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"Listening to Kirino is the anime equivalent of passing a medium sized kidney stone. I'd rather drag my ballsack across a football field filled with broken glass than suffer through a mere minute of Kirino's incoherent bitching. She's literally the second coming of Adolf Hitler in imouto form and everyone that likes her should be force-fed gopher excrement."
- Volunteer

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Club Comments
Wimwinkle | 34 seconds ago
That is best girls Kokoa,. Here the original if you want to see it.

Breakfast sounds good, I'm just trying to survive the heat, I miss the rain already. Need to catch up on my anime, so far behind this season, ill start dropping stuff soon, starting Locodol.

Volunteer | 1 minute ago

That's what they all say, nyan.

toridoshi | 1 minute ago
Only one kitten. The rest died. :/

Hello, Vol. I haven't seen you around for a few days.
How are you?

It does hurt quite a bit. It's going to suck to try to pick it out.
It's a very small shard that managed to sink in well, so I have to try to soak my foot to make my skin softer and then yank it out. x__x

HaXXspetten | 2 minutes ago
how'd you get glass in your foot? :o

Uncrowned_King | 3 minutes ago
Vol, which thread tho

nyancat2506 | 3 minutes ago
mostly im just cute neko mueheehe

king gets it aha

Volunteer | 4 minutes ago
Ouch. Sounds painful, tori.

I guess you didn't read my post in the one thread, did you Uncrow?

Uncrowned_King | 5 minutes ago
Kittens~ <3

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