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I wouldn't call myself an Otaku, but I love Anime and Manga. My favorite music would be metal, mostly in the Symphonic, Power, and Progressive genres, but I also like some rock bands as well. I have a pretty wicked sense of humor, and I am a nice person, and like to help others.

I do not accept random friend requests. Please don't send them.

600th Entry: Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojou

I really like talking to people, especially about anime, manga, and music. It is really great to bounce ideas among people who are passionate about things they like-I have learned about many types of series for example that I might have overlooked otherwise, or about a really good manga series, or a new band. It is also really nice to meet people from all over, it is a great learning experience, and I think it helps us all understand one another a little better.

So, if you want to talk to me, perhaps you have seen one of my posts, or glanced at my profile and noticed we had a lot of shows in common- leave me some comments here, perhaps a PM even, and I will get back to you as soon as I am able too.

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03-04-14, 12:28 PM
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rnauser | 04-20-14, 2:33 PM
skype desu! :D

RyokoAyekaLover | 04-19-14, 10:31 PM
i don't have any family problems so i just frankly have nothing to talk about....its not that i'm hiding it...its...a normal family that goes day by day without much of anything happening...boring stuff not worth for my health i always bring that up relatively quick nowadays...ever since the anemia thing anyway yeah all i ever have to complain about is late video game arrivals or anime eps or something lol...i live a not so eventful life similar to Red in that regard.

yeah ><...its just makes you wonder if like a drivers test these people just barley passed and thats all that matters so they can make a lot of mistakes still ><....but yeah... and exactly ^^ and thanks ^^...i mean i really don't believe this vertigo can be cured...but if i can get the ok to atleast get money thats something finally lol.

RyokoAyekaLover | 04-19-14, 7:06 PM
really?..i'm generally pretty open i think...i mean not on this one thing but thats due to the nature of it.i don't mind going so much...its more i don't trust their diagnosis a lot of the time...why having this 3rd guy checking whatever out would give me more of a piece of mind from then on since if 2 doctors agree its probably true and the other one is quack lol. that would be nice but for this sorta thing is should be swift if i do..just would then lay me up for awhile but have anime dvds to use should the time occur lol.that would be nice but i doubt it...i more just expect to get a ok on the applying for disability so i can get a income myself already lol.

thanks ^^

true lol

Emoney_1986 | 04-19-14, 6:29 PM
Sorry I haven't stopped by to write sooner. I've been super busy lately with work stuff. I'm currently spending more time outside too since the weather is nice I can go outside for jogs.

How has your April been?

rnauser | 04-19-14, 4:26 PM
haha i am !! :) but hey lets discue this on skype ;D haha

rnauser | 04-19-14, 4:10 PM
Hello, so sorrrrrry :)
but i think i was on MAl for a short ammount of time so :P
I see that you are online now, you should start skype now! :)=

RyokoAyekaLover | 04-18-14, 6:52 PM
hello and thanks ^^. sadly they aren't like 100% sure so i'm still kinda a nervous wreck...i just don't show it online really as you probably have seen..either way in 3 weeks i should have more concrete proof....going to another doctor then...gonna be the one to mess with my vertigo but will have him triple check this also if its not better and the specialist was correct and well it might end up being more serious then that...more painful not really.

if only it was that easy for this....but something thats unavoidable and just happens cause it feels like it..hopefully it will be said and done with without much of a worry though.

lol thanks ^^

CrimsonGlaive | 04-05-14, 10:19 AM
You should have posted it again! But I guess it was one of those in the moment things. Hopefully another chance will occur. 8)

I never thought I'd end up liking Youpi, but now I do. And even the previously hateful Pitou is giving me mixed feelings. Ahhh, it's almost Tuesday again! I'm excited.

Yeah, from the first episode I wouldn't say it's like Gintama at all. It seemed more deadpan. Gintama has a lot more energy.

Yep! I really like Magi. The setting and characters are refreshing and it's a lot of fun. I love the dark/light contrast in it. There's quite a bit of goodness, hope and love vs despair, darkness and hate.

I got the job the interview was for! It doesn't pay much, but it's just something temporary to do until I'm ready to try for the actual thing I want to do. Also thank you for the compliment haha. Aw snap, I could never work in telemarketing or fast food places. It would be HELL. And I'd fail at both anyway. In a fast food place I'd probably keep cringing away from grease or looking at people with expressions of despair and horror as they order massive amounts. I'd be fired very quickly.

I hope everything is going well for you!

imperlast | 04-04-14, 4:54 PM
how are you doing my lovly seras?

grond | 04-03-14, 6:20 PM
You'd probably like Mushishi. It's kinda mellow but almost a semi-serious slice of life, sorta.
The only thing I had against the original series was that most of the non-main characters looked the same across episodes.

It's finally warming up here too. hot the 60's today. Of course after we had a freak blizzard Monday which dropped 4 inches in an hour then all the snow disappeared by 6pm as it rained and the temp rose 10 degrees.

With the over due ice age coming, earthquakes across the pacific, volcanoes going crazy, all we need is an alien invasion or Godzilla to start tearing things up before the end of the world.

imperlast | 04-02-14, 12:14 PM
what club do you miss me in? my dear and thigns are preaty good acutaly

grond | 04-01-14, 9:32 PM
New Season and my updates are up. Sadly nothing mind-blowing from last season, but a few acceptable or at least entertaining ones.

This season looks to be interesting with all the zombies coming back from the dead with the return of Fairy Tail, Mushishi and a rehash of Broken Blade.

I hope all is going well and you are able to get some anime in.

Jennifer_R | 03-30-14, 3:39 AM
Ashley, it's terrible! I got demoted from the Recommendation Club!!! My ass is off the throne til someone promotes me again. Was unsuccessful in finding the person responsible for promotion so lost my position. D:

CSRED | 03-28-14, 7:46 AM
hi ash sorry i wasnt in chat before see you soon

CrimsonGlaive | 03-27-14, 4:11 PM
Aww, I hate when that happens. I lost some of my Christmas wishes because you actually need a 1 minute delay between posts and I didn't check. Thank you for the thought! 8)

Tuesday is now my favourite day in the week because of Hunter! Last time I realised I sat through the whole episode without moving a muscle (I enjoyed it that much). How is Hoozuki? I watched the first episode, and was kinda interested despite most of the jokes going over my head.

Eh, I think I mentioned it or my wrists maybe. But it was going on for like a year so it isn't something new. Anyway. Back is finally fixed. I was actually able to use a bus + train + sit at a restaurant without back pain! It was amazing.

True, true. I have a job interview coming up, and I think my chances with it are good? Buuut, there's actually a second job I'm waiting for a response from that would be way better for me - as it would give me more suitable work experience. But I'm not sure if I'd get the second one. I wish you luck in finding a better job!

Thanks. Since it's almost Friday, I will hope that you had a really nice week!

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