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Is Digimon Tamers the best series of fights with the use of Monsters?
Evelio28 - Jul 23
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Jul 23, 8:07 PM
Finding a specific character
AdyBen - May 28
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Anime song recognize
Ethicalhacker58 - Aug 30, 2019
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Aug 30, 2019 7:12 AM
Need some anime recommendations
camilomar - Aug 25, 2018
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May 10, 2019 9:33 AM
Watched 110+ days need something else
senpaideath - Aug 29, 2018
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Aug 31, 2018 11:47 PM

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Myriadoboko | Sep 12, 5:12 AM
Looking for similar to A Certain Scientific Railgun with good worldbuilding.

Note: Index doesn't count as I'm planning to read the LN.

What I like about Railgun & what I'm looking for:

- **Powers have rules.**Espers don't train for one montage and suddenly get the chance to beat Accelerator. There are clear, clear rules in place as how to characters can do the stuff they do. I'm also a sucker for power levels so there you go.

- **60% character-driven, 40% plot-driven.**This is where I got lost in the Index anime and part of the reason I prefer Railgun. It's more about characters doing the best with what they've got and learning from it rather than the plot making the characters do things they won't normally do. Characters get developed and have realistic motivations. (probably eliminates most ecchi)

- **Lighthearted.**With how crazy the world is now, I'm looking for something that has more heartwarming and comedic moments. A serious arc like the awesome Sisters one is welcome though.

Thank you so much for the help.

Mei-o_Scarlett | Sep 11, 9:48 PM
its been 2 months
he would have watched it already

XavierMarciano | Sep 11, 4:12 PM
@ItsKiba try the 4 episode prequel to Kenshin. The japanese name is too tough for me to remember, search Samurai X: Trust & Betrayal and you will find it. Watch the subs version though.

hkjkjhjkkjjk | Jul 4, 8:55 AM
hello im looking for like really short animes, 1-5 episodes. i like almost anything really.

RyokoAyekaLover | Jul 4, 8:37 AM
also welcome to the club ^^ and its fine being new lol,everyone has to start somewhere.

RyokoAyekaLover | Jul 4, 8:36 AM
what do you mean by short exactly? 12-13 eps,24-26 eps or even just stuff with like 10 minute episodes?

Simp_for_kenma | Jul 3, 11:04 PM
oop send the comment two times

Simp_for_kenma | Jul 3, 11:03 PM
kinda new to all of this but can someone recommend some short but good animes??

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