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Un no warui hipopotamasu
Hontou ni tsuiteinai hipopotamasu

Getsuyoubi, medetaku umareta yo~
Kayoubi, gakkou yuutousei
Suiyoubi, kawaii oyome-san morau
Mokuyoubi, kurushii byouki ni kakari

Kinyoubi, totemo omoku nari
Doyoubi, assari shinjatte
Nichiyoubi, ohaka ni umerareta

Un no warui hipopotamasu
Tsuiteinai hipopotamasu no isshou
Kore de oshimai, kore de oshimai

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ZetaZaku | 2 hours ago
The problem with Digimon is that they just lost passion after a while. Adventure and Tamers weren't good because they had kids fight with monsters, but the whole theme about growing up, family relations, development between the kids and their partner Digimon etc. Most of that was kind of lost after Tamers, though Savers had a good enough approach to still work out pretty well. Xros Wars and Appmon are pretty mediocre because they lack everything that made Digimon good, Appmon even dropped the catchy theme songs during evolutions (not like it has evolutions, it's back to fusions).

I don't think that Satoshi really has anything to do with the quality of a season, since he gets rewritten every season anyway. It all depends on how the current staff handles him, either making him a bit smarter or just making him go full retard. You know that if it wasn't Satoshi, they would just pick the current MC from the game and give him the personality they would give Satoshi. If I could remove one thing from the show, it would be Pikachu tbh. Think of all the good Pokemon he could have on his team instead of a shitty Pikachu.

Candor | 3 hours ago
I think Ash is one of the reasons the anime series survived this far tbh, Digimon tried changing the cast, didn't work out that well, I mean look at the new Digimon, it's just a "kid's show". Tri is really meh as well. Can't say anything about Yugioh, rewatching it right now after my interest in it is back (thanks to the new mobile game Duel Links), to see how it develops.

S/M's Ash is also pretty entertaining to watch, and Sun/Moon overall is honestly the best pokemon anime series made so far, as a whole it feels so fresh and entertaining, and it's shaping up to be really amazing later into the series.

Ezekiel_01 | 4 hours ago
I think the staff is too lazy for that. It's not like Yu Gi Oh where we get a new set of character every gen to make it interesting and fresh to watch.

JizzyHitler | 11 hours ago
i kind of wish pokemon would of had new main characters every entry like how the heroines always changed. I dont dislike ash in the original series but its just more interesting to experience new character's journeys than seeing ash fuck up everytime at the championship.

ZetaZaku | Yesterday, 1:48 PM
For starters, XY had some crazy budget when it comes to the franchise (not general), and I guess the writers were probably more competent. XY and SM are definitely step in the right direction for the franchise.

Tenth | Yesterday, 1:44 PM
@Effulgence Around the same for me, heard that about X/Y both from the internet and my friend also praising it.

Effulgence | Yesterday, 1:34 PM
Not every good anime/manga is in the rec list of the club
those list are used to cover some different genres to see wich types of anime/manga you like.

SeasonADay | Yesterday, 1:30 PM
why isn't monogatari novel series on a list?

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