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Fairy Tail Movie 2: Dragon Cry

Alternative Titles

Synonyms: Gekijouban Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry


Type: Movie
Episodes: 1
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: May 6, 2017
Producers: None found, add some
Licensors: Funimation
Studios: A-1 Pictures
Source: Manga
Duration: 1 hr. 24 min.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.721 (scored by 28,796 users)
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Ranked: #10652
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #1240
Members: 72,189
Favorites: 515


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May 6, 2017
Van-Balthazar (All reviews)
ok so finally after 2 years wait the movie all fairy tail fan boys and fan girls were waiting for is out .... 2 years ago Hiro Mashima made a picture showing Natsu as half dragon and he said that a movie based on this picture will come , we all know mashima is a man of his word and finally the movie which is said to give the biggest fairy tail shockers ( said my mashima sensei himself ) is here .

Now as we know that Ft 2014 ended with the disbanded Fairy Tail guild so how come the guys are back again together read more
Jun 3, 2017
Nopon (All reviews)
Warning: I am still fresh of seeing this movie. I watched it two weeks ago. Before I give my overall review let me tell you that I will be comparing this movie to other recent shonen movies to get my point.

This will also spoil some major plot points

This is one of the worst movies I ever had the displeasure of watching. As someone who still watches Fairy Tail from the start until now that it only has 8 chapters left I was pissed. And this is coming from a fan that has stood with Fairy Tail even if it has had one of read more
May 18, 2017
dog3pod (All reviews)
(i will make spoilers if there will be one)

I went to see this in the cinema and was so stoked as i needed my next FariyTail fix as the previous arc seems like it had ended far to long ago. So as for seeing some of my favorite anime characters in motion again it was great but unfortunately thats where the praise seems to slow down.

The first part of the movie is pure ecchi fan service that i do personally like but i know many are not a fan of it so to see it so prominent in most of the first part and read more
Nov 27, 2017
sychonic (All reviews)
This is the most amazing disappointment in all of movies. *Spoilers*

Story: What story? A new kingdom with a king whose also a chick because the king is actually a dragon wants to take an artifact to free himself from the girl or something along those lines. But some random dude who works for the king wants the staff to destroy things because generic villain. So how did the dragon get inside the girl, why does the generic dude want to destroy stuff. What are the abilities of the dragon and his henchmen what can the "Dragon Cry" do nothing is explained in this movie.

Art: Standard read more
Aug 18, 2017
Den_N_Iemiesse (All reviews)
I think there are two perspectives that should be addressed when reviewing Fairy Tail; the objective/intelectual/elitist view, and the subjective/fanbase view. I'll start with the Elitist review because that's more fun; but please read both for more context. (The only spoilers included are vague, disjointed and should not be enough to actually /spoil/ any scene.)

Highly Elite Intellectual Score of Objectiveness: 1.5
This movie as garbage. Its full of plotholes, doesn't follow up on most of the what it introduces, is read more
Mar 4, 2018
Kaneki2401 (All reviews)
Fairy Tail Dragon Cry is absolute trashy film ever i watched & sequel to Phoenix Nonsense..... Literally being an Shonen Fan, my friend recommended FT to me since 2009. Fairy Tail isn't especially good but definitely relies on it's fan service to keep afloat of the other competitors in it's genre every now & always against esp. One Piece & get big blow from High School DXD.

Hiro Mashima is second to Tite Kubo in terms of Worst Writer Ever. He always uses art designs & Ideas of One Piece for his FT Plot lines .....NAKAMA POWER......Sorry to All as it is Canon Film & disgrace read more
Nov 24, 2017
generalcdj (All reviews)
Hiro Mashima promised us a surprise, and boy did he give us a surprise. Your surprise at my score given that I am a fairy tail fan is only half the surprise you'll get when watching the actual movie. It is unimaginably terrible. (how did it get over 7 is beyond me, tbh I actually had this listed as a 5 on my list)

So lets just go over the good bits, the sound was good, but that is to be expected from a fairy tail title, unfortunately you shouldn't expect too much from the new stuff and the old tracks that make fairy tail fairy read more
Jul 23, 2018
Marizjj (All reviews)
I'm surprised that this shit sells so much, this movie used the cake formula that is used throughout fairy tail.

° The famous strategy puts your half-naked characters tossing their breasts.

°Making appear strong enemies that give a beating in the protagonists, soon after the defeat they fight again and of course that our heroes win (kkk).

°Then appear an even stronger enemy and use the wonders of the power of friendship and protagonism to defeat him.

About the characters I can say the design was very good the used trait left the characters more beautiful than in the anime, as always the design of the female characters totally read more
Dec 9, 2017
Fairy_Slayer (All reviews)
This is my first review..I hope it can be helpful for all.
Hiro is one of the best manga artists I had ever seen.Fairy Tail has been one of the best and favorite anime that I had ever watched. Finally after all this time Dragon Cry has English subbed. Am excited to talk and review this movie.

