the actual Kara arc? Because this filler is getting extremely boring...

Sep 14, 1:18 AM
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i just feel sad for those haze shonobi as their skill is primarily like a suicidal skill... if your use it, your going to die..

anyways love this episode...
Sep 14, 9:36 AM

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Nothing happened in this episode except for them them being stuck like that for the entire episode, meh.
Sep 14, 12:51 PM
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Boruto, bless his heart, doesn't seem to be a very good ninja at all. Even though he's a good fighter and his heart's in the right place
Sep 15, 4:26 AM

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good thing Omoi arrived! what a slight game changer!!

Sep 15, 8:38 AM

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OK episode but the dialogue and animation made everything feel so goddamn slow and annoying.

They really have to get a better writer for the dialogue, it always sounds so repetitive and cliche.

Sep 15, 11:54 AM

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So, the clown studio has also started to do some recap. The pandemic has really hit the economy if the studio that almost never do recap of previous ep. start to do that.
Sep 15, 12:26 PM

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how did the guy use his suicidal thing and actually release it after using it for such a long time? i thought it was supposed to kill you the instant you use it lol

this episode was not that fun and i bet next one won't as well ... at least i got some cute Sarada screenshots and next episode she should look good again with her sharingan
i wonder when she will get the 2nd and 3rd comma, cause her eyes with 1 comma look kinda bad since they are on opposite directions
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Oct 4, 10:31 AM
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