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Nov 7, 2018
It really, really, REALLY pains me to say this as a major FT fan but this movie over all...... kind of sucked. I mean I gave it a 7 for overall because it definitely has redeeming qualities such as the red happy and him fighting a doggo was kind of funny.

The story felt kind of dragged like most of the plot points being repeated over and over again. Cinema sins would have skyrocket numbers for "Roll credits" they say the freaking title needlessly so many times. The main group losing a fight then somehow able to beat them because "fuck you that's how". read more
May 4, 2018
This is an Amazing movie. I see very little wrong with anything on it, and the things I see wrong are so minor they are irrelevant. The emotion was so perfect it's very clear that they put their hearts and souls into this masterpiece. The way the psychological thinking was done with the characters was so perfect and there is also the fact that I could empathize with both of the people who were going through such turmoil was astounding.

I just can not do this movie Justice I feel like read more
Feb 18, 2018
Obviously this show went over a lot of people heads. It was actually an amazing anime. The fact that it was able to surprise without losing consistency and keep on point all while being clear what's going on was a fantastic asset.

The incorporation of gods and the references to famous medieval people was brilliantly done.

The show also incorporated the use of Happiness and Despair to a perfect degree. A lot of original Ideas came out of it. No other anime that I have watched has used a plot like that before.

The only real criticism that can be had here is the deus ex read more
Nov 27, 2017
The Anime lost ratings on a couple of things overall is a 6 because of the listed reasons.

1. Dubb taking way too long, even series that came out a year ago are getting dubbed first. Rating loss 1.0

2. The Flashbacks had me constantly saying "That's not what you said" Seriously one scene could have been pulled from episode 2 but they decided to screw it up instead. Rating loss 2.0

3. Just constantly aggravating me with breaking away from the war arc. rating loss 1.0

Now don't get me wrong some fillers were well placed and worked perfectly like Kakashis childhood fillers. HOWEVER as cool read more