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12 minutes ago
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Sticky: Moe Competition Newsletter Sign-up
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31 minutes ago
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42 minutes ago
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Club Comments
Pat_To_Do-List | 13 minutes ago
@toridoshi: Have you ever played it? Is it a good game?

toridoshi | 36 minutes ago
Yes, Atelier is a video game series for the PS3.

It's from the video that Audio linked. It was a video about Aya (aka Ayaya) from Kiniro Mosaic.

Pat_To_Do-List | 43 minutes ago
@toridoshi: Ah. So that is why it felt like video game.
What is "AYAYA?"

toridoshi | 2 hours ago
Atelier seems like it's going to be a very relaxing series, or at least that's the feeling I had from the first episode (I'm assuming it won't change). It's a good series to watch before bedtime.

I hope that I can play the games eventually.

Also, AYAYA!!!!1

Pat_To_Do-List | 2 hours ago
Hello, everyone. How are you?

@Spiritchuck: I know. Do not worry.

@Silverforgerer: Just watched the 1st episode. I do not know why, but it really felt like watching video game walkthrough. Pretty weird.

@trebmeg: Yeah. Lucky for me. But I still think Golden Time could be much better. And to be honest, I liked the first few episodes more than the rest. The rest were just episodes about awkward interactions between characters.

@Audiof3ar: What video is that?

Audiof3ar | 6 hours ago
Damn, This was fun. Ughhh

Audiof3ar | 9 hours ago
@treb - Sorry that I can't give you a enjoyment. :[

trebmeg | 10 hours ago
@Audio: Aw... u is a bad tsukkomi...

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