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Fall 2022 season overview
Deago - Sep 21
2 replies by Deago »»
Sep 25, 12:49 AM
Animes with tournaments
Kobihxh - Aug 19
2 replies by Kobihxh »»
Sep 13, 5:41 AM
Elitist VNs?
Deago - Apr 30
5 replies by Edocchi »»
Aug 29, 6:20 PM
Sticky: The New Manga Enlightenment Camp - All plebes and Untermenschen MUST attend
Exinqt - Aug 21, 2015
26 replies by Ducat_Revel »»
Apr 16, 11:46 AM
Anime/Manga Recommendation Thread Based on Your List ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
TrishaCat - Jan 25, 2013
1,159 replies by CreateAMate »»
Mar 9, 7:46 PM

Club Comments
JosephJoestar21 | Sep 12, 7:27 PM
@AlabastreAizo I’ve been enjoying summer time render, lycoris recoil and made in abyss, all top tier

AlabastreAizo | Sep 1, 8:12 AM
@Toastfy we all have regrets in life. It's okay.

What's everyone enjoying reading/watching (new or old) lately?

I've been reading pictureless big boy books mostly, and then I've been reading my favorite manga, X-Men (nearly caught up with the whole current line!!!!). Need to get back to J comic books soon...

LeonhartAugust | Aug 19, 2:11 PM
> Dance dance danseur
I kind of want to watch it but the artstyle is a turnoff

Toastfy | Aug 19, 6:18 AM
why did i join this club 2 years ago

AlabastreAizo | Aug 1, 5:47 AM
Two friends of mine made me watch both with them in college. I thought they were pretty bad.

flurryware | Jun 17, 7:44 PM
Dance Dance Danseur ended today.
Its pretty good

Ducat_Revel | Apr 14, 4:23 PM
Welcome. Don't be fooled tho. This club is basically innactive. Try not to expect much out of it.

6thTITAN | Apr 14, 12:02 PM
hey guys, i'm new to this group thing, i never stopped to see what it really was, be kind to me and feel free to judge and talk about my list ^^ i hope i get along with you! shout out from Brazil!

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