Nov 7, 2018
Shodowdragonclaw (All reviews)
It really, really, REALLY pains me to say this as a major FT fan but this movie over all...... kind of sucked. I mean I gave it a 7 for overall because it definitely has redeeming qualities such as the red happy and him fighting a doggo was kind of funny.

The story felt kind of dragged like most of the plot points being repeated over and over again. Cinema sins would have skyrocket numbers for "Roll credits" they say the freaking title needlessly so many times. The main group losing a fight then somehow able to beat them because "fuck you that's how". They didn't even try to hint at some kind of "Overcoming an obstacle" plan. It was just "we lost once ok now we will win because who cares?" the King Animus
being the same person as Sonya was an interesting idea that Failed to live up to it's potential. And then poof a dragon appears and the Dragon vs Natsu fight could have been done much better. The plot is also VERY forgettable.

I don't know it just didn't live up to the hype or expectations. Out of all things Fairy Tail this is by far the worst.