Dec 7, 2017
PurpleRose328 (All reviews)
Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry employs the usual formula that made this anime popular. It has its cool, emotional, funny, sweet and thrilling moments. And of course, who can ever forget the "power of friendship"? These are, after all, what made me a Fairy Tail fan. But somewhere, somehow, something went wrong.

So, what went wrong? They added more into the formula that damaged the overall quality of the story. One thing I particularly hate is that they added a transformation sequence. It's just so weird and awkward, it honestly made me think, "I'm watching Fairy Tail and not Sailor Moon, right?". Those scenes seriously made me cringe. Like, when the heck did this anime added magical girl into its list of genres? Unless it's supposed to be a gag or a parody, then my argument will be pointless. But if it's not, my opinion of shounen and transformation sequence shouldn't be put together still stands.

Another thing I dislike is the boob jiggling. Yeah, yeah, I know. Fairy Tail has ecchi in one of its genres so this is to be expected. But come on! I think there should be a limit. And, is it just me or did the boobs of some of the female characters got bigger? Oh and not to mention that there are too many scenes with full frontal view on the private parts of female characters. I believe that a line should be drawn.

In regards to the story, it was somewhat nice but at the same time, too ordinary for my taste. It didn't get me hooked and despite using the same formula, it's just not working. Most of the scenes are boring and the story only picked up at the last twenty or thirty minutes or so. It didn't have the impact that I was expecting it to have.

Now, I know what you're thinking. The score is 7 so it's supposed to be good in my opinion, right? Then why is it the start of this review is full of rants? Well, my dear reader, the thing is, despite all of the negativity above, I still like this movie. And yes, I'm a bit biased. I just can't hate an anime I've loved since I was fifteen no matter how trashy it was.

But even with the glaring shortcomings of this movie, there are still positive ones.

The art is spectacular. The views and sceneries are just simply amazing. It definitely helped that the quality of the movie that I watched is 1080p. I was able to enjoy the beauty of the art at its finest.

The soundtrack is awesome too. I especially love the Fairy Tail Main Theme.

As for the characters, Juvia is just so adorable as always! I swear to God, every time she appears, she instantly makes the scene better. And I'm not saying this because my profile picture is a chibi version of Gray and Juvia. Definitely not. *cough*

The rest of the Fairy Tail cast is the same as always and I didn't realize how much I miss them till I watched this movie.

Oh and also, if you're an avid shipper like me and if we have the same ships then be sure to watch this. My shipping heart was happy the whole time. There are a lot of moments that are intended for shippers. I truly enjoyed it and I know that you will too. And yes, even Jerza shippers will see a moment that'll make their hearts rejoice. There's a small and minor detail in the movie that I hope you'd notice. Even though it's not a big deal, hey, at least there's still a moment, right? *winks*

Over all, I still somewhat enjoyed the movie despite the awkward transformation sequence, too many fanservice and mundane story. This is still Fairy Tail that I still adore and love. The memorable characters, mesmerizing art, wonderful soundtrack and of course, the power of friendship. These are the things that make Fairy Tail, well, Fairy Tail.

Oh and be sure to watch the post-credits scene! It got me really hyped for the next season of Fairy Tail. I seriously can't wait~

Story: 4/10
Art: 9/10
Sound: 8/10
Character: 8/10
Enjoyment: 6/10
Overall: 7/10