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AlabastreAizo | May 24, 1:08 PM
As for me, I haven't been reading much lately (and I still very rarely watch anime anymore). I'm so inundated with Western comics that release monthly/bi-weekly, news, and novels, that I just don't often feel like reading manga. I keep buying manga, though, so... that's kind of a problem. I added up all the Western ongoing comics I'm reading recently, and it came to about 70. Not all of those are monthly, and I read some of them only when trades release... but still. That's a ton.

I was looking through Japanese manga awards for 2018 this week, and Astra won a bunch. I looked into it, and it didn't look like a spectacular masterpiece. Any idea why it won so many first prize awards?

Rarity | May 24, 4:14 AM
I haven't been watching much anime lately besides seasonals, though I'd like to try and finish Sket Dance before Astra Lost in Space's anime starts next season, since they have the same author. Astra was a really fun shounen manga and though it isn't exactly inventing the wheel in storytelling it's one of the better recent ouputs from Jump imo.

I also finished Hibi Chouchou recently, which was unfortunately totally snoozeworthy. The female lead has the personality of a concrete slab, quiet and introverted characters can be good if done well but this one definitely was not. Entire chapters would go by where she didn't even speak.

JizzyHitler | May 23, 7:21 PM
Yeah for a canceled series gundam X actually has one of the most satisfying finales of them, it just really shows that they intended to flesh out arcs alot more than they had the opportunity to cause you barely get to explore space. The main plot and main cast dont really suffer from it though cause they all got their time to shine, I think thats why I hold X in such a high regard as one of the most underated shows ever, the whole cast gets alot of fleshing out and even the ones who dont have really wacky and fun interactions that make them memorable. Like Toniya comes to mind, it wasnt some deep character but her and witz's goofy as fucking romance was super charming and helped give her some really memorable moments.

Still you really cant escape wondering what could of been if they had their full 50 episodes.

L_O_V_E_L_A_I_N | May 23, 7:04 PM
Oh yeah, the main cast of X was really fantastic. Following them was a great time. And honestly despite the rush at the end I think they handled it pretty well, I was expecting worse.

JizzyHitler | May 23, 6:57 PM
after war X is a great show that you need to look past a few flaws especially in regards to it being cancelled. It still has one of the most likable casts in the franchise and a real sense of fun loving adventure.

The main antagonists such ass though

AlabastreAizo | May 23, 1:55 PM
> wsp nibbbers

I dunno about that.

Yungboi | May 23, 12:35 PM
wsp nibbbers

L_O_V_E_L_A_I_N | May 23, 11:04 AM
From current stuff, Sarazanmai and Dororo are my favourites. Carole & Tuesday is okay, but I'm not crazy about it or anything.

Older stuff, I watched After War Gundam X which was mostly great despite some problems, and I'm watching Sailor Moon, which is formulaic as fuck and cuts a ton of corners in terms of animation but is still really fun. Took me a while to get used to Usagi being kind of a shithead though.

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