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Dec 17, 2016
ViVid Strike! (Anime) add
We all have dreams. We decide what we want and we take it. But life will always get in the way and make it harder or even deny you your dream. Such is our tale.

The story is about two orphan girls separated by the adoption of one of them. The time spent apart makes them treat each other with coldness and eventually they fight and separate. Our protagonist is determined not to let this be the end of their relationship and trains to get her friend back.

Artwork is a nice splice show of color. A lot of the characters have differently colored eyes which I ...
Oct 9, 2015
Gastronomy, a way for us to bombard our brains with sensations while stuffing our guts to survive. It started when lightning stroke a tree and the primordial humans sought it out of curiosity. Some have elevated cooking to art, yet others would consider it cruel to do so by regarding the famine that is grasping many others.

How do you measure or weigh the life of a teenager? The answer is simple, you use their dreams and aspirations as a scale unit. Such is the tale of Yukihira Souma and his ilk. They are all brought together by the same dream and climb up the ladder ...
Oct 9, 2015
Hope, a bright warm light shinning across a dark room where freezing water is flowing. Sometimes the light grows weaker or stronger. What makes it change is the will of mankind, the will to believe that it is not over or that are things in this world worth struggling for everyday.

If i were to compare our tale to a scenery I would say, an ocean of tears moved by a gust of happiness and laughter and lighted by the rays of hope that come and go as the day-night cycle goes on.
Our protagonists are trying to resume their normal lives which they had ...
Oct 9, 2015
Some people agree that having all the answers in the universe our lives would have meaning, however some other people agree that ignorance is bliss. The only way we find out which ones make a better point is by experience.

The Story spins around these mysterious items called Phantom Books which contain forbbiden knowledge left behind by their writers. One could read them and tap into a well of unimaginable powers. Tempting as far as normal lives go yet forbidden knowledge comes with a great price. It is the job of the two protagonists to solve the mysteries that these books shroud and recover as many ...
Aug 17, 2015
If someone would ask me what love is.. I would say.. the unstoppable and the immovable with the adequate risks of paradox involved. Love is something strong that can't be understood with mere words. Picture yourself in a fateful encounter with a person that once you met you cannot get enough of. That is the smallest fraction of what love is and can be related to in words.

For our protagonist Aoi Nagisa lies ahead a school life filled with laughter,joy,cries and sorrow as she meets Hanazono Shizuma, a mysterious figure of little words and a great deal of feelings. Feelings that blossom like a beautiful ...
Mar 24, 2015
Love is a dreadful bond that takes many forms based on its strength. It can be stronger than the foundations of the earth, treacherous as the largest ocean or enchanting as the voice of the singing angels. But in all its splendor it is easily severed.

Such is the story of Arima Kousei, a very talented piano player who happens to be a highschool student. He always hoped that he would reach his loved ones as the sounds from the piano notes would resound in the minds of his complete audience and his personal audience if you, understand my meaning.
He is hit by life in the ...
Sep 19, 2014
Tokyo Ghoul (Anime) add
When a human being is born it tends toward a certain nature by its gestures,behaviour and decisions. It starts with things that others see as minor and unsignificant.. yet they are clearly a sign as to what kind of individual that person will be. The next part is the acceptance of that nature by the human itself and the relatives.

The action in Tokyo Ghoul takes place in the city that partially names the anime and is about the rebirth of the protagonist which struggles while attempting to cling to the nature of human despite having turned into a ghoul, a flesh-devouring human with enhanced physical ...
Mar 31, 2014
D-Frag! (Anime) add
When you have the carefree life of a so-called deliquent you may never know what you end up doing or what you get caught in. Such is the story of our protagonist Kazama Kenji.

What starts of as a wish to become the "rulers" of the school by making their way to the top eliminating opposition turns out into a very amusing game where someone would make a mess out of the situation and he is forced to clean it up.

Artwork is focused mostly on lighting and colors since we are talking about a comedy series. Character designs are made to point out flaws or aspects ...
Mar 31, 2014
When something hits you in the face there is nothing you can do except wipe your face and keep going. The same trick applies to facts, you cannot change them once they have occured, you can only accept them and move forward.

Mikakunin de Shinkoukei follows the story of Kobeni a normal girl with fairly good grades from the point where she is told out of the blue that she is engaged to some guy she does not know named Hakuya. She is worried at first about her future, yet slowly she begins accepting her situation as well as her new guests through a series of ...
Mar 31, 2014
Noragami (Anime) add
Life is much like an ocean, it can enthrall us with its beauty or it can sweep us away with one terrifying wave and we are sitting in the middle of it struggling to reach land while the currents are calm and gods are no exception.

Noragami follows the story of an unknown god named Yato, which is in the pursuit of fame and other personal gains through the means of small seemingly insignificant labors. In a certain way it reminds of Heracles and the twelve labors he performed, the difference existing in the fact that he did not wish for notoriety.
The course of action taken ...

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