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Club Comments
JizzyHitler | Feb 17, 7:13 AM
Yeah I echo that, the adaption is incredibly good and the fact that its this good adapting what is basically the weakest parts of the manga, I cannot imagine how amazing a season 2 will be when we get both some of the funniest chapters in the series in addition to major character and plot developments

sushiisawesome | Feb 17, 6:57 AM
Kaguya-sama's adaptation being so utterly beautiful and filled to the brim with passion has me ecstatic on a weekly basis.

If you told me that one of my favorite manga would get an adaptation so filled with love from A1 Pictures of all studios a few years ago, I'd have laughed my head off.

Here's to hoping the Fireworks arc ends up being what closes off this season. Manga sales are doing insanely well too, so we'll probably get season 2 somewhere down the line.

JizzyHitler | Feb 11, 8:36 PM
I don't want to jinx it given we are only 1/4th of the way through and its going to go completely anime only due to the source material both being ancient and incomplete, but if everything keeps up Dororo very well could be one of the best shows of the decade.

jal90 | Feb 6, 6:20 PM
And now that we are at it, with the whole effort that Dororo and Kaguya have, if you want impressive and committed direction I think Hulaing Babies is essential. I'm not exaggerating if I say that it's one of the most unique things we have airing right now and that it feels so much like an artistic passion project.

Not like you should sleep on Endro!'s really good production values, or the solid effort of My roommate is a cat, or the uniqueness of Kemurikusa. But this short series is something I even struggle to believe that it's airing right now.

Rinshi!!! Ekoda-chan had that potential but it's more of a concept than execution thing. Still, a cool project.

jal90 | Feb 6, 6:12 PM
Everybody sleeping on the CGDCT front this season makes me drown in despair.

Or in other words, Endro! and Hulaing Babies are actually great and both deserve more views and to find their dedicated niche. The former is RPG parody shenanigans that are fun in a different, more cutesy and friendly way than your usual KonoSuba mixed with classic Kirara-style interactions and characters. The latter is a classic scheme of school club with an overall very artsy and impressive visual direction (that color saturation, that character animation) and genuine bits of self-aware fun.

Other than that yay to Dororo, Kaguya, My roommate is a cat and, as an anime-only watcher, Neverland. Kemurikusa more or less has me but still not to that level.

Unowen | Feb 5, 7:10 AM
> Implying it will be remembered once Spring comes.

JizzyHitler | Feb 4, 7:37 PM
Ep 5 of mob psycho II is probably going to be an episode people cherrypick 10 years down the line to say anime used to be better, holy fuck that was a wild ride.

Sachyan | Feb 4, 6:35 PM
This season is indeed fine, have yet to watch the first season of mob psycho, I wonder if it's good. But either way Dororo and Kaguya are very nice. So far my favourite of the season would probably be ''My Roommate is a Cat' though'. Quite the gem.

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