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Un no warui hipopotamasu
Hontou ni tsuiteinai hipopotamasu

Getsuyoubi, medetaku umareta yo~
Kayoubi, gakkou yuutousei
Suiyoubi, kawaii oyome-san morau
Mokuyoubi, kurushii byouki ni kakari

Kinyoubi, totemo omoku nari
Doyoubi, assari shinjatte
Nichiyoubi, ohaka ni umerareta

Un no warui hipopotamasu
Tsuiteinai hipopotamasu no isshou
Kore de oshimai, kore de oshimai

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Club Comments
JizzyHitler | 1 hour ago
Yugioh vrains is fun as hell, I'm really digging its world, characters, and sense of humor. Its got alot of things going for it in its plot too. The concern though might be the duels will be a bit asspully (which really is par for the course in this franchise but still) due to the whole skills thing but time will tell since theres only been 1 duel.

Really looking foreword to spending the next years with this series as long as it doesnt shit the bed. I'm sure some obnoxious filler will rear its ugly head soon enough but for now its fun as hell.

Ezekiel_01 | Yesterday, 8:10 AM
It really pains when religion interrupt in the content of a show while japans is not going all out in their "occult themes in anime" even thought nobody will bother it like nobody cares when bible black existed anyways.

Any manga aside from devilman that has some seemingly anti religious themes? Soon more people don't care in manga like what Dgrayman did and Ao no Exorcist.

JizzyHitler | Yesterday, 7:44 AM
@Ezekiel_01 Actually it did not get canceled for any reason like this, it got canceled because its depiction of ghandi being a party guy offended people and caused a hunger strike that blocked off the MTV offices to the point where staff couldn't get out of the building.

the writers were going to either remove him entirely (which would suck) or reveal a plot twist that he was actually a clone of gary coleman the whole time (which would of been great) but sadly due to not that best ratings the show just wasnt worth keeping.

lunaticsrus | May 23, 8:41 PM
if you like super heroes, Young Justice was pretty sick.

Nagisa33 | May 23, 6:23 PM
Anyone play Final Fantasy 14- the online MMO? I only dabbled in WoW but this interests me bc I heard the story's good and the community is supportive and jolly. Any thoughts?

Ezekiel_01 | May 23, 4:53 PM
What I know Clone High was cancelled because it target a niche audience. But most good cartoons got cancelled anyways this is why we don't get good things. This why the completion of the 1st Avatar was like a blessing for western cartoon series.

AngelsArcanum | May 23, 3:53 PM
I remember seeing Clone High on TV late at night when I was younger, but I didn't understand it as a kid so I kind of ignored it, though now everyone tells me it is a really great cult classic, so I should actually give it a look now.

JizzyHitler | May 22, 1:16 PM
I really wouldn't call the music terrible, i actually quite love alot of the soundtrack especially the songs by abandoned pools who do the opening and have pretty much all their catalog played throughout the show/. its just fitting of the time period I'm fairly certain Bill lawrance actually likes the music they put in the show which also carries over to srcubs.

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