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Poll: Haikyuu!!: To the Top Episode 6 Discussion

Feb 15, 3:29 PM
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Nah, this match can't be harder that Shiratorizawa's.

I assumed Kageyama would be a bit less motivated after re joining Karasuno since he wouldn't be surrounded but top-level players anymore.

Lol, poor Nishinoya, he doesn't have the context for what Kageyama said.
Feb 15, 5:58 PM

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Katagari said:

Maaaan, husband and I binged the end of S3, Land vs Sky and S4 1-6 last night /cry. Now I have to wait weekly, noooooo!! I thought the fight between Land vs Sky was going to be much longer, I really wish they would have fleshed that out so I could see more of Bokuto <3

I really recommend the manga for that arc (Chapter 190-206, or Volume 22-23). They didn't cut that much for the Fukurodani match, but the Nohebi match basically cut out a whole character arc (Yamamoto's) and significant character moments for Nohebi, Shibayama. I still love the OVA though, Bokuto's spike was executed really well.
Feb 15, 7:46 PM

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Oh Kageyama's got the mind break tag but for positive reasons lol
Feb 15, 8:19 PM

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What the heck was the videogame-like intro for the teams? So awful. They are not going to do it every time, right?
Feb 16, 7:38 AM

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Jin_uzuki said:
What the heck was the videogame-like intro for the teams? So awful. They are not going to do it every time, right?

They probably will. Since this season is supposed to be closer to the manga and starting player introductions were made in the manga before every match too. I personally like that a lot. Also that they show the positions of the current rotation.
Feb 16, 7:56 AM

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Jin_uzuki said:
What the heck was the videogame-like intro for the teams? So awful. They are not going to do it every time, right?
they will for sure, it makes people remember the name of characters and their positions too and they do this in manga too but anime made it too much over the top unlike manga.
Feb 16, 8:35 AM

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Finally the dateko match begins!!!

I have to say though I'm worried about the animation....
I mean I have no problem with the change in art style,I can even say that I like it but whyyy it really feels like they are cuting corners with the animation. There are a lot more still frames and the animation doesnt feel as smooth as a result.
I never had that feeling when watching the previous seasons and I'm just like whyyy, whyyyy is this happening 😿

Anyway it was still a good episode and I can't wait for the next one!!
Feb 16, 9:38 AM

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Haha, everyone's reaction to Kageyama's call was epic.

Feb 16, 8:18 PM

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Daichi's "go home" scene is so funny xD
I don't know what's wrong with Nishinoya, why Kageyama yell at him.. but he looks Bakugo for a second hahaha
Feb 17, 12:37 AM

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Fuck yeah Data Tech Vs Karasuno!
Feb 17, 12:48 AM
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É muito bom ver o desenvolvimento deles ainda mais agora nesse episódio que estão reunidos outra vez. Só achei estranho a atitude do Kageyama no final, dá pra entender que ele está voltando a ser arrogante como era no fundamental. Tomara q não seja isso e eles se resolvam logo.kkkkkk
Feb 17, 2:16 AM

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I finally caught up with this season after waiting for more than a month xD

Great episode as usual. I was surprised when Kageyama said that to Noya. Oh, boy! Can't wait what will happen next.
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Feb 17, 5:01 AM

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As someone else mentioned here, it's nice to see that Kageyama will finally get over his trauma and further improve the team by being more outspoken. In my opinion, there's a fine balance in between being a toxic fuck and offering a legit criticism. One is making people angry and making it hard for someone to change, another is offering a different perspective and making changes less resistant.

I think this is what that Spiker guys said about Kageyama being too nice on the court. After his incident in middle school, he just follow the what the team want to do when in reality, he can offer better criticism and idea for the team to improve. I might be overreading this anime but damn, I learned a lot from this anime.
Feb 17, 10:20 PM

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Pretty great 4/5 episode
Looking forward to seeing how Yuu was in the way LMAO
Feb 18, 5:49 AM
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All the seasons of Haikyuu have been so short for me. Like... I think I finished each in two or three days. And this one so far has been the same, it never feels heavy or hard to maintain the interest in keep watching it.

Also... Wth Kageyama my guyyy... He really seems to be so much more serious after the training camp. We will see what happens....
Feb 23, 7:20 PM
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yay karasuno's all together now although i can feel a shift in the dynamics and energy which is worrying. now that kageyama has experience playing with very skilled players, i think he's unintentionally comparing karasuno with some of the best of the best, which doesn't bode well for their teamwork >.<
hinata has gotten more experience and it shows and everyone can see it. he's growing and changing into a better, more technically skilled player and i love to see it although it is also something the whole team will have to get used to.
i hope we get to see in the next episode how tsukishima has improved from going to the camp.

with everyone back from the training camps, it marks a time of great change and honestly i think these changes could make or break the team. it does become an issue if only a couple individuals of a team become more seasoned.

it's obvious the balance is off with the team, especially in the last scene ugh i'm so nervous for karasuno.
Feb 24, 1:19 PM
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CRONOS21426 said:
lezerman said:

I swear i read this same comment every time a new episode is out.
so quite a lot of us do agree

I DO THINK THE SAME. I' ve always loved Haikyuu for its animation as well, and now I SEE they reduced some dynamic scenes to distortion of the bodies and fragmented moves... I think they May have spent too MUCH on the new art style - which is a little worse that The original one in my opinion - and so they had to get a lower quality of the animation in general... I HOPE they're keeping their best for the new episodes anyway ❤️❤️
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