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View Poll Results: Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kira Episode 1 Discussion
5 out of 5: Loved it!
62 21.53%
4 out of 5: Liked it
45 15.63%
3 out of 5: It was OK
65 22.57%
2 out of 5: Disliked it
37 12.85%
1 out of 5: Hated it
79 27.43%
Voters: 288

07-22-11, 11:54 AM

Joined: Oct 2010
Posts: 10142
OMG! It started and I was so happy at Rika in the following,

along with some nice ass shaking from her in the spoiler
who can go wrong.

I would be freaked out shitless with how everyone was in the following,

The phone cabin was scary indeed but I did like that everyone saved Keiichi from Miyo in the spoiler
especially one of the twins with that AK-47.

The episode itself should be considered as a joke with entertain value and so the elements in the list is what made it fun.

  • Hanyuu’s water blasting in the spoiler
    was fan service fantastic considering it revealed her skin and parts that were not ecchi but just right for the imagination. This is my 2nd favorite part in this episode.

  • OMG @ the seeing these 3 guys makes me happy! Especially Ooishi. Considering one of them did a good imagination of Reina in the spoiler
    when you think it has the the cream gag on Reina's breasts, well my ecchi side sure though of other things.

  • I creamed myself and my body was not ready for teasing of Miyo in the spoiler
    + that dress! Most of all imagine your thing instead of the flute being sucked here by Miyo and you have your answer as to why I was not ready.

  • The whole food eating of the twins in the spoiler
    where one eats of the other. Was total killer! I would totally be like the guys here! Like totally!

  • Satoko’s fan service in the spoiler
    was hnnnnnnnnngggggg! Especially when she was washing Keiichi’s back.

  • Chie being on top and being drawn in the spoiler
    was so good fan service considering you can see her panties linings and some ass shaking from her, there is nothing not to regret in what perverted stuff that produced on me.

  • The whole baseball thing with Irie in the spoiler
    was just plain hilarious when you think how Keiichi was shown with his outfit.

  • OMG I did not want Satoshi x Keiichi BL scene in the spoiler
    it was not something I appreciate but for girls this might be something nice.

About the ED, the ED gives us some very nice poses of the female characters being in their yukata such as one of the twins in the spoiler
whom I find very nice. In that, the ED is nice.

About preview, the next episode looks to be more serious yet I cannot quite be sure if it’s part of the real story or just another parody of something. At least it looks way more serious than this episode. I wonder if they will do like the last OVA format in which the first episode was a joke and the other 3 were serious shit. Well it fun to see all the cast of this series once again. I am therefore happy in regards to that.
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07-22-11, 12:41 PM

Joined: Nov 2008
Posts: 15636
I loved the Mion Body sushi, especially with Shion licking it, so lilicious and wincestious. The Rika ass window washing was funny. Hanayuu's scene was a disappointment though with all the fanservice couldn't Kenchi have tripped and landed on her or something that can produce actual ecchi. Also it was a bad scene for a wet scene, anything would have been better for it except a shrine maiden scene. The nosebleeds from the Satoko bath scene were epic.

This was the fanservice episode, the next is a magic girl episode, love Rika and Satoko's outfits. Looks like there may be some good violent scenes in that one too bad it's 2 months away.


07-22-11, 1:25 PM

Joined: Oct 2010
Posts: 10142
Hoppy said:
episode, the next is a magic girl episode, love Rika and Satoko's outfits.
Yeah I like them too from their looks.
Hoppy said:
Looks like there may be some good violent scenes in that one too bad it's 2 months away.
2 months? That sucks TBH.

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07-23-11, 8:18 AM

Joined: Jun 2006
Posts: 660
The ecchi parts were not as bad as made out to be from previews or maybe it was just me... Oh gosh the Shmion scene reminded me of the Hen Zemi OVA. I really liked the remix of "Ai" BGM, I wonder if there will be an OST for Kira *o* I laughed so much in this episode.

The Takano & Keiichi scene reminded me of a dream I had once. Exact same thing except scenery was somewhere else in the school (some dark place) and Keiichi had a dog collar. xD;;

Animation wise, I think it was better than Rei actually.

I loved how they parodied Onikakushi-hen. Dem troll faces lolol. Keiichi's monologue. xD


Can't wait for episode 2! So psyched!~ Magical Girl Rika and Tuxedo Mask-esque Keiichi? I hope they work together! *o*

07-23-11, 8:41 AM

Joined: Jan 2009
Posts: 5058
Well, watching this solely for Shion and Mion. They're always so full of win.
Just sayin'.

>Tomitake fantasizing about Rika washing windows with her butt in some cosplay outfit
This kind of trips my lolicon alert.

Oh Mion, you so crazy.
Also, dat Takano.

And ED's crap.
Speaking of which, OP is quite crappy too, but it's strangely catchy.

