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Club Comments
4b3 | 7 minutes ago
Yeah I really enjoyed Usagi drop, that warm feeling *.*
Usually I enjoy a lot SoL anime with some comedy/romance/drama. I'm going to put in my list few of yours suggestions ;)

Thx guys :)

Xiaraith | 3 hours ago
Usagi Drop will forever be my recommendation #1 as an all-around perfect SoL package for every age. 4b3 already watched it, but everyone else reading these lines should do the same in case they haven't tackled it yet.

Honey and Clover is refreshing as it features a college/university setting for a change, and more advanced problems of younger generations. Definitely recommendable for experienced watchers.

minimiau | 3 hours ago
Hi there @ 4b3 ! My favourite anime for ever and ever is Honey and clover. Basically is about friendship, future dreams, love problems...

other good slice of life anime is Usagi Drop. Basically is about a certain man that adopts a kid and raises her.

TaichoMo | 4 hours ago
Welcome 4b3 :-)
Some really nice recommendations here, and here i was thinking my plan to watch list was long already

chaosflame5 | Today, 1:46 AM
@4b3: Welcome ^^ And yeah, Aria is one of the unique SoL anime out there :) 54-ish episodes of wonderful ride :3 (plus the 3 additional episodes from the sequel Aria The Avvenire)
And yes, Yuru Yuri I'm surprised how I like that show. Just entered a few eps of the 2nd season and there were many moments where I was laughing like mad, lol.
You should also try Yama no Susume, dealing with cute girls climbing mountains mostly. As well as Tamayura series, same director as Aria and deals with photography and memories explored within the photographs.
I haven't seen Nichijou yet, but I've seen a few mad clips and yeah, seems like a pretty fun show to watch. Ever wondered that you can shoot a laser from your mouth to the heavens just from a dog bite? :P This is an example of how mad this anime can get (in a good way)!

Xiaraith | Today, 12:24 AM
Welcome 4b3, have a good time (:

My favourite SoL anime is the Aria series, which is the full treatment of this genre during its span of ~50 episodes. If you like calm and emotional stories of life in such a beautifully unique setting, this might be for you.
Things you haven't watched yet, hmmm. There's for example Eve no Jikan with its interesting Sci-Fi element, Lucky Star as my favourite SoL comedy, Shirobako if you want something related to a work setting, Yuru Yuri for the moe treatment, and Mushishi as the SoL/mystery flow of time. I am fond of all of these shows.

4b3 | Today, 12:12 AM
HI guys!
I'm new to the club, which is your favorite slice of life anime?
I want to watch a really good one, so please help me :)

Xiaraith | Today, 12:09 AM
ooo Touch.
These 101 episodes certainly receive a lot of praise, and most likely rightly so. For me it's once again probably just a question of getting started and becoming one with its style, before time starts flowing.

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