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Feb 27, 2011
A-Channel (Manga) add
Preliminary (12/170 chp)
Cute manga is cute. There’s no other way to describe it.

Like other slice of life, seinen manga about a group of high school girls, the story is as simple as it gets. If you leave it like that, chances are the manga will become really shallow, or maybe even drab, so you’ll have to make up for it by making it special in another way. In A Channel’s case, that is accomplished by having really cute characters.

A Channel’s characters are your usual, cookie cutter moeblobs drawn in the same style we see a lot in recent seinen anime and manga, except with a little more ...
Feb 27, 2011
Shiki (Anime) add
Vampire anime has never been my cup of tea. I’ve seen a fair amount of such anime and for me, they usually turn out to be really corny (such as Dance in the Vampire Bund), boring (such as Shingetsutan Tsukihime), shallow and chockfull of fanservice (Rosario + Vampire) or just plain lame (Black Blood Brothers). I’ve gotten tired of seeing vampires presented to be as majestic, perfect, idol-like creatures, leading glamorous lives and just happen to suck blood for nourishment. Are vampires really monsters, or just sissies?

Then I saw Shiki.

It’s surprisingly good. I wouldn’t call it a masterpiece but it’s interesting, not to mention actually ...
May 23, 2010
Mixed Feelings
5 WORDS OR LESS REVIEW: Good concept but disappointing

STORY – 6/10

It’s about Yume Kikuchi, a mage in training, equipped with more magical capabilities than the average mage, and how she learns more about magic during her stay in Tokyo. I think that the fact that Yume had tremendous magical capabilities was somehow forgotten throughout the series, among other things. Each episode had a storyline that was barely related to the other episodes, which made it difficult to like. It went from one story to another, leaving gaps in between, which made the story hard to follow.

Other than that, I found the concept of the ...
Nov 29, 2007
Gakuen Heaven (Anime) add
5 WORDS OR LESS REVIEW: Not a lot of action

As a yaoi fan girl, nothing pleases me more than a transfer student asking to be corrupted by his new school mates who are into “different extracurricular activities”. Such is not really the premise of Gakuen Heaven, but yaoi fan girls like me should know otherwise, right?

Gakuen Heaven is about Ito Keita, seemingly an ordinary, supposedly straight teenage boy, who is suddenly invited to a prestigious all-boys school named Bell Liberty Academy, or BL academy (How ominous XD). As soon as he gets there, his bishounen school mates start fawning over him because he’s cute. It’s ...
Nov 29, 2007
5 WORDS OR LESS REVIEW: Needs a third season

As a whole, Zero no Tsukaima’s first season seems better than the second season. If I didn’t like the first season, then that would mean that I probably wouldn’t like the second season, right? Then how come I like the second season more than the first? Read on and I’ll tell you why.

The story obviously needed work. I think the problem was that they tried to fit in many different storylines at a time. There was Saito and Louise’s relationship, the ongoing war with Albion and there was Anies’ story too. Each story would have been potentially ...
Nov 29, 2007
5 WORDS OR LESS REVIEW: Definitely not typical shoujo anime

If you looked for the meaning of "Romantic Comedy" in the dictionary (or maybe even Wikipedia), you'd probably see "Lovely Complex" written in its definition. Okay, maybe not, but somebody should put it there!

As much as I love shoujo manga and anime, I do get tired of it sometimes because most shoujo follow the same formula. Such is not the case for Lovely Complex. I think Lovely Complex is the true embodiment of the romantic comedy genre. A love match between a tall girl and a short guy is like the perfect recipe for a romantic ...
Nov 29, 2007
Mixed Feelings
5 WORDS OR LESS REVIEW: Nothing special. Bland.

If I would describe Shinigami no Ballad in one word, I would describe it as bland. I usually like loli anime, but Shinigami no Ballad barely caught my attention.

Cute girl gets her hands dirty by working a job that involves death. Such premise is almost similar to the plot of Hell Girl, except Hell Girl had more “zing” to it. There were no high or low points in Shinigami no Ballad – it was monotonous during the whole 6 episodes. There wasn’t really a climax either. You’d think the last episode would be more exciting than the first ...
Oct 31, 2007
5 WORDS OR LESS REVIEW: Better than the first season

Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A’s certainly strayed away from the usual, formulaic mahou shoujo stereotype. No more collecting Jewel Seeds for Nanoha and Fate. This time they face bigger, more powerful enemies that get in their way.

The new plot really made me excited, mostly because I’ve been waiting for Fate and Nanoha to become closer friends as well as become team mates. The new characters were also very intriguing and interesting, especially the Velka-type Knights. I like how Nanoha and Fate have to go against them, because they’re not as evil or twisted as Precia Testarossa ...
Oct 31, 2007
5 WORDS OR LESS REVIEW: Mahou shoujo with some zing

I watched “Triangle Heart ~Sweet Songs Forever~” before Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha, and personally, I’m glad that MSLN’s story is a lot different from Triangle Heart.

Nanoha Takamachi was also a character in Triangle Heart, but she was sort of an extra character there. She takes the stage as main character in MSLN as a normal third grader who suddenly meets a ferret who is actually a mage from another world, and he asks Nanoha to help her collect Jewel Seeds that have scattered all over her world. It seems a lot like Card Captor Sakura, but ...
Oct 31, 2007
5 WORDS OR LESS REVIEW: Must watch after the series

Want a real conclusion to the events that happened in Fullmetal Alchemist? Then you should watch Fullmetal Alchemist: The Movie – Conqueror of Shamballa. In my opinion, it is impossible to get some real closure from watching the series alone.

If you watched the series and followed it religiously like I did, you probably also marveled at how close Ed and Al are that they are willing to risk their lives for each other. If that’s the case, then you were also probably shocked that the series ended with the two brothers separated, Ed on Earth, specifically ...

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