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Strawberry Panic

Alternative Titles

English: Strawberry Panic
Japanese: ストロベリー・パニック


Type: TV
Episodes: 26
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 4, 2006 to Sep 26, 2006
Premiered: Spring 2006
Broadcast: Tuesdays at 02:45 (JST)
Producers: Lantis, Dwango
Licensors: Media Blasters
Studios: Madhouse, Imagin
Source: Other
Duration: 25 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.401 (scored by 39,795 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #20762
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #1016
Members: 93,320
Favorites: 1,719


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Jul 7, 2009
Skadi (All reviews)
If you are in anyway a fan of yuri anime, then Strawberry Panic is a bit of a rite of passage for entry into the genre. It probably garners the highest amount of fanaticism and emotionalism from its supporters and detractors. Though I wouldn’t call it a love or hate it kind of show as you might expect from that. I think of myself as a reasonably objective person and found that my opinion of it split almost right down the middle between absolute love and complete contempt.

Strawberry Panic's story centers on a new student to a prestigious all girls’ school, Nagisa read more
Dec 18, 2007
k8m0nst3r (All reviews)
This is one of my favorite Yuri based anime's I have come to find. Once I began watching it, I couldn't stop. If you really want an anime that you can get into whole heartedly it is this one. The in depth analysis on all the variety of characters makes it so you can relate to at least one of them. The play on suspense, romance, and other relationships is so perfect for anyone who is into anything that may make your eyes tear up.
May 2, 2008
Woodchips (All reviews)
I really should not have enjoyed this series nearly as much as I did. As a bit of a technical story snob, I usually find that well-animated and voiced series with somewhat weak storylines tend to rate quite poorly with me. I find myself dropping them, or rating them well below a seven, but this series just has that something compelling about it that makes you enjoy it thoroughly-- despite some glaring problems with the plot. If I had to sum this series up in two words, it would quite easily be: Guilty pleasure.

It is one of a very small number of series that read more
Jul 9, 2007
jet2r0cks (All reviews)
For my first yuri, it wasn’t as shocking or surprising as I thought it would be. I guess it’s because of the look and feel of the anime – the girls didn’t really look like they would engage in such “activities” – they all looked very innocent and sweet. It’s a good thing the anime focused more on the dramatic side than sex scenes. There weren’t a lot of sex scenes too, which is a huge sigh of relief for me.

Poor Nagisa. She’s obviously straight when she first came in and Shizuma had to corrupt her mind. I don’t get how Shizuma would fall for read more
Nov 25, 2007
Mecheye (All reviews)
Kinda slow, but overall a very touching story.
The plot was substantial enough to keep it interesting and on your toes, it was difficult to find a location to stop watching for the day since each episode kinda left it open to the next one, but that was okay. theres more than just one plot line going on at once too, with multiple characters acting out different situations at the same time.

The art was good, not KyoAni standards but it was better than some others. the colors were duller and details were not as prevalent (at least in the sub i watched). however, it didn't take read more
Sep 15, 2008
jukugo (All reviews)
Strawberry Panic Review
Or girls maccin' on girls maccin' on girls

