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chaosflame5 | Yesterday, 4:26 PM
I hope the movie of Fate/Kaleid 3rei will be good.

@StyleF1re: For Maid-sama, first bits were fine. But then, the romance felt a bit unrealistic later on. That's all I felt about that series. Usui saves her more often than she saves herself from bad situations, this somehow just felt all the character building of her got destroyed. Toradora is one of those that felt more realistic despite Taiga being a typical tsundere.

HaXXspetten | Yesterday, 11:53 AM
Well the first season is more light-hearted mahou shoujo stuffs compared to what the latter seasons have to offer but yeah I wouldn't really call it SoL

chaosflame5 | Yesterday, 11:26 AM
Can someone remove first season of Fate/Kaleid please? Only 2wei Herz has SoL elements in it for half of the season before action begins. Other seasons have no SoL tag at all and no much SoL elements in them after watching those.

Xiaraith | Yesterday, 11:14 AM
Hey people ^_^

I'm going to update the SoL anime of the new season soon. Anything you guys are particularly looking forward to?

minimiau | Sep 29, 6:57 PM
Hi there! (and sorry for the short post and spam xD)

Roroline | Sep 29, 10:41 AM

Shido-Yagami | Sep 27, 11:26 PM
Hey every1! :D

StyleF1re | Sep 27, 9:24 PM
The other thing too is that the romance feels rather dry, uninspired, and even forced on occasions. That's supposed to be a strong point in a Macross series, and Delta provided very little to remember there. Shame there because Freyja is my favorite heroine in the franchise (seen four of the installments). Also, the show doesn't really have that mesmerizing sci-fi/space feel and grand world/galaxy vibe that I got from previous Macross installments and other sci-fi/space anime out there. The best recent space experience (from this decade) for me in terms of pure atmosphere is probably Sidonia no Kishi, but the strongest overall has to be from the series I'm watching now in Crest/Banner of the Stars. That one has the complete package with the color scheme, designs, details, music, dialogue, etc.

Sadly, I can't answer your question about those two shows right now. If they're on my watching list a month from now then you'll know. Heck, I still don't know what's in the Fall 2016 lineup other than the sequels and spinoffs I need to see :)

haha some people thought KonoBi was just okay, and it's fine. Thing is, I'm all about the jail bait (aka. "She's too young for you, bro!") and brown hair ladies. Put those two together and you can game my name over! For sure if I filmed myself watching KonoBi episodes and showed the footage to people they would've thought I was on serious drugs...

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