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StyleF1re | Aug 19, 1:49 PM
Wish I watched CCS when I was younger, though it would've been in English dub trim. I was too caught up in the original YuGiOh series at the time. That said, I'm glad I was able to experience the original version in full later in life when I could really take in the beauty of its progressive story and clean animation qualities. These CLAMP shows like Cardcaptor, Kobato, xxxHoLiC, and Tsubasa (OVAs) were something else when the heavyweight studios took on responsibilities for adapting them.

Yup. Children had some quality entertainment to watch on their TVs back then. Initially I torched it for the card-collecting aspect being so drawn out, but I've come over time to embrace that and how the story especially took off afterward.

You'll get your turn for sure. I'm slowly running through 90s anime nowadays myself (at the expense of what's currently airing right now), so eventually I'll run into your favorites also.

thingsandstuff | Aug 19, 12:24 PM
@StyleF1re Wow hearing about CCS brings back memories, I used to really enjoy watching that (and even fancy lala actually) when I was younger! Might need to rewatch them cause I dont remember much though lol

chaosflame5 | Aug 16, 2:26 PM
@Xiaraith: I haven't seen any old SoL anime, but Cardcaptor Sakura is one of the best children's supernatural anime I've ever seen. Only took 1 point away (i.e. 9/10) due to its episodic nature for many episodes before story progresses. But once the introduction of characters and the episodic card collecting (most cards anyway) were done, it's plain sailing to the main story with only a few taking-break episodes to build 1 or 2 other important characters as far as I recall. And I loved the 3rd intro theme, since the singer was Maaya Sakamoto (who did all Tamayura OP themes). Overall there were only some minor perils but overall it's quite light-hearted in tone. Only the first movie sucked because it felt out of place, but it does serve as a side-story. While the sequel second movie did a good job in concluding the TV series.

Xiaraith | Aug 16, 2:06 PM
Cardcaptor Sakura is on my long-term ptw list. I seriously want to learn eventually what the true charm of this series is all about. If it has the same animation quality as all those lovely old slice of life anime, then I'm already sold.

StyleF1re | Aug 16, 3:31 AM
Hold up! If not a proper anime conclusion to Nisekoi, I might be okay with another 50 eps of Kono Bijutsubu as compensation. Not including the current batch from this season...

StyleF1re | Aug 16, 3:27 AM
Right on! But anyway, if anyone attempts to spoil that ending for me I can only wish that person gets a nice shot to their groin area... haha

Seriously though, give me an anime conclusion or give me nothing at all!

HaXXspetten | Aug 16, 3:14 AM
Well the manga is finished now at least, can get to see the incredibly shocking ending if nothing else that way..

StyleF1re | Aug 16, 3:11 AM
And one more note. For those who like Cardcaptor Sakura, do yourselves a big service and check out Mahou no Stage Fancy Lala (if you haven't already). It started airing around the same time as CCS and is just as striking in terms of animation quality and magical-girl goodness.

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