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05-10-15, 7:15 PM
Cambridge, MA
August 11, 2010
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Raim | 05-09-15, 7:00 PM
I have not logged in ages, and apparently, neither have you. How's it going, man?

Raim | 10-02-14, 12:23 PM
I start classes this Tuesday once again. Last season of Korra starts this Friday, so I would recommmend watching the series if you can. It's awesome.

Have 3 series that I plan on watching this season (anime):
Psycho-Pass S2.
Fate S/N remake.
Gundam: BF S2.

Plan on watching the Flash when it starts too.

Raim | 08-31-14, 11:06 PM
Negativo, I've never seen it. Web-series, right?

Right now I only watched Korra, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Just one more season left, year of wait.

Raim | 07-13-14, 11:18 PM
The movie is set right before the start of the series (and was released before), so it is best to start there. And yeah, it was crazy to watch 110 eps in two weeks, but it was worth it. I've been basically watching lots of stuff on each of my vacations (since I don't really watch anything or log on during my time at uni). I'll start classes this Wednesday again, so I won't watch anything except Korra on a weekly basis.

And yeah! No shame in having S;G at the top. Okabe is definitely my favorite character from any anime and manga too. He stays at the top.

I'd suggest Avatar: TLA (the first series), since it's shorter (61 eps), and you can catch up with Korra later on. Avatar's awesome, and it gets better through each season. It's more fair in nature, contrary to LotGH, so they're different mediums to compare. LotGH is still worth watching, and I would call it even a greater favorite, but Avatar is a more "enjoyable" watch in terms of sheer entertainment and length. LotGH's length is justified though.

Raim | 07-13-14, 10:31 PM
I get you; it took me two weeks of watching to finish LotGH, but I never regret it. All-time favorite, and only through sheer favoritism S;G mantains the first spot of my top 5, but believe, LotGH is right up there. The best order is to watch this movie:
And then watch the 110 ep series. If you ever do, that is.

Whatever floats your boat, man, so no worries.

The Avatar series is one of the best cartoons of this generation. If you ever get around to watching it, watch Avatar first and then Korra. Since you like X-Men, I'm sure you would enjoy the first season of Korra. The good thing about Korra is that each season has a different adventure, so it's a new story each time. Avatar: TLA is more of a centered story, but that doesn't diminish it; it works well for it and it's also a fantastic watch.

Do tell when you start of those series though (Avatar and LotGH); I'm up for hearing your thoughts on them.

Raim | 07-13-14, 10:07 PM
Champloo's still in my top 5; really awesome show indeed. I haven't watched much stuff lately. The last thing I watched and really, REALLY liked was "Legend of the Galactic Heroes". That is awesome.

And actually, the ending of Penguindrum was what pretty much what I liked the most from the series. There were things I didn't like in the series itself, but the ending was fairly fitting IMO. You might understand if you finish it, since you also like Steins;Gate like I do. If anything, I'd recommend finishing the series if you had already started it.

I've been watching more cartoons lately actually. I finished all of the Justice League (and Unlimited), and that was amazing. Makes me sad there aren't cartoon shows that good anymore; only one I'm really enjoying right now is Korra.

Raim | 07-13-14, 3:48 PM
So you also watched "Mawaru Penguindrum"? Looks like we gave it the same score; makes me feel a bit better considering I didn't like it as much as some other people.

Raim | 07-02-14, 8:09 PM
Negativo, I have never read it. I haven't read anything in months either, though I checked and it's only 15 chapters, right? Seems like something I could pick up someday in a breeze.

Any more that you can tell me about it? Plot wise, etc.

Raim | 04-09-14, 8:32 PM
Thanks. I'll add it to my PTR.

Start with the movie:

Then watch the main series, and if you like it, watch the prequel series afterwards.

Raim | 04-06-14, 7:16 PM
Oh, and make sure to watch "Legend of the Galactic Heroes". I know it's 110 eps, but it's worth it.

Raim | 03-27-14, 7:24 PM
So good to hear that. Yotsubato!, is it that one?

Raim | 03-27-14, 11:59 AM
First trimester finished; recommended Monster to several people, and three of them started watching it. Two of them have already finished, and both of them loved it, specially the first person.

Makes me happy.

Raim | 01-10-14, 7:59 PM
Ah, well, you've been reading more comics from what I've seen. Any bit of activity is always appreciated. I've been reading less manga and more comics nowadays. And some users just talk about TV shows or sports anyways.

Do tell what you think of Anilist. You can even sport your MAL series through an XML file.

Raim | 01-10-14, 11:39 AM
So how's it going, Chess? I took a long break from forums last year, but I've been more active lately. Haven't seen you at Anico either, so I was wondering if you've been busy or something.

We've been having some changes at the site too, so if you do return, you'll see the structure is changing, for the better.

BTW, have you checked the site Anilist? It's like MAL but with a more modern look.

Raim | 12-16-13, 7:12 PM
The great Hououin Kyouma is the main reason as to why I like S;G. I really like Kurisu too, but she's mostly the MC of the movie. Still, their relationship was handled well in the movie.

Okabe is my favorite character from any series, but Rurouni Kenshin will always have a special place in my heart. Kenshin, Soujiro, and Enishi are characters that will probably always remain in my top 10. But in overall, yes, the characters from RuroKen I like more than S;G.

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