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Club Discussion
Sticky: English Dub Tournament Year 4
9 replies by GO_KLAC-IGER »»
07-31-14, 8:37 AM
Poll: English Dub Tournament Year 4 Final Round Match
1 replies by GO_KLAC-IGER »»
07-31-14, 8:35 AM
Sticky: Member Cards [Requests] ( 1 2 3 4 )
77 replies by MoSoChii »»
07-08-14, 8:56 AM
LE Cards: May '12 Edition ( 1 2 )
24 replies by MoSoChii »»
07-08-14, 8:54 AM
Poll: English Dub Tournament Year 4 Round 3 Match 2
1 replies by GO_KLAC-IGER »»
07-01-14, 8:28 AM

Club Comments
GO_KLAC-IGER | 10-02-14, 5:16 PM
greeting there just call-in still on my vacation trip yet seiyu tournament has been re-scked til maybe between holiday season or early 2015.

due to vacaction trip reasons on it.

GO_KLAC-IGER | 08-12-14, 4:28 AM
hi there just for update mention give 2nd set of tournament aka seiyu tournament will be ready by this fall time.

give taking bit time-off from Anime Nexus due real life outside of Anime Nexus area yet be back cause seiyu tournament will be ready in this nov with line-up reveal in late oct.

GO_KLAC-IGER | 07-31-14, 8:38 AM
year 4 of dub tournament is in the books give quiet voting & "hmm" wonder to how get more voting add in next year version.

overall indeed need ideas get more spread dub tournament to have peoples vote for english dub voices.

& this year it's Cassandra Morris get the 4th dub victory.

GO_KLAC-IGER | 07-22-14, 7:32 PM
on mention call in on 7-30-14 the final round of 4th dub tournament voting will finish up.

so now the time vote it all in

indeed 7-30-14 it all ends.

GO_KLAC-IGER | 07-03-14, 6:51 PM
well after long road begin in april & now we're here for the main event indeed this year final round match of 4th dub tournament & here are final 2

indeed the final round is on.

GO_KLAC-IGER | 07-01-14, 8:31 AM
round 3 of dub tournament has ended yet from start of 32 english dub voices it's now down to final 2 names left on it for final round voting

& this year final 2 are Cassandra Morris & Johnny Yong Bosch with final round on july 3.

GO_KLAC-IGER | 06-21-14, 7:18 PM
oh hi there just call in mention round 3 voting will wrap-up on june 30
round 3 match 1
round 3 match 2

time is ticking on it for round 3 voting.

GO_KLAC-IGER | 06-02-14, 7:00 PM
the 3rd round of dub tournament is on give 5 names are remains on it well give quite the shake-up to balance the 3rd round so here matches line-up
round 3 match 1
round 3 match 2

indeed with round 3 matches with this line-up could road for final round be ready?

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Members: 453
Pictures: 24
Category: Anime
Created: Oct 2, 2010

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Creon (Admin)
gizmo99 (Admin)
GO_KLAC-IGER (Creator)
K39 (Admin)
Merushi (Admin)

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