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Club Comments
Xiaraith | 6 hours ago
This video that a friend recently linked me examines the SoL genre quite well, and will most likely help me too in order to explain the advantages of SoL better and to hopefully get unfounded stereotypes out of people's heads.

I haven't watched regular TV for a long time, expect for the occasional news or football game. TV in general, and going to the cinema in order to watched the most hyped films, already feels outdated to me. Experiencing what independent artists do, and what lives of rather "normal" people are like, is simply a lot more enjoyable nowadays.

A collection of my favourite SoL anime does e.g. contain:
Aria series
Non Non Biyori
Yama no Susume
Akage no Anne
Ie Naki Ko
Kino no Tabi
Lucky Star
Yuru Yuri

chaosflame5 | 8 hours ago
I think in Asian countries (mainly Korea, China and Japan I guess) are the ones who will be much more appreciating SoL than any countries in the west, or any countries that are influenced by the west. As I mentioned below, satire and irony and overuse of certain conflicts in soap operas or comedy is pretty much what the western stuff are made of. You can only find some bits of SoL-ish stuff (but not really to be honest) in children's shows. I don't think the western media are into the exploration of daily lives and find meaning of it as much as Asians do, which can be proven by how there isn't much drama series in the west or any countries influenced by the west compare to Asian countries. If they are searching for meaning of life, it seems only in religious discussions they bring it up, nowhere else other than talking about how depressing life is due to conflicts like those in TV soap operas over here. I remember watching plenty of chinese dramas when I was little and some were quite memorable (forgot their names though), but over here, I see nothing and the TV here are pretty boring except for sports and news. we even forced to pay for the stupid TV license tax per year because a particular TV station is owned by the government thugs that want their employees in that TV station to become millionaires, from both ads and our own money or else they'll point a gun at us (metaphor) and send us to court, pfft! This is why I like anime and especially the SoL genre the most, as they explore something that western media don't. The only thing that I find the western stuff are good at are superhero films *fanboy inner scream for Marvel Cinematic Universe* and other action related movies.

@XyriaLight:'s hard to list a top 5 when I love some of them on the same rank lol!
1. Aria series
2. Tamayura series
3. Toradora
4. Clannad + Clannad After Story
5. Yama no Susume
6. Non Non Biyori
7. Flying Witch
8. Yuru Yuri series
9. Sketchbook Full Color's
10. Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou OVAs.
I might put Kanon 2006 here in the future, but I haven't seen much of it yet except 2003 version done by Toei. And Air (TV series) is also nice but not on my top 10 though.

StyleF1re | 10 hours ago

Aria (series)
White Album 2
Natsume Yuujinchou (series)
Tamayura (series)
Hanasaku Iroha
Non Non Biyori
Byousoku 5 Centimeter
Les Miserables: Shoujo Cosette

XyriaLight | Yesterday, 9:27 PM
By the way, can I have some of you to post the top 3 or top 5 SoL anime that you've watched for reference? Thanks!

XyriaLight | Yesterday, 9:25 PM
I think SoL needs a lot more attention from others too. I have friends that find SoL either "boring" or "not their cup of tea", without even giving them a chance.

Ever heard of people asking, "What's the point in seeing the daily lives of a character?" or "Soooo, what am I supposed to see from this show?" It's as if they only watch anime for the story plot, which mostly come from action anime since they're the stereotype for "interesting story plots". We all know that SoL is a genre that can range from comedic and enjoyable series that brings a smile to our faces, to well done drama series, and the fact that people underestimate SoL and it being underwatched is really painful for me to see.

I still need to find a friend and someone I'm close to that knows the beauty of SoL because almost every friend of mine in school that watches anime has action as their favorite genre and SoL as their least interested genre... FeelsBadMan, I really hope people can appreciate SoL more

chaosflame5 | Yesterday, 2:44 AM
You're welcome Mikey :D

@Xiaraith: Yeah, couldn't agree more. Any dramas or shows here (including some from UK and US) either contain boring conflicts that goes on and on, or use satire or irony in them, which grows tiresome after a while. So I'm not surprised to hear many people are into Asian dramas, most notably K-dramas. Something that western countries just cannot achieve at all in terms of matching the same style and making them memorable. Even some Japanese video games that went ahead of its time which not many western games can match either. I guess games like Final Fantasy and maybe Kingdom Hearts series are examples.

Xiaraith | Yesterday, 1:53 AM
Media influence, sadly. From childhood on we noticed that the action packed and flashy advertisements on TV draw in the masses, that the melodramatic drama produces tons of reviews, that the shock factor counts a lot even if done in predictable ways.
The fact that enjoyment doesn't necessarily come only from those things is easily neglected in most cultures in favour of other stuff. But look at Japan itself, and some anime ratings over there. A lot of the SoL shows are serious contenders for great anime on a lot of lists, and aren't just the kind of niche product that they are considered in the west. One of the reasons why I am fond of the Japanese mindset in a lot of ways.

mikey, are you able to remember all the anime you have already watched? I needed a few days in the beginning to recall everything, even though I also have a separate notepad to record all shows I have seen.

mikeykusuma | Yesterday, 1:40 AM
@chaosflame5 thankyou!

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