Story: 8/10
The story is also about dragons but set in another new city. Just like the first movie, the movie also features a young female character ( I think her name was Sonya). She also joins team Natsu to fight the dragon ( Don't want to talk more to not read more
Dec 5, 2017
Skotthildur213 (All reviews)
So I actually really enjoy Fairy Tail and have both read the manga and watched the anime. But this movie was just horrible. I mean how was this even able to get made, the movie is just a glorified tit fest/fan service trash. Fairy Tail has always been more on the fan service side but this was way beyond that.
The movie also gives new meaning to plot holes, I mean how can you have a movie that are just individual scenes cut together without any kind of bridge to connect them. They do not explain anything that happens in the movie. Like did Sonya read more
Aug 14, 2017
Houcky (All reviews)

Now that's out of the way. After 2 years or so without any proper Fairy Tail animation release the fans finally get what they want... an mediocre anime movie that oddly fits the canon, but somehow still it's in it's own little world. Unless you really want to just see some of what Fairy Tail usually offers after 2 years of withdraw then I would stay away from this movie.

The story is the same read more
May 5, 2018
NerdCitadel (All reviews)
So this is my first review... I might mess up but screw it I'm gonna give it a try.

Fairy tail movie 2: Dragon cry.... This movie is mediocre at best. I seen worse movies than this but this is probably the worse anime movie I seen awhile.

Let me say this: I'm not fully caught up with Fairy tail. I haven't reached the time skip yet so I'm still far behind but... I know enough fairy tail to have an idea about the characters and lore. This movie did nothing to impress me or surprise me. Let me break down why I didnt like this read more
Dec 12, 2017
Kal_Milan (All reviews)
Ok first of all, all of the enemies were weak, natsu, gray, erza and wendy could've easily beaten them all solo! also DEMON SLAYER MAGIC IS SUPPOSE TI BE OP! WHEN GREY'S DAD USED IT, NATSU COULDNT EVEN MELT IT!!!

second is that natsu couldnt even break a steel chain. just because he was out of power... HOW PATHETIC! why is everyone weak again seriously. in the magic read more
Nov 30, 2017
Asunakob (All reviews)
Where should I start to review this mess of a movie , I rarely get this disappointed in sth since I carefully choose what I should watch. Let's just say that the Fairytail as we knew it seems to be dying. The worst part of the movie is the storytelling. First it throws you in while you have no idea what has happened in between of the movie and 2014 anime then it throws a creepy crappy story at you without any kind of logic in it , no development no real fight scenes absolutely nothing. It ONLY has the Fairytail name anything else is read more
Nov 20, 2017
tambi33 (All reviews)
Before I start I just wanna say, for the sake of argument, is that at most I'll be comparing it to what we know of the fairy tail anime.

Personally this movie came as a massive underwhelming addition to the fairy tail franchise , ascalthough it remained it's comedic properties, the story became more and more distorted...but introduced new moves of which we have no knowledge about, adding to that (after understanding the time restraints) the character build up was slightly poorer in contrast to movie 1; the phoenix priestess.

At first, going in, I immediately assumed that it is set after season 2 and read more
Nov 7, 2018
Shodowdragonclaw (All reviews)
It really, really, REALLY pains me to say this as a major FT fan but this movie over all...... kind of sucked. I mean I gave it a 7 for overall because it definitely has redeeming qualities such as the red happy and him fighting a doggo was kind of funny.

The story felt kind of dragged like most of the plot points being repeated over and over again. Cinema sins would have skyrocket numbers for "Roll credits" they say the freaking title needlessly so many times. The main group losing a fight then somehow able to beat them because "fuck you that's how". read more
Jul 20, 2018
SSbardock84 (All reviews)
Short Review - Spoiler Free

Overall this was a pretty decent movie. Certainly much better than the last Fairy Tail movie. Animation was fantastic, better than the actual series. The story itself was all right and would've been better if there was more time to work with. The fights and the story itself felt pretty rushed. There was too much in too little of amount of time. A concern I have as well is the amount of sexual fanservice in this movie. It takes away from it and has too much focus. I'm shocked to see that "ecchi" is not a genre for this movie.

Overall I read more
Mar 7, 2018
lucymakesmehard (All reviews)
The following review contains spoilers for Fairy Tail (2009), Fairy Tail (2014), Fairy Tail: The Phoenix Priestess, and Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry.

Fairy Tail Dragon Cry or pandering to Natsu fans, the movie is a perfect example of everything Fairy Tail fans are sick of. I was even more hyped for this than I was for Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale, which delivered everything a SAO fan could have asked for. Fairy Tail is my favorite anime of all time and has been for over four years now. After waiting a year for the English dub to come out, Dragon Cry is the single most read more
Dec 7, 2017
PurpleRose328 (All reviews)
Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry employs the usual formula that made this anime popular. It has its cool, emotional, funny, sweet and thrilling moments. And of course, who can ever forget the "power of friendship"? These are, after all, what made me a Fairy Tail fan. But somewhere, somehow, something went wrong.

So, what went wrong? They added more into the formula that damaged the overall quality of the story. One thing I particularly hate is that they added a transformation sequence. It's just so weird and awkward, it honestly made me think, "I'm watching Fairy Tail and not Sailor Moon, right?". Those scenes seriously made read more
Nov 28, 2017
Daniel_the_Sage (All reviews)
I'd like to start by mentioning how I've grown to be bored with Fairy Tail. I feel like the stories haven't been as good since its original season. I was reluctant at first but then I eventually succumbed to the 'What if its good' temptation, and it turned out it was.

This review is spoiler free.

Story 5/10
Like I stated earlier after the first season of fairy tail, I've felt the stories weren't as good and the same applies here. Their were several plot holes in the story that were not explained or did not make sense. I won't mention them but be aware of blatant read more