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Days: 200.7
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Nov 22, 8:53 PM
Watching 3/12 · Scored -
Subete ga F ni Naru: The Perfect Insider
Subete ga F ni Naru: The Perfect Insider
Nov 22, 5:48 PM
Watching 6/11 · Scored -
Owari no Seraph: Nagoya Kessen-hen
Owari no Seraph: Nagoya Kessen-hen
Nov 22, 5:47 PM
Watching 6/12 · Scored -
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Days: 40.2
Mean Score: 7.51
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  • Chapters5,418
  • Volumes785
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Nov 17, 9:25 PM
Reading 316/- · Scored -
Nov 15, 8:54 PM
Reading 66/103 · Scored -
The Breaker
The Breaker
Jul 26, 12:39 PM
Completed 72/72 · Scored 8


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PlatinumZero Nov 13, 2:19 PM
Things have been pretty good for me, no complaints. It's been so long I don't remember the last time we talked or where we left off. :O

How about you? How's life and such?
PlatinumZero Nov 12, 9:44 PM
Hey! Long time no see!
ReynTime Nov 10, 10:48 PM
Glad to know your surgery went well. Your description sounds painful, but I'm hoping that you'll make a speedy recovery.

Princess Tutu is nice. I had high expectations from watching Madoka, Card Captor Sakura, and Utena in a way that led to me being slightly disappointed. It's got an interesting charm to it. Mononoke is pretty pretentious. It's an in your face Mushishi. It gets compared often to Mushishi, but it's very in your face its abstractness and direction. I found the directness a plus because Mushishi ends up being too chill that sometimes I forget what I watched. Hajime has been a series that I've been interested in for nearly 3 years now lol. Thanks for the reminder! Unfortunately.... it's too low on my priorities. Maybe once you watch it you can convince me!

I tend to set myself up for failure. This season is the strongest this year easily. One Punch Man, Lupin, and Yuru Yuri are a delight to watch and I try to watch them as soon as possible.

I recently visited California (Pleasanton/ Oakville/ San Fransisco) for a business trip last week. My impression is it's really beautiful but the traffic and cost of living is so high!
ReynTime Oct 18, 10:53 PM
That's great news. I hope your surgery goes well. Life has been good! Unfortunately anime this year has been a slight disappointment this year for me. I haven't found anything that really blew my mind out of the airing shows and the good stuff I did complete didn't have as strong of an impression on me as shows I watched in prior years. I wouldn't say it's my taste either, the Summer and Winter anime this year had almost nothing that interested me lol.

Maybe you can set me on the right path and suggest something to make me eat my words.
Antalk Oct 9, 6:15 AM
my apologies for my inexcusable tardiness ...

leaveit2me Oct 9, 4:30 AM
Yeah, it's been a while. I've been on and off this site due to workload and general lack of free time, but I usually try to send my birthday greetings whenever possible.
ReynTime Oct 8, 10:49 PM
Happy Birthday! I hope you enjoyed every moment of it. How have you been?
imperlast Oct 8, 4:09 PM
happy bithday
leaveit2me Oct 8, 4:16 AM
Happy birthday! Here's hoping you have many more anime-filled days to come!
elkensteyin Oct 6, 8:23 PM
Hello there - name's elkensteyin (of just elk) - just came across an interesting club you manage (One Divine), and wanted to know if you'd like to affiliate with the primary club that I manage: Namine's Cafe
RyokoAyekaLover Sep 23, 5:02 PM
yeah lol,knew you been around,but practically as scarce as me lol,but yup you were told correctly ^^.lolz know how that feels ><....why honestly i don't feel totally terrible about gaming atm for the most part...feel bad for you however ><...

lolz exactly ^^,and due to this Jury Duty on call bussiness i have kinda stopped since friday lol >< fun ><....

well not at that time anyways,was just a telephone juror so had to call everyday but nothing was set..till i called in on friday and had to make a appearance in person on monday...but luckily i didn't get selected to be on a case and also got dismissed i generally got paid $40 for being there for 3 hours lolz. sadly though couldn't get a doctors note for the vertigo thing...but i do think mentioning it to the lawyers and everything(yeah...i was actually in the jury box as juror #6 for the case...but luckily i was one of the 8 dismissed lol)...sure with my story they generally felt more confident with the 25 year old girl which was juror #8 since same age range lol.also we hit 0 traffic generally...ended up taking 30 min.'s to get there and like 20 min.'s getting back home lol. tomorrow is also my final day to call if get told don't have to go in on friday i'm free and can start gaming again lol ^^.

lolz ugh ><...can imagine ><...just hearing that short description sounded exhausting honestly Oo....thats good you been watching anime again though ^^.blargh no schedule for it yet?...that sucks ><....i can kinda understand fearing it...being time #3 and all..though hopefully like the saying goes...the 3rd times the charm lol.understandable indeed...since i can't really talk much about what they are doing either and all ><...tired i can understand also....since due to my whacked out schedule for jury duty prep....i'm sometimes not getting enough sleep and feel like i can't take naps ><....but slightly different then your thing but still off for me lol....lack of motivation i can kinda understand..why just soley been watching Yokai Watch myself..will wait till i'm cleared of jury duty and more rested myself to play catch up ^^.lolz that much is very true ^^.

thank you ^^,you as well ^^. though as mentioned...sadly already went once...but hopefully will be all lol

RyokoAyekaLover Sep 14, 3:42 AM
know you haven't been around to,to much but figured may as well mention why i haven't been in case it hasn't been mentioned ^^;...towards the end of August video games have been pretty much been swarming me lol...picked up Criminal Girls around mid-august but was still on a fair bit during that one...then i got Moe Chronicle a bit later(i haven't even gotten to play this one yet)...since just days later Dungeon Travelers 2 came out and been playing that..but then just days later Pirate Warriors 3 came out so was playing that as well as Dungeon Travelers 2..then on the 1st Danganronpa Another Episode came out so been playing that....but also last week Project Mirai DX came out so been playing that on the side also...and tomorrow i have Senran Kagura 2 coming out so shall be playing that as well....then get a bit of a break of new games till the 29th when Persona 4 Dancing All Night comes out lol........yeah....major video gaming ><....only amplified by the fact that my call-in jury duty sentence started and the first call in of this sentence was just friday to see if i'd be going in today...which i didn't...but stuck keeping in mind i might lose even my video game free time ><...which is why so focused on playing atm even more so then i'd normally be lol....also federal jury duty so they have me for 2 weeks ><....(course it also messes up my schedule for i now can't take my naps,have to go to sleep around 10:30 pm-11 pm so i can wake up around 5:30 am so i would be able to eat breakfast before i have to head out ><......the car ride is also pretty long so will be fun with my vertigo like stuff....its like a 40-50 min. car ride atleast lol....
yngtadpole Aug 22, 2:46 AM
Wahhh what a cute avatar. This week I recently started watching Bakuman. Just finished season 2. When I first picked it up I was thinking you might've suggested it to me the time you suggested different types of romances.

Especially after watching Shirobako I really been enjoying this series. Hope you are well =)
gaarka27 Aug 2, 7:20 AM
good, the dog is not real?
AdeNike Jul 27, 8:34 AM
Which books are you reading??

I was in Italy for some days, I did some touring. And OMG it was freaking HOOOT!!! I can't still believe it lol!!!

And since my return I've been watching dramas and some animes XDD