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Tokyo Ghoul

Alternative Titles

English: Tokyo Ghoul
Synonyms: Tokyo Kushu, Toukyou Kushu, Toukyou Ghoul
Japanese: 東京喰種-トーキョーグール-


Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jul 4, 2014 to Sep 19, 2014
Premiered: Summer 2014
Broadcast: Fridays at 00:00 (JST)
Licensors: Funimation
Studios: Studio Pierrot
Source: Manga
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)


Score: 7.961 (scored by 823,104 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #6272
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #6
Members: 1,277,944
Favorites: 34,558


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Sep 18, 2014
bad3ip420 (All reviews)

It has always intrigued me how zombies or flesh eating humans has not made much of a presence in the anime industry. There were shows like Highschool of the Dead (and that turned into a fanservice horsecrap), Hellsing (mostly vampires but there was and an arc which featured great zombie actions), Sankarea (which mainly focuses on romance and hope), Ore was zombie desu ka (which was quite an oddity but its one of those shows that I can watch for pure stupid fun!), and a couple more. read more
Sep 22, 2014
Micsupreeme (All reviews)
As a non-manga reader of the original Tokyo Ghoul, i am going to base my review purely on this animated title.

I feel that this show has a brilliant array of aspects to it it, the combat is very gripping and intense, there is violence, a significant amount of it which heightens the viewer's engagement with the situation, generally i'd say that these 12 episodes are very emotive and dramatic, which is shown very cleverly as becomes more obvious towards the end.

Dipping into the story for the first time is a bit of a shocker, and a lot to take in, but throughout, this anime will read more
Mar 14, 2015
Tatsuya-kun (All reviews)
Tokyo Ghoul was easily one of the most hyped titles in 2014.
That's an undeniable fact. The manga got lots of attention before and all the fans were happy to see their new favourite thing animated. But oh boy were they disappointed when it started airing.

The animation in general was, for 2014 standards, below average for the most part. Certain visual effects, such as the Kagunes were well-done The character figures were a mix of good and bad, with the good ones leaving memorable expressions on the viewer and the bad ones being stereotypical character designs everybody will have forgotten about in a week. The backgrounds, read more
Sep 19, 2014
jambol (All reviews)
Tokyo Ghoul is one of the most popular shows of the summer. Adapted from a popular manga, Tokyo Ghoul is set in an alternate reality in which beings called ghouls exist. Ghouls appear to be normal humans, but possess superhuman strength and survive by feeding on humans. Kaneki Ken is a college student who unwittingly receives the organs of a ghoul during an emergency transplant. Tokyo Ghoul follows Kaneki's new life as a half-human, half-ghoul.

I was instantly intrigued by Tokyo Ghoul and the first episode did a nice job of sucking me in. I was prepared for a dark, gritty thrill-ride. Unfortunately, Tokyo Ghoul did read more
Nov 3, 2015
jedman (All reviews)
OK I had to write this review as all I saw on this page was a load of reviews with really low scores which is bizarre as this anime is actually really good.

Some people claim that this anime is a bad adaptation of the manga which I completely disagree with. While this is not a perfect adaptation and some scenes have been changed around I do not think that this makes this Anime bad in any way. It is more like a slightly different take on the story which is still very good in its own right.

Having read the manga the manga and the read more
Nov 19, 2014
fortressgamer1 (All reviews)
I came in with a positive mindset, and went out with a negative one. I haven't read the manga, but I really felt like this could be the next best thing I was going to watch. But oh man I was wrong.

It isn't that bad actually, in fact the universe and concept is VERY well done, but just like SAO, it's excecuted more poorly than a backwards bowling shot. The series itself looks great, and the OP and ED sound awesome. However, the characters was what really ruined it for me.

Meet Kaneki, a boy who doesn't want to stop crying. Now I know that he's read more
Sep 19, 2014
AhmedAmin (All reviews)
Tokyo Ghoul is another fine example that animes are not for kids. The anime thrills you. They start with huge bang and ends with even bigger bang. The last episode leaves you begging for more. They lost momentum somewhere in between but its completely fine they made up for it with last episode that makes u scream with **** being tortured, question the world as **** speaks, and make u jump along with the action sequence.
Despite of the epicness i have mentioned there are some loopholes as well. If you haven't read the manga then its fine but if you have then you will read more
Sep 18, 2014
mercury1980 (All reviews)
Tokyo Ghoul is directed by Shuhei Morita which was based on a manga by Sui Ishida.

STORY (8):

The story follows Ken Kaneki, a college student who meets a woman named Rize Kamishiro at Anteiku, a coffee shop. They share an interest in literature and plan a date. However, Rize attacked Kaneki and it was revealed that Rize was a ghoul, human-like beast that feeds on human flesh. While Rize tries to kill Kaneki for good, she was crushed by a falling platform. Both Kaneki and Rize are sent to hospital. The doctor decided to transplant Rize's organs into Kaneki's. So from now on, Kaneki has to read more
Jun 11, 2015
Fragglepuss (All reviews)
Tokyo Ghoul will capture your attention with the captivating storyline in episode one, and will leave you interested throughout the series with its mixture of action, horror, and psychological concepts. The series will then end by leaving you thinking about the world of ghouls and humans, and who the monster really is. Are ghouls in the wrong for simply wanting to survive? Are humans right to exterminate the ghouls because the ghouls are killing people? There are so many questions you will be asking yourself as you watch this series.

An interesting aspect of the series was the use of weapons in the form of “Kagune”. read more
May 15, 2015
kasigah (All reviews)
I love this show. I hate the second season, but I love this show. Now, as a warning, I'm aware of the manga, I'm aware that it's supposed to be better, but I have not read it yet. So, no manga bias in any direction going forward. Let's go everybody!

