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Un no warui hipopotamasu
Hontou ni tsuiteinai hipopotamasu

Getsuyoubi, medetaku umareta yo~
Kayoubi, gakkou yuutousei
Suiyoubi, kawaii oyome-san morau
Mokuyoubi, kurushii byouki ni kakari

Kinyoubi, totemo omoku nari
Doyoubi, assari shinjatte
Nichiyoubi, ohaka ni umerareta

Un no warui hipopotamasu
Tsuiteinai hipopotamasu no isshou
Kore de oshimai, kore de oshimai

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dietmango - Feb 3, 2014
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Club Comments
Nagisa33 | Sep 22, 7:24 AM
The Enigma of Amigara Fault- one of my favorites,

Effulgence | Sep 21, 4:13 AM
While i agree that Shiki is prob the best of it's kind, it's still not so great.

Ezekiel_01 | Sep 21, 3:08 AM
Will Ducat Annual Nightmare Event will happen again? Or MALvalentine was the last of the plague?

ville609 | Sep 21, 12:57 AM
>Umezu was a huge influence on Itou
I can see that.
The Curse of Kazuo Umezu anime was just how I would imagine what Junji Ito anime would be like (even if the anime has nothing to do with Ito)
The story/characters/atmosphere etc..
>Horror anime is bad

AlabastreAizo | Sep 20, 9:27 PM
>Just watched The Curse of Kazuo Umezu.
>That was like the most Junji Ito anime there is.
Wtf. Umezu was a huge influence on Itou, so you have your stuff backwards. That anime is crap compared to Umezu's books. Go read Horror manga. Horror anime is bad.

JizzyHitler | Sep 20, 5:10 PM
I'll add it to my ptw, maybe it'll be a good watch with some friends

ville609 | Sep 20, 12:09 PM
Just watched The Curse of Kazuo Umezu.
That was like the most Junji Ito anime there is.
Check it out if you like horror.

JizzyHitler | Sep 20, 10:34 AM
@if you havent already saw them try episode 20 and 25 of gintama or something, they arent the best episodes in the series but they are typically the first episodes people tend to like. They are a better bet than starting at episode 30 or randomly. They might give a better taste for what the show's humor is at least like.

Gintama does wind up having a sort of continuity as time goes on though through running jokes, plot centric serious/action arcs, and so forth so skipping around isnt as feasible as people tend to think going into it so just keep that in mind, like if you hypothetically watch any of the newest 40 some episodes youd be smack dab in the middle of a bunch of serious final arcs.

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