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lovelyphantom | 2 hours ago
Thank you!

Tohka_Yatogami | 5 hours ago
I agreed with you, the movie was okay.

Let's hope the manga will get a third season. I really want to see Dark Angeloids' arc being animated, it was the most epic arc that I ever read in the manga.

I think there may be a chance it will get a third movie.

Tohka_Yatogami | 6 hours ago
The second movie of Sora No Otoshimono was pretty disappointed and pretty rushed, isn't it? What's your opinion of it?

My opinion on it:

They skipped a lot of materials and some very epic moments in this movie. They also changed the plot too much! I found this was pretty frustrated.

The movie will be pretty confusing for those who did not read the manga. The ending was pretty emotional. That kiss scene between Ikaros x Tomoki was decent. Too bad, they have to end the movie that way.

TripleSRank | Yesterday, 8:14 PM
Also, if you don't mind, what are your thoughts on the importance of plotline in a SOL? I tend to prefer a solid plot or a decent amount of character development, which is probably why I like Space Brothers more than most other SOLs I've tried, but I'm not sure if I'm justified in counting a loose plot or semi-episodic format as a negative for other SOLs.

TripleSRank | Yesterday, 8:09 PM
Well, keeping in mind that pure SOLs aren't usually my sort of thing, I've been pleasantly surprised. The pacing is slow, but fitting. The characters are well developed with believable goals and backstories. The comedy is excellent: I don't usually care for typical over-the-top anime-style comedy, but in this it's more subdued and, again, believable.

My favorite part so far has to be the dynamic between Mutta and Hibito, though. Though they have obvious character contrasts, and there is a subtle tension between the two, I think best example that I've seen is the contrast between the dog park scenes in episodes 5 and 23. The reversal of positions was interesting, especially considering how strong the change was. At first, Mutta was totally down and out, but by episode 23 he's almost like a new person, despite retaining most of his original characteristics. I wrote about the contrast a little in the episode 23 discussion.

I'm enjoying it quite a bit so far. Is there anything in particular that stood out to you up to where I am in the show (episode 35, at the time of this post)?

suprhiro | Yesterday, 7:34 PM

superzarop | Yesterday, 6:45 PM
So was that sentence something that I should know? I still have no clue what you were trying to say :S

I'm not sure what you mean by relationship dynamics; I thought that their relationships were much more volatile in the first season. The second season feels less character based and more focused on swimming. While the themes weren't so apparent in the beginning, it's now delving into what swimming means for each of the characters, and whether its worth the sacrifice that they're putting in. Shota-kun struggled with juggling studies and swimming, Rei-kun with his lack of talent in swimming, Sousuke with his injuries, and swimming for fun vs swimming for a future. Sadly, none of these are even remotely novel in sports anime, so S2 really lacks the inspiration that S1 had, IMO. It's obvious KyoAni is just milking the cash cow.

I agree with what you say about Sousuke though. He feels less stereotyped and more like a living individual than the other characters.

Wow do you write some reviews and then store them for later? :O You must be really fast at it now then. Why didn't you post it straight away?

superzarop | Yesterday, 4:32 PM
Ofc I remember you, you're like the biggest celebrity on MAL.

>and was quite interestingly written with written with your words of choice
Uh I think you made a typo here, so I'm not sure what you mean.

As for the sequel, I'd say it lacks much of what made Season 1 enjoyable. The red thread of Rin's friendship with the other 3 boys was present right from the beginning. It was then developed and concluded in pretty much a perfectly melodramatic ending. Season 2 lacks a focus while introducing more irrelevant characters, and there's little excitement to be anticipated. Sousuke is fine, but the rest of the new cast (including Ai who only entered the spotlight in S2) is real lackluster.

Anyway, I found S1 to be quite enjoyable while not being brilliant or anything, and S2 to be a big disappointment. I guess I don't need to ask you what you think about S1, since you've got a review on it soon. Are you not going to wait until S2 ends to post a review for both?

Peinuzumaki95 | Yesterday, 2:51 PM
Hello Stark, I don't talk to you that often but I have a quick question. Judging by your list you don't drop shows that often. Do you usually complete everything you watch? And would you drop a show after episode 3 even though it would have 24 episodes total?

infactuation21 | 08-31-14, 11:34 PM

GL Addicts!
Club Page!

Akanezora | 08-31-14, 10:06 PM
It's quite interesting, the pompadour of the front guy reminds me of Josuke, I can't really tell if this is a Spin Off based on DIU (years later) or a completely new work, hell, pretty excited anyway.

SteveN2 | 08-31-14, 11:58 AM
What site do you use to watch new anime episodes so quickly? Or do you live in Japan?

Tohka_Yatogami | 08-31-14, 10:50 AM
Which do you prefer more, Yandere or Tsundere girls?

Mahadev_Shiki | 08-30-14, 8:35 PM

This is so irritating, looks like MAL got hacked AGAIN.

Antearion | 08-30-14, 6:29 PM
Yea I think she is also unconscious, but I think that's to normal for this anime. I feel like she might have amnesia. I think that would explain why the Aldnoah drive lost power. I wonder what they are going to do with Rayet.

Yea I also think they will meet at the end of the season, but how? Because right now he is with Saazbaum and now we now know he wants revenge on the royals. So I don't think he will let Slaine escape.

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