Story : 8
Tokyo Ghoul's story is very character driven, and at some points it even feels a little like... I don't want to say slice of life, but there are a couple of moments. The biggest theme of Tokyo Ghoul is that of Identity Crisis, something I think was very well done here. In addition, this read more
Jun 28, 2016
ThatCrazyElitist (All reviews)
"Tokyo Ghoul is so deep and mature!"
- A random pretentious edgy 12-year-old

After the ending of Attack on Titan, the anime community realized that they needed something to fill the void that was left behind. Another anime about humans vs. monsters, with beautiful music and visuals (aimed at 12-year-olds who believe that everything with blood is mature), but that in reality is just an advertisement for the way better manga was exactly what the community wanted. And then we got Tokyo Ghoul, one of the most overhyped anime I've ever seen. If you heard the fans talking about it, you almost believed that this was read more
Jun 23, 2015
lawlmartz (All reviews)
"All the suffering in this world is born from an individual's incompetence. The person who told me that was a real piece of shit." - Jason


This is the first part of my full Tokyo Ghoul review, and will be solely for the first season. I'm splitting them up because I felt it would be easier to follow and allow me to go into more detail about why this season is worthy of a decent score. This is NOT a manga review. Those have a place, and this is not it. I have not read the Tokyo Ghoul manga, but I have informed myself of where read more
Oct 30, 2014
Anime_Kami_Sama (All reviews)
This anime was eye-catching with its stunning visuals and also its brilliant opening.The opening was extremely detailed as it included the ghoul eyes in the ghouls reflections. Furthermore its opening sound track brilliantly executed by Yamada Yutaka and it also complimented the stunning art. However it had its downfall as there was a lack of development in the characters background, also it tried to introduce too much characters in 12 episodes. They could have improved this by focusing on the main chracters and by also showing Kaneki's inner conflict with Rise. In my opinion the best episodes were the first and last as both read more
Apr 4, 2015
Wingzerococ (All reviews)
Tokyo ghoul one of the most popular and hyped shows of 2014, but does it live up to its hype. No it doesn’t. The anime however popular it may be fell trap to one of the most common problems such as pacing issues and not enough character development.

Ok let’s look at the characters Kaneki ken a normal college student who gets implanted ghoul organs and is therefore a ghoul, creatures who must eat humans for food, and he fights to hold on to his humanity. Fairly interesting but if you think this is going to be great story with attack on titan-esque fights and animation read more
May 20, 2015
zerogoukki (All reviews)
As a stand-alone work, the Tokyo Ghoul anime is enjoyable, but it is lacking; it falls short in a few aspects that could make it truly great. So, if one is trying to choose between watching the anime OR reading the manga, the most fulfilling course of action would be to skip this and find chapter 1. The source material fills the gaps in the anime that prevent it from being more than just a fun thing to watch.
Now, onto the details:

Story - 7/10
It's tough for me to objectively rate the story of Tokyo Ghoul, the anime, without comparing it to the manga, but read more
Sep 19, 2014
BanjoTheBear (All reviews)
(This has been adapted from my reddit thread)

Most people hate being something they're not. "Just be yourself" is a common phrase used to express the feeling that, as a person, you should just act the way you normally do (within reason). But what happens when this type of mentality is challenged by those around you? Tokyo Ghoul aims to explore this idea by pitting the ghouls versus the humans and how they live their lives in co-existence.


Tokyo Ghoul stars Kaneki, a young high school student who, early on, takes an interest in another woman. However, during a freak accident, Kaneki is forced to become a read more
Sep 19, 2014
Runeblade (All reviews)
I have never written a review before but seeing lots of people giving this serie good votes and hyping like crazy fangirls, I felt the urge to write.

Where should I start?

Story: 2/10 "Pardon me?? Was there a story did I miss?"

Most of the episodes feels like they are arcs of themselves and have no connections at all. Plotlines just start to pop up out of nowhere and very bad written scripts don't help at all.

The last half was rushed and felt so empty. Characters were trying desperately to tell something but they failed miserably.

And for the last part it becomes like a DEUS EX read more
Mar 28, 2015
Republic (All reviews)
It set up really well to then leave the scene, and give the spotlight to the angsty pizza boy.

The show started out looking promising but failed to keep a good pacing. It gave one of the most forced and painfully pretentious protagonists I've seen.
It keeps trying to convince you you should like him, although his timid and naive nature is just too unconvincing. The show then wants you to believe his Jesus transformation syndrome, which is a thing that's always really corny but it's done really poorly here by not even having the story events really arc into this transformation and character development. Which read more
Jul 26, 2015
khunter (All reviews)
Everything problem in this entire anime stems from one simple fact: Too few episodes.

If this series were a 23 or 24 episode anime, actually hell, even a 16 episode series, this anime would be at least somewhere in the 200's on MAL & a definite better anime.

However, just to say before I continue, You should watch this series. It's incredibly entertaining and fascinating regardless of what i say or what anyone else says, because I'm going to be objective but i enjoyed this anime 10/10 so you shouldn't let anything anyone, including me, writes dissuade you. This anime is well worth it. read more
Sep 10, 2015
hinekure (All reviews)
This review goes for both seasons of Tokyo Ghoul (so far), and despite the fact that I don't think of Tokyo Ghoul as an anime that falls on the 'good' end of the spectrum, I will still be watching the third season. Why exactly? I don't really have a good reason. In fact, I expect to be asking myself why I am watching the third season of an anime I don't care about right up until I have finished the last episode.

* Note that I haven't read the manga, and even so, this is a review about the anime as a standalone work.

[potential minor spoilers read more