Actually, it's amusing how I find this much better than the original series.
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07-23-11, 10:05 AM

Joined: Aug 2009
Posts: 2127
They started the episode with Shion's delicious cackle laugh. Oh, how I've missed it. <3
And lol, Tokitake fantasizing about Rika washing windows with her ass in a cosplay outfit. Oh Tomitake, you lolicon.

Tomitake said:
Sasuga mad scientist Houoin Kyouma Irie!

All of these batsugemu are so full of win. Takano-san, HNNNNNNNGH. Dat voice, Itou Miki, I've missed you so much. <3

Next episode we'll get a Puella Magi parody... Looking forward to it!
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07-23-11, 11:16 AM

Joined: Nov 2007
Posts: 1877
Not nearly enough Shmion.


#1 ironic shipposter
07-23-11, 11:25 AM

Joined: Jul 2010
Posts: 2151
I could definitely tell it was one of those episodes despite not watching original series. I loved the body sushi part.
07-23-11, 12:20 PM

Joined: Dec 2007
Posts: 142
The side of me that absolutely loves the story brought on by the visual novels and first two seasons of the anime hated this, whereas the male, testosterone-driven side of me loved it.

07-23-11, 8:36 PM

Joined: Oct 2010
Posts: 882
Even though i did not like Rei, i strangely enjoyed Kira (and this is coming from a girl). it was especially funny when Satoshi just popped out of nowhere and then they had bunny suits on. I also like Rika's line: "It's unfogiveable! Nipah~!"
I didn't realize how much i had missed Mion/Shion's laugh until i heard it in the begining. And Takano's voice was nice to hear. Everyone's voices were nice to hear, saying new lines and such!
I don't usually like stuff like this, but i did like this ep a lot. 7/10

(also, the art has improved much much more from Rei) ^^
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07-23-11, 10:31 PM

Joined: Mar 2009
Posts: 1145

Haha alright, it was okay. I wish it had more of the Higurashi comedy feeling, but instead it feels like a different show. That's the source of my dissapointment - the fanservice was alright, but it just wasn't funny. Even though I didn't think Rei was very good, it did have me laughing a few times. In this first episode of Kira I wasn't even close to laughing. (The OP doesn't count. That did make me laugh because it's so different from the past ones. XD)

XxshizxX said:
Where can I watch this? :..

If you don't feel like downloading, the raw is on Youtube...
07-24-11, 3:34 AM

Joined: Aug 2008
Posts: 47
I'm not too happy about the fanservice (Because I am a girl) But I'm definitely excited to see Keiichi in his maid outfit in it! :)
07-24-11, 5:36 AM

Joined: Oct 2008
Posts: 216
What the hell did I watch?!
07-24-11, 6:42 AM

Joined: Nov 2010
Posts: 72
This is, by far, the most shocking episode I've seen in the entire franchise.

My favorite part of this episode:

Imagine my horror when I realised that the subbed version of this episode was released a mere ONE day after I gave up waiting and watched it raw. *NERDRAGE*

Am currently downloading the subbed episode; Will add more thoughts on the episode later (It's one hella ecchi-eccentric episode).
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07-24-11, 7:22 AM

Joined: Jul 2010
Posts: 294
I...honestly don't know what to say, other then Rena looked damn hot in that maid outfit (but I swear, her breasts weren't that big.)

That was ALMOST as weird as the first episode of Rei, and it's just gonna get weirder. I'm hoping to see at least one episode of murder, but so far it's alright, I guess. It's still nice to see Higurashi again.
07-24-11, 3:24 PM

Joined: Jan 2010
Posts: 62
Just watched the Raw Version (and I'm not good in Japanese).
Omg. . . the scene with Satoshi and Keiichi . . .they are so cute together :3
Ahm . . .
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07-24-11, 7:08 PM

Joined: Sep 2007
Posts: 197
Hell I already knew it but I'm kinda sad there isn't really any plot...
OH WELL it was worth it just for that delicious bath scene with Satoko!! :D
07-24-11, 7:41 PM

Joined: Jan 2011
Posts: 2933
07-24-11, 8:20 PM

Joined: Aug 2007
Posts: 956
Mitsukai- said:
The side of me that absolutely loves the story brought on by the visual novels and first two seasons of the anime hated this, whereas the male, testosterone-driven side of me loved it.


My thoughts on this episode. Come on focus on something else on the later eps. Please?
07-24-11, 8:42 PM

Joined: Apr 2011
Posts: 388
Amaya-no-Hime said:
Not nearly enough Shmion.

Not nearly enough of anyone, really. It was pretty much just Keiichi. And a few figments of his imagination. I don't mind Keiichi, but I wouldn't have minded maybe a bit more Rena. As well as all the other characters without ecchi implications.

I mean, I didn't really walk into this with high expectations or anything, but I expected at least a little comedy or something. Just ecchi. Nothing but ecchi. Boring.

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