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Feb 6, 2023
Adonis (Manga) add
Preliminary (198/? chp)
In the midst of a blazing battlefield where the sounds of weapons and screams echoed throughout, two fierce warriors stand face-to-face. A crimson-haired woman wielding a rapier, her fiery spirit matching the inferno that surrounds her, and a black-haired man, cold and composed on the surface, yet harboring a rivaling ferocity.

These two were enemies, but despite the animosity between them, they have faced each other multiple times before as mere rivals. The man always emerged victorious, leaving the talented and capable woman unable to best him in spite of her incredible ability to best any man... Other than him. Determined to end their rivalry once ...
Jun 1, 2022
This is the story of how a man became the greatest AKB idol of all time, his journey beginning with merely wanting to support the dream of his crush.

AKB49: Renai Kinshi Jourei is a masterpiece, which is funny because it was written by the same author who wrote Rent a Girlfriend. While reading it may seem hectic and over-the-top at times, the concept of the story and how it is delivered to us readers is sensational. Never would I have thought that I would be enjoying reading a manga about a femboy for 263 chapters.

The story mostly revolves around Urayama Minoru, our manly protagonist who ...
May 24, 2021
This movie marks the end of the series Violet Evergarden. A tragic story about a young woman brought into the military, trained to become an emotionless killing machine on the battlefield and eventually became an employee of a letter-writing company. Throughout her time as an employee, she had written many letters and sought out the meaning of the few words a person she loved left behind. Along the way, she learned empathy and made a lot of new friends, affiliates, and people who cared for her.

The best series I've ever watched in my entire life and the first anime I reviewed on MAL. Despite ...
Apr 1, 2021
Finally! God knows how long I've been waiting for this absolute masterpiece to appear within my grasp. So this is how it feels after seeing your dad return from the convenience store with his milk. Maybe even better.

I still can't believe it's over. I was screaming and crying—my neighbors probably heard me, and before I realized it, it's already over. Like the two prior movies, Spring Song is a masterpiece. A fine piece of art bestowed upon us peasants who aren't even allowed to peer before its presence in the first place, but God was generous enough to let us do so. The art style ...
Sep 26, 2020
The reviews and rating of this anime doesn't match, showing how unreliable MAL's one or the other can be. Nonetheless, I will be defending the rating side this time as I too enjoyed this anime and wish to share my love and allow the same people as I to get into this anime and not get a bad impression from the negative reviews.

Strictly saying, Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha: Shijou Saikyou no Maou no Shiso, Tensei shite Shison-tachi no Gakkou e is just another OP MC anime with a little effort of uniqueness ( the concept of “the Demon King is actually kinda good” ) provided ...
Sep 21, 2020
"Just another CGDCT idol anime with the right amount of everything CGDCT idol enthusiasts need." - Yes, this is Lapis Re:LiGHTs.

Lapis Re:LiGHTs felt somewhat like Little Witch Academia but without the fantasy adventure thrill. Regardless of its unperceivable story the cuteness, good songs and soft yuri baits and teases makes up for everything, making the show overall better to a certain extent.

Expect water if you asked a server in a restaurant for water. I'm just going to point this out for people who are planning to watch Lapis Re:LiGHTs : "If you're here for something else which isn't CGDCT or idol then you ...
Sep 16, 2020
I am now your girlfriend.

Can we kiss? No.

Can we fuck? No.

Can I drink your saliva? Yes.

Naze no Kanojo X is the definition of abnormal relationship or rather a bizarre story of "how relationship can come in many forms". This anime was indeed disgusting however that critic mindset of mind had already vanished by the time I accepted the fact that it's not a big deal and I could learn a thing or two from this intriguing story. Which is of course exactly just like what I stated a few sentences above : "How relationship can come in many forms."

The entire anime is about an ...
Sep 16, 2020
Another meme done.

Getting friends. It has always been hard the more of an introvert you are. Sticking like crazy inside your comfort zone will never bring you anywhere and you will never be able to become a better functional person of society. But what if somebody pushes you out of your comfort zone?

Hitoribocchi is a story about an extremely shy, introverted girl with no friends ( except from one ). She decided to get some friends after transferring into another school but her shyness keeps her from doing so. As a result, her only friend pushes her away and strikes a deal - ...
Sep 14, 2020
Can a single boy who can barely fight save a world and its kin with a stick?

This ladies and respectable men is a grandiose adventure of a kid who got isekai'ed into another world after talking to a waterbending girl from Foggy Swamp and then getting attacked by some random dudes in centipede-like robots.

Ima, Soko ni Iru Boku is beyond doubt how to actually compose a good isekai. Oh yes I am talking to you overpowered mc isekais. I don’t mind your power scales but your stories are so damn fantasy generic and not creative at all if you watch enough of ...
Sep 3, 2020
Pop in Q (Anime) add
Pop in Q is nauseating and cringe-worthy, and here's why you shouldn't watch this hidden movie with a similar mindset along the lines of "Damn. Something unpopular with good quality. Must be good.".

The story is under acceptable terms. Isekai shenanigan, meet up with the homeboys, and dance to save the world. However, the characters and CGI are absolutely garbage. Specifically talking about the dolls/puppets seen within the show.

They are punchable. They are annoying. Their presence alone stimulates my evil desire to kill. Just like how a great story can carry lack of quality or how great quality can carry a mediocre story. This anime's ...

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