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09-15-14, 8:07 AM
October 8,
October 10, 2009
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I wouldn't call myself an Otaku, but I love Anime and Manga. My favorite music would be metal, mostly in the Symphonic, Power, and Progressive genres, but I also like some rock bands as well. I have a pretty wicked sense of humor, and I am a nice person, and like to help others.

I do not accept random friend requests. Please don't send them.

600th Entry: Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojou

I really like talking to people, especially about anime, manga, and music. It is really great to bounce ideas among people who are passionate about things they like-I have learned about many types of series for example that I might have overlooked otherwise, or about a really good manga series, or a new band. It is also really nice to meet people from all over, it is a great learning experience, and I think it helps us all understand one another a little better.

So, if you want to talk to me, perhaps you have seen one of my posts, or glanced at my profile and noticed we had a lot of shows in common- leave me some comments here, perhaps a PM even, and I will get back to you as soon as I am able too.

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RyokoAyekaLover | 09-11-14, 12:03 PM

found out a couple days ago through Red and since you still haven't popped up somewhere it really must have been serious so hope you get better and can return to us soon ^^.

Laniaka | 08-28-14, 2:28 AM
I'm doing ok, nothing special.
Are you enjoying your free days?

ReynTime | 08-27-14, 10:30 PM
A three day weekend is coming up. Hopefully we'll be online around the same time and meet in a chatroom!

It's interesting that you're really suspicious of what's going on in Utena. My first reaction to Utena was purely emotional and when I got past the Student council duels I felt a really big elephant in the room. Have you gotten to those shadow student commentary scenes yet? I didn't appreciate them when I watched them, I payed a lot more attention to those details in Penguindrum.

I am indeed very close to finishing Oniisama e... It has been an emotional roller coaster for me and I look forward to discussing the show with you sometime. Personally, I find Oniisama e... a lot closer to Rose of Versailles than Utena (they are made by the same mangaka though), but both of them influenced Utena in different ways. If you like Utena and want a bit of a Rose of Versailles twist to it, Oniisama is right up your ally.

Random news.... but why the heck not. Did you hear about Hello Kitty not being a cat? My mind is blown. I actually forget that Hello Kitty is technically an anime with the Sanrio crew.

grond | 08-27-14, 7:01 PM
Thanks :) Had to work but it's been ok. Hope you are having a good day as well.

ReynTime | 08-24-14, 10:29 PM
Oh wow! I'm so happy that you've made some great progress on Utena! When you see my new profile picture in the anime.... that's when things get REAL. What do you think so far? I found the first quarter really intriguing. The black rose arc is subtly dark.

Laniaka | 08-24-14, 2:04 PM
O paid days off are nice :)

Okaishi | 08-24-14, 12:42 PM
Maybe I'll check those clubs again, but I doubt I'll really be interesting in spending time on them. But we'll see!

Clue seems to be doing well, maybe you should poke him with a message on his profile :D

Yeah, I can't comment on the manga, but I really didn't have a problem with the anime anyway. And there will be a third season when there's enough material to adapt, I'm sure.

Laniaka | 08-24-14, 11:48 AM
It's nice, I like this type of shoujo drama lol.

Yeah it was nice, hope yours was nice as well.

Laniaka | 08-24-14, 12:53 AM
Nice going ash.

Well I've watched some more at 1-2 eps a day.

Laniaka | 08-22-14, 1:39 AM
Well even with your on-goings you're watching Utena faster than I'm watching Rose of Versailles so far :P I should watch some more.

Okaishi | 08-21-14, 3:27 PM
I never really picked up club discussions and such again after I became inactive on MAL for a long time. What clubs are you still active in? The Recommendation Club maybe? Because that's the one club where I used to talk the most and play games and stuff. I speak to Clueless all the time, so you could say we stay in touch lol. I'll say hi to him, though he's reading our comments too so that might not even be neccessary! And yeah, tastes change, which is why I'm considering rewatching some shows I saw a long time ago to see what I'll think of them now.

I'm sure they'll make another season at some point. If I remember correctly the anime had almost caught up to the manga at the end of season 2, so it might take a while. I'm looking forward to it though. And I didn't see any problem with either Alibaba or Aladdin being too weak (they looked plenty strong and kickass to me), but manga readers might see that differently :P

Laniaka | 08-21-14, 10:56 AM
Yay, glad your enjoying it :P (or at least episode 8 anyways lol)

ReynTime | 08-20-14, 6:31 PM
I know that feeling of being on the edge waiting for that phone call/package in the mail situation. Hope the call went smoothly for ya. Glad that you're working on Utena. It's by the guy who made Mawaru Penguindrum, so if you liked that, then you'll love Utena even more.

What's funny about Maison and Urusei is that they're made by Rumiko Takahashi (Ranma and Inyuasha) and I either don't really care about her other works or they left a bad taste in my mouth. Maison is a heartwarming love story that has occasional comedy while Urusei is a comedy with romance elements.

Okaishi | 08-20-14, 3:34 PM
I don't post in clubs at all anymore. After reading your comment I have the idea that it may be for the best, haha. And I really don't understand why people would bother discussing anime they hate. They must want to convince everyone it's bad or something, but I don't see the merit there either. I prefer trying to convince people my favourite anime are good and they should watch it rather than the other way around.

I thought it was a lot of fun too. The fights were great, and I thought it was really cool how they worked together. Seeing all these powerful characters doing their things was awesome.

Okaishi | 08-20-14, 7:32 AM
Yeah, but I suppose in the end it's up to them if they want to waste time on such pointless debates. I just hate it if they're really being manga elitists or something and an anime can never do anything right :P

I see you finished the second season of Magi. I think I can safely assume you enjoyed it a lot? :D

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