Let me start by saying this: “If you are a fan of series about girls maccin' on girls because there are girls maccin' on girls in them, you will almost undoubtedly love Strawberry Panic.” However, if the presence of girls making doe eyes at each other and blushing constantly does not sound like the primary component of a good series, or the only necessary ones, then you might want to think twice about viewing this particular shoujo ai series. Strawberry Panic does have its share of positive traits, albeit a very small share, but it's main read more
Mar 16, 2017
saint-juste (All reviews)
I watched this when I was 15 and had a completely wrong impression of how to go about a relationship with a girl. Now I find it to be one of the worst starters for girls who are lesbian or bisexual, it teaches you that manipulation and perversion is okay to push onto another, and that consent doesn't matter. At 15 I thought it was magical and incredible, but at 23, just seeing the first few episodes I already feel sickened by the portrayal of lesbians as creepy and abusive, and I think of all the young girls (like I was) watching this and thinking read more
Sep 12, 2013
BloodSoakedGoat (All reviews)
Strawberry Panic is a cascading wonderland of endless enjoyment trying to suffocate you with it's charm and intense love story that grips you like cold hard reality grips an orphan. Do you feel? Do you breath? are you or are you not a individual that can handle this masterpiece as pure as white snow on a enchanting December morning? This incredible adaptation of the famous light novel and manga series that changed a nation goes above and beyond the call of brilliance. On the surface it is just a stunningly animated showcase of vague feelings and a environment that evokes the senses. But as you read more
Sep 22, 2007
AnimeQuest1 (All reviews)
"Strawberry Panic!" is a Yuri anime. It follows the story of lesbian
couples and if you have an aversion to homosexuality, or things of
that nature, I would not recommend this anime to you.

Anime: Strawberry Panic!

Format: DVD Video, Region Code 2 (Middle East,Iceland,Western Europe,Central Europe,Egypt,French overseas territories,Greenland,Japan,Lesotho,South Africa, and Swaziland only) Subtitles: None, Audio Track: Japanese: Dolby Digital

Creator: Sakurako KIMINO

Publisher: Madhouse Studios/IMAGIN (Japan)

Release Date: 2006 (Japan)

Rating: TV-14-SD (May be inappropriate for childern under 14)

Genre: Romance, Drama, Yuri

Strawberry Panic revolves around three all-girls schools: St.
Miator's Girls' Academy, St. Spica's Girls' Institute, and St. Lulim's
Girls' School. In Miator, Nagisa Aoi is the main love interest of
three of the read more
Jul 26, 2007
rayyhum777 (All reviews)
I\'m fair, and yet I have to give Strawberry Panic an overall 8, not only because it\'s shojo ai and we get to see the goddess character almost get it on with the cute and often clueless main character, but it\'s also because the painful feelings that the characters have for each other.

Strawberry Panic is a shojo-ai show thorough and thorough. While all the elements in this show would suggest a old-time shojo show - classical music, beautiful senpai with classic shojo drawings of big hair and an elegant aura, a (not so secret) garden, Catholic school complete with a cathedral, a fountain and classrooms, read more
Nov 23, 2009
Supernova141 (All reviews)
I don't normally write reviews, but given this is my favorite anime I figured I'd give it a shot. I started watching this anime because I wanted a yurified yurifest with some yuri on top, which, to my great satisfaction, i got. However what I wasn't expecting is a touching(and at times heartbreaking) love story that most people who watch this anime seem to over-look. Basically, you have three girl schools, which means three harems, two of which have their own love story, and one of which is for hilarity, comic relief, and general epic-ness. During the more Slice-of-lifey parts of the series, the characters read more
May 30, 2008
kachosen576 (All reviews)
Its been a while since I've written a review on this site so bear with me just a little bit..

Strawberry Panic is a yuri anime~basically its a girl to girl love type story with a hint of lesbianism mixed together. Not that i have any complaints against that, since its my first time watching a yuri anime i was like WTF at first, but the anime was actually better than i thought it would turn out to be. Now on with the reviews:

Story: The story was honestly not the best factor of the series, but it is an interesting one. It revolves around the main read more
Aug 16, 2008
TweetleCake (All reviews)
Strawberry panic seemed to be a popular 'yuri-shipper' anime so i decided to give it a try..sadly i was a bit dissapointed.[i know there a few of my MaL friends who loved it ..so sorry and hear me out] I'll start with the story.
Story left much to be desired. The pace of it for was felt so slow. im not sure if i was the constant --lets have a tea party-- or -- make some cookies-- fillers but for me, it felt as if the episode wouldnt end. [not good if im constantly looking at the timer to see if and ep is read more
May 28, 2011
Spudnspud (All reviews)
Strawberry Panic is a sort of difficult review to write. I remember initially watching the show as it first came out. I remember being well into the show's story and enjoying it enough to have a sort of urge to continue watching it and I was done before I knew it.


