Oct 9, 2015
Growler (All reviews)
Gastronomy, a way for us to bombard our brains with sensations while stuffing our guts to survive. It started when lightning stroke a tree and the primordial humans sought it out of curiosity. Some have elevated cooking to art, yet others would consider it cruel to do so by regarding the famine that is grasping many others.

How do you measure or weigh the life of a teenager? The answer is simple, you use their dreams and aspirations as a scale unit. Such is the tale of Yukihira Souma and his ilk. They are all brought together by the same dream and climb up the ladder to achieve it through sweat, belief and guts. They face a lot of obstacles to finish their journey some which even make them stronger.

The series has a wide variety of characters most of them maintaining a carefree attitude which comes off only in moments of great pressure. The artwork around them has the usual edges while adding some round curves for some pleasant models. Also some backgrounds emphasize their cooking skills which may be enjoyable or annoying depending on perspective.

It does not seem very enjoyable at first glance yet , the cocktail of comedy and food cultural references actually made it very popular at least to my opinion and I recommend it wholeheartedly to everyone.