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About SerasAshley
I wouldn't call myself an Otaku, but I love Anime and Manga. My favorite music would be metal, mostly in the Symphonic, Power, and Progressive genres, but I also like some rock bands as well. I have a pretty wicked sense of humor, and I am a nice person, and like to help others.

I do not accept random friend requests. Please don't send them.

600th Entry: Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojou
650th Entry: Shoujo Kakumei Utena
700th Entry: Kaze Tachinu

I really like talking to people, especially about anime, manga, and music. It is really great to bounce ideas among people who are passionate about things they like-I have learned about many types of series for example that I might have overlooked otherwise, or about a really good manga series, or a new band. It is also really nice to meet people from all over, it is a great learning experience, and I think it helps us all understand one another a little better.

So, if you want to talk to me, perhaps you have seen one of my posts, or glanced at my profile and noticed we had a lot of shows in common- leave me some comments here, perhaps a PM even, and I will get back to you as soon as I am able too.

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03-04-14, 12:28 PM
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05-15-10, 2:41 PM Edited 05-16-10, 8:29 PM
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yngtadpole | 05-30-15, 11:09 PM
Hey you ^_^ I noticed you were on Plastic Memories episode 9! Whaddya think? For me it really hits home hard. The feels are real. =X

BelaPriest | 05-30-15, 11:06 PM
yea i guess, still a ton of stuff to be dealt with makes things so unbearably hard sometimes... i mean, dat kick really hurts >.<

AdeNike | 05-30-15, 3:00 AM
I'm up for my Masters in September, so back to studying after 2 months of rest. I applied for some summer job, if I get picked then that would be nice, but if not, I would try to fill up my time with something meaningful.

But do you have the weekends off?

My last exam is my bachelor's exam so it's a bit nerve-wrecking studying for it.

wanderingdream | 05-24-15, 4:17 PM
yeah i add people who watch old anime and talk about them with them :) i dropped that anime im trying to finish lupin part 2

goran1989 | 05-24-15, 6:18 AM
do you download from torrent ??
here if you do....

there are also a lot of streaming sites with subs...

wanderingdream | 05-23-15, 5:46 PM
how are u today?

gaarka27 | 05-21-15, 6:56 PM
Kangoku Gakuen is a manga i read, i did not see it getting a anime this summer. If they follow the manga 100 percent this will be the number 1 ecchi anime ever. its funny but so Super Sayian 5 ecchi

AdeNike | 05-20-15, 7:12 AM
I will soon be done with my bachelor degree YAAY!!!! Just one more exam to go :D

Have you seen Tokyo Ghoul?

BTW, how are you doing??

wanderingdream | 05-18-15, 10:52 PM

BelaPriest | 05-17-15, 9:17 PM
i'm a med student ^-^ so ya can guess how much i study (but to be fair, i don't think i study dat much, oh well)

yea dats wut i usually do, try and be errr, for lacking of a better word lets go with optimistic, and move on. not dat it's reyt but when u stop worrying about something, it ceases to be a problem. even so, for wut ppl told me, i don't see how u could do dat

goran1989 | 05-17-15, 5:12 PM
that is good to hear... the important thing is that its getting better even if it is a slow process

hate to break it to you but it is.... well cant say boring... lets go with disappointing -_-
maybe I had high hopes or something but this OVA.... I can only hope another one will come out soon to give me some sort of closure

RyokoAyekaLover | 05-17-15, 7:14 AM
oh that was a long,long time ago and that stopped shortly after due to the summer hitting lol...but at the moment mainly its more so exercises to build up endurance like going up and down the stairs 15 times a day(in 3 sets so 5 up and downs per set) and 34 second fast jogs..was doing 3 of those a day but with my back hurting atm i kinda lowered that to 1 a day for now and also doing 1-3 3 sets of a modified sit-up a day as well for 15 times each and as far as what brought that on was just wanting to loose a bit of weight(its certainly not omg terrible but still want to lose some) but not expecting to lose much during this endurance build up period but it is mandatory so i can eventually do more stuff and besides stuff is good for my heart also so generally this is just something to be done...and i only spend atm roughly 3-5 min.'s a day on exercise but thats more then i had weeks ago of a 0 lol. thanks ^^ and yup ><...constantly sore and doesn't help i don't give it a rest for days either...i lower the amount i do on some days but i still do stuff lol.lolz yeah ^^,just busy,busy,busy and getting really close now...nearing a end of Day 6 of 7 in the initial scenario so closing in on the ending now and then get to start the new scenario lol...which will be followed directly into the next game that comes out on tuesday but probably won't get till Saturday or something.. Hyperdimension Neptunia U:Action Unleased(yup back to that franchise again lol) but by far these first 2 games of the month are the main games...the 3rd i'll probably play in sprinkles and be back in chat during unlike these ^^.

yeah ^^ and sadly yeah ><.............yup.....such a waste of time and energy ><...thats good the visit went well ^^ and oh,really simple visit then lol and thats good on the exercises ^^ but ugh therapy but atleast its further along before trying this stuff this time around unlike the last time ><....and that sucks it hurts so much ><.......guess thats true but don't overdo it okay?

yeah ><...idk.....its just so heavily slice of life with so little comedy it makes Yuki-chan kinda...lacking...i mean Yuki's occasional cuteness is generally the reason i officially started it but yeah damn it has to be my weakest ongoing lol.that sucks ><.....and really? i dunno..would think everything would seem more enjoyable due to the less time lol.that said using FFF has really put my in quite the spot....i'm technically behind on a good hunk of my ongoings because they are lol.

yup ^^ and thats good you are doing okay ^^. lolz yeah i really hope so but alas not even quite on the day where i'll finally get to beat down Polaris so i'd say i'm not expecting to hit the new scenario for days yet lol.

yeah ><....that was so freakish hellish ><.....and can totally understand....course since we wiped out a big amount till late night(like after 2 am) no flying ants surfaced...since then however 4 have been killed but thats still a lot nicer then that hell from a night ago lolz ><....damn bugs ><...

grond | 05-16-15, 8:31 PM
I think my favorites so far are two of the continuations: Knights of Sidonia and Unlimited Blade Works. After that, Arlan Senki, Blood Blockade Battlefront, Seraph of the End, Plastic Memories and The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-Chan.
I myself am surprised Nagato Yuki made the list as I think it is a little disappointing as compared to my expectations, but it is still entertaining. I kept expecting it to mesh in somehow with the movie, but it doesn't. I also preferred the old animation style. This is a little cheap on the animation.

goran1989 | 05-16-15, 5:57 PM
everything is the same -__- sooo boring :D hehe
I need to study for an exam but I keep dragging myself...

you ?? are you getting better from your surgery?? how is the hand ?

goran1989 | 05-16-15, 12:44 PM
Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso OVA IS OUT !!!

go now !!! dont even read this comment !!! :D:D:D

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