Probably the strongest aspect of the show is the story as it centers around an all girls school centered on a hierarchy similar to modern day democracy. It follows a girl who just transferred there and quickly draws the attention of the Etoile (similar to, say President of the Body) and from there it read more
Jul 27, 2015
red0fighter (All reviews)
Strawberry Panic is one of the first yuri shows that I've seen that managed to hook me through the full 26 episodes. While the anime isn't something that I'd consider to be a masterpiece, it was enjoyable.

The MAL synopsis gives you a good idea of what the anime is about, so I'd recommend reading it.

STORY: 8. Overall, the story is pretty realistic in the sense that there aren't crazy plot twists or random events that shift the story of the anime. The pace of the anime is very drawn out for 26 episodes. I felt that the pace wasn't too slow, though others might read more
Jan 9, 2019
krishnaWijaya (All reviews)
best yuri anime ever made beside bloom into you.
the story is good and enjoyable, all the spice the add into it make the story more insteresting and complex. for 2006 anime i consider this pretty good.

i really love to ship nagisa and tamao, especially tamao is kindheart girl type how many times tamao get her hopes up and down.

shizuma is beter with miyuki i think , miyuki love her so much if her not paired with man since their childs , she wouldn't hold her felling toward shizuma. she already waited for shizuma for 6 years.

yaya same as tamao , that called love i think read more
Sep 3, 2018
captjoe213 (All reviews)
(updated 9/20/18 for format and slight content revision)

Hi! Welcome to another Robert's Too Late Reviews! As always, the synopsis is your friend, as I'm going to deal in the broader strokes. MINOR SPOILERS may appear, though I do try to keep those to an absolute minimum. Strawberry Panic is loved by some, and hated by others, because it's really basically just an anime soap opera. It is over the top, often cheesy, and if you don't think too much, really, really fun. This was my first full blown yuri anime, and it's not nostalgia colored, this review. As always, the crew will not earn a read more
Apr 16, 2009
tentacle_raep (All reviews)
What if the characters of Maria Sama just decided to forego all that sexual tension and just got it on with one another. Well, you'd have this. Maria Sama on crack, or maybe a healthy dose of GHB.

Lesbian schoolgirl love story.

The story introduces everygirl, Nagisa, who gets sent to a private all girls' boarding school where she meets the mysterious, aloof (I hate that word, but it's fitting), and oft-worshipped silver-haired maiden Shizuma. Shizuma immediately wants to jump Nagisa's bones, but for no real good reason. Maybe becuse she's an Etoile, the elected focus of worship in the school.

The rest of the show focuses read more
Oct 28, 2010
PRiSONFiSH (All reviews)
While others regard this series as a "gateway series" into the world of yuri, I cannot share their viewpoints. Strawberry Panic is, in essence, the OP to Elfen Lied. Nothing more.
The overall ambiance of the series is dreadfully mundane. The generic animation, however, goes hand in hand with the god-awful Victorian music, which is played throughout the series.
If Strawberry Panic removed every scene where the characters are either staring into space while public domain Bach music plays, the series would be a good 12 episodes long.
If you're not a fan of Jane Eyre, Little Women, or Sense and Sensibility, don't waste your time on read more
Dec 2, 2012
pleasedeleteacc (All reviews)
Strawberry Panic is like any other generic yuri anime you've watched. Girl goes to an all-girl school, meets one special person, discovers she's in love with her, etc. It sort of sounds like fanfiction that a 12-year-old could come up with, right? Not to mention the main character is a total Mary Sue. Everyone is in love with Nagisa, and the only times she messes up is when her seme Shizuma comes to rescue her. Character development is absolutely terrible. I mean, EVERY SINGLE GIRL in that school is a lesbian? That seems highly unrealistic to me... And of course, the short, shy girls are read more