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Nov 9, 2018
(Spoilers free!)

When they say that anime literally has everything you can think of, even the weird ones, they're speaking the truth. An anime about magic? Done. An anime about ghosts? There's one. An anime about turning war weapons into cute and beautiful girls? Look no further. And finally, an anime about soda cans also being feminized? Yes, it exists.

And now a shounen anime about sumo.

I can now finally add another entry on my "Japan's Greatest Ideas" list and not on the "Japan's Weirdest Ideas".

Hinomaruzumou or Hinomaru Sumo is about Ushio Hinomaru, a new student who enrolled at Oodachi High School and joined read more
Oct 16, 2018
Hinomaruzumou is just like any other shounen and sports manga out there. It starts with a protagonist who's deeply passionate on a particular sport, joins a high school club, and together with his new comrades, they'll conquer the whole country.

So what makes this manga different from the rest?

I have two answers for you: story and character. Sure it still has that "power of friendship" feel to it but believe me when I say that it's not the same "nakama power" bullcrap that's very common in shounen anime. It's the "power of friendship" done right and it's completely justified.

And the characters are just read more
Apr 8, 2018
"What? You still didn't watch One Piece?"

That's the response I always get when meeting fellow anime fans and they asked me if I already watched One Piece. And then after that, they'd proceed and tell me reasons why I should watch it now.

I know that it's good. I heard a lot of positive reviews about it, after all. But what discouraged me from picking it up (which I'm sure might also the reason those who still haven't seen One Piece have no plans to do so) is the number of episodes. It's A LOT and unless you're really dedicated and patient, that won't sit read more
Dec 12, 2017
Hai to Gensou no Grimgar was a pleasant surprise. What started off as a generic RPG turned out into something more realistic and beautiful. It tackled on things that most RPG won't even delve into that much or worse, glossed over. And that's why I truly appreciate this anime.

At first, I seriously thought that it will be just like any other trapped-in-a-game story out there. Well, most cases, it is. But don't let that dissuade you from watching this anime. This is more than that. What makes it different from the others is the way they tackled character death and how it's relevant to read more
Dec 7, 2017
Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry employs the usual formula that made this anime popular. It has its cool, emotional, funny, sweet and thrilling moments. And of course, who can ever forget the "power of friendship"? These are, after all, what made me a Fairy Tail fan. But somewhere, somehow, something went wrong.

So, what went wrong? They added more into the formula that damaged the overall quality of the story. One thing I particularly hate is that they added a transformation sequence. It's just so weird and awkward, it honestly made me think, "I'm watching Fairy Tail and not Sailor Moon, right?". Those scenes seriously made read more
Nov 10, 2017
I've always been a fan of The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. Ever since I first saw the movie when I was 16, I've always loved it and hated the ending at the same time. I just couldn't accept the fact it ended that way. But even so, I still loved it.

A few years later, I was looking at the manga list of MAL when I saw it: The Girl Who Leapt Through Time... manga?! I was so shocked. And so I checked it out.

It was a short read. It only contains 5 chapters and each chapter has 40+ pages.

Basically, there's this read more
Nov 5, 2017
My first thought as the story progressed was this:

"I didn't sign up for this."

Don't be fooled by it's light and youthful art and its very young characters. Don't.

I honestly thought when I picked this manga up was that it'll be like Pokemon, Digimon or something that shows a bunch of kids going on an adventure of a lifetime. You know, like a kid friendly show.

But I was wrong. So, so wrong.

This is anything but a kid friendly show. This manga is very, very dark fantasy and psychological. It has strong gore too and, in my opinion, I'd go far and say read more
Mar 14, 2017
AnoHana is one of those anime with the goal of making you cry. Since I'm a crybaby, this would make me cry right? Wrong. Yes, I did tear up on the last episode but it wasn't the "My heart is breaking and I just want to lament my loss" nor "My heart is filled with so much joy right now". It was the "Aww, that's so sad but it didn't affect me that much. A few tears will do.". I honestly question myself if it really DID make me cry.

For now, I'm going to tell you the things that I love.

The animation and read more
Mar 14, 2017
(This review encompasses season one up to season three.)

Since Production I.G. created this and it was categorized under sports and shounen genres, I honestly thought it will just be another version of Kuroko no Basuke. But goodness, I was SO wrong. Yes there are famous and often cliched tropes such as the power of friendship, but even so, it, unexpectedly, surpassed Kuroko no Basuke. I had been a fan of Kuroko no Basuke for so long I even read the manga. So saying that Haikyuu is better than Kuroko no Basuke was something I never thought I'd say.

The plot is just very simple -- read more
Mar 12, 2017
Re:Zero is famous for a lot of things but it became known to me thanks to those viral and hilarious "I love Emilia" memes, and of course, the girl whom a lot of fans claim to be the "Best Girl", Rem.

At first, I didn't want to watch it. The main idea of dying and reviving continuously is very interesting but not appealing to me. Let's just say I'm not fond of too dark and depressing themes. But after a lot of persuading from my best friend, I finally gave it a try. And I wasn't honestly prepared of the heartbreakingly messed up but enthralling read more