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- New Oreimo layout put up on 17/12

- A Male LE will open once we reach 5,500 members!

- The Ruby Round of the Moe Competition has officially begun!

- The Moe Competition has new rules now! Please click here to read the new rules!

- We are now hiring inviters and card makers. Click here to apply

- Poll of the Week: "Which character with a ponytail is the cutest?" open for voting

-Question of the Day: "What was the first manga you read?" updated

If you have any questions or problems, please contact a staff member.

If you would like to affiliate with us, please message toridoshi. Don't post on club comments please.

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Club Discussion
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40 seconds ago
Sticky: [OPEN] Nisekoi LE
15 replies by CrimsonNeutron »»
20 minutes ago
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Club Comments
toridoshi | 4 hours ago

Wh1t3 | 4 hours ago
@toridoshi Can't Wait! :)

toridoshi | 4 hours ago
Time to open a surprise LE to tie us over until we reach the 5,500 milestone.

Wh1t3 | 4 hours ago
Almost there!

Audiof3ar | 8 hours ago
Ugh, 5483 members already .-. it gets busy. Guess I need to run like forrest gump.

Silverforgerer | 10 hours ago
@Tori I'm not really up-to-date just yet so I can't really comment on that. But that's a really interesting thing.

toridoshi | 10 hours ago
Incest just happened in the latest episode on TV.
It caused quite a stir because viewers took it as a rape when it wasn't. The author had to comment on it.

Silverforgerer | 10 hours ago
@treb Lawl! XD I love how the only thing you mentioned is incest. I mean, okay..if I remember corrently it happened once near the beginning but that's about it. It's more about whores than incest. And I hate math..but I don't wanna fail my class x)

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