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Kaname Kuran (玖蘭 枢)

Age: 18 (physical appearance)
Height: 184 cm
Affiliation: Night Class

A pureblood vampire. He saved Yuuki from an attack by another vampire when she was little. Kaname is the class president of the Night Class, much feared and respected by the other Night Class students. While he is cold and authoritative towards his fellow students in the Night Class, he is always kind and sweet to Yuuki. He has shown that he cares deeply for Yuuki ever since he saved her, and loves her in a romantic sense.

As a Pureblood, Kaname is capable of controlling lesser vampires, but he chooses not to exercise his powers, thus earning the respect of the Noble vampires. He shares the Chairman's hopes for peace between vampires and humans. He worked with the Chairman to create the Night Class at Cross Academy and with his presence, allows the Night Class to be kept in check.

Voice Actors
Kishio, Daisuke
Prata, Patrizio
Weisz, Ezra
Fritzsche, Rainer
Yang, Seok jeong
Méyère, Bruno
Attila, Dolmány

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