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I don't like random friend requests.
What I do like, however, is Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn. So if you're on the Moogle server on the Chaos data center, send me a tell on Hara Arkwright. Don't have an active subscription right now though. Planning to get back to it when I get some other stuff sorted out.
Also spontaneously playing Valkyrie Crusade on my phone, send me a friend request with my ID: 5jaht.
Though I'm wasting more of my time on School Idol Festival now. ID: 512952945
Actually, don't send friend requests on School Idol, because stupid game doesn't let me register more than 20 friends.

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ShinKozato | 5 hours ago
Hm, true but there ARE many who can play good :3

Oh yeah people like that piss me off e.e
Like when I played Clash of Clans (many German ppl play it xD) and I'm not that advanced with my equip and such they said that I'm bad at it and should stop it. I thought "WHY THE HELL YOU'RE HAVING A PROBLEM?! I JUST STARTED THAT SHIT!" xD

Really? From the 1-6 ep it was kinda boring for me... but is it really good? Only the brocon disturbs me...
Always hating that xD Conversation is dying, dunno what to do next xD

ShinKozato | Today, 1:24 AM
Yeah, unfortunately xP

My brother said that Koreans "learn" or are "coached" by adults so they'll get better or smth like that o.o
Well, I think that's a strategy game from my PoV. It's not like that it IS a strategy game.
The fucks wrong with him? Ò.ó As if newbie has to be THIS good e.e Such ppl piss me off, like "You're so bad that you're hindering us, so I'll kick you out". There're a lot of ppl like that in LoL too o.o Was playing with some classmates (all males xD) and there was someone who told a classmate of mine to go top (Champ was Garren I think) and he just ignored him and afterwards he leaved the game. -.- You know that there are ppl who don't think that games aren't just games, it's like that when you lose you'll think your life is worthless... I think so.
That's how I imagine ppl who're like that.

To be honest, I actually wanted to watch Mahouka but when I was watching it I got sooooooo bored e.e Though it looks so good and I also like the OP of it xd
I often see how it looks and then the story or I give a shit about the story and just watch it cuz it looks good xD
The same goes for the VNs :3

Fayetta | Yesterday, 5:53 PM
Ah I see (: Yeah I bet so. Ah right, that's a shame, I guess I'll just see how it goes when I do try it out c:

Yeah there's quite a few I want to see. Ah I know what you mean, I'm kind of like that with some anime and video games, they can hold my attention for a bit but I can get bored really easily ;n; That's probably why I find it difficult to finish some anime and games. >-<;

ShinKozato | Yesterday, 7:05 AM
That's really good. Just imagine you use Ensemble, Oracle and all other cards who give 200%-300% ATT it would be reeeeaaallly good xd

Haha, me too. I watch Animes (Japanese), hear music (Korean+Chinese+Vietnamese).
I know that that's a 'job' (my brother told me about) but I thought a pro gamer would be someone who's good at playing games. And I mean really good. For example Koreans o:
Hahaha, I would think like that too but I'm not good at ego-shooter D: Though I tried a few games: S4 League (PC) + Metal Gear Solid (3DS). Nothing more... I guess. But I'm not the type of person who plays 'mainstream games' like AC, CoD, LoL (played a few matches), BF etc.

Wow, but mostly MANY and I mean MANY ppl play LoL cuz they like to play strategy games, want to beat them up or just enjoy it... But many ppl don't just enjoy this game, they're so obsessed that they want to win everytime and just flame someone who's bad at it, like a rookie who plays it for the FIRST time and just put all the blame on the person =.= Hate dat!

Thanks a lot! But to remember ALL of it, it would be pretty take a long time xD

Hahaha, yeah! Hey, hey, you don't have to watch it if I say that's good. That's MY opinion xD I just wanted to watch it cuz it looks "good" (only the eyes disturbs me or in another way it looks cute) it's not THAT stupid like K-ON! but I think like that dancing 'Yosakoi' is like giving up their dreams? I would say it like that though I'm not sure of it. But from your PoV I think you wouldn't enjoy it that much.

ShinKozato | Yesterday, 5:04 AM
Oh yeah, you said you like Music Animes right? Do you watch Hanayamata? I quite enjoy it though it's kinda boring for me but I enjoy the OP (makes me wanna dance too XD)

ShinKozato | Yesterday, 4:21 AM
Okay that's good because I thought that all buffers are only going to buff ONE time and not more.

Ah okay, I see. I'm kinda pissed when I see someone types sooo slow and I just wonder when is he finished?! xD

That's a loooooong time then D:
My native language is German but my mother's language is Vietnamese which I'm not good at.
I played games in English since I've started it (7 years ago it was with Audition-Time) but I think I actually started playing video games is when I was 7 years old :D
I've been liking video games ever since that day xD It's really fun though I'm not good at strategy games Dx
But some of my classmates said to me that I'm a Pro-Gamer, which isn't true at all! Maybe it was because I won against him when I played this game (dunno which one) for the first time xd
Aww, Pokémon~ Brings back memories, like FF, KH, ToZ :3

Ops, but now I'm 2 years younger than him but soon 1 year xd Hahaha, the same goes for me. My sis is taller than me though it doesn't annoy me cuz I like being small :3 Like that I'm not treated as old :P Er... yeah I mean m not cm XDD Sry, my bad D:
Haha, that's also true! Meaning it doesn't matter if you're tall or small you're still fucked up XDD
Does your brother have some tastes like you, if I may ask? Like Anime, Manga, LN & VN like us?

Yeah seeing your awesome smileys again xD Looks just nice with them though I also like to use them but I don't like copying it EVERY time e.e

As you can see I still don't know what I'll do with my future... D:

ShinKozato | 07-29-14, 12:29 PM
Hey, but at least over 100k dmg. But the stupid thing is when you want to buff a card and it isn't the card you expected you're so fucked up xd

Epicness and beautifulness xD Dunno if the word exists xDDD
Hahaha, I can imagine that. But it looks much more sillier when someone types with 1 finger or 2 XDD 1 Finger on each hand :P
Well, maybe I can type so fast because I've been using the PC for 7 years so I know where I type xD It's really convenient, when for example you work somewhere you have to deal with computers and have to write an essay about the topic you had and then you can type it fast than looking at the keyboard for EACH damn one xD

5 years... then it must be about 10 semester?! o.o
I still don't know what I'm gonna do with my future... next year I'll graduate and I still don't know WHAT exactly I want to do. First is becoming a Game-Designer, which is going to be REALLY hard, or Video-Editor I make vids (which aren't good, still a noob at it XD) but it's really fun, or something about Media-Informa-- wait, I just seached the word Informatic (if it really exists and it DOES exist XDD And then I also see that Information Technology has the same meaning... Ooh thanks for adding one more vocabulary to my spoke treasure - also searched for it XD)
Okay to sum it up:
1. Game-Designer
2. Video-Editor
3. Media-Information Technology
4. English
I don't think learning English is good but I REEEEEAAAALLLLYYY like English as you can see, I think I'm much better at it than German XD The're sooo MANY words I don't know and don't understand at all... D':
I've been playing all games in English since I've started playing games. It's much easier for me to understand than German, to be honest. :P

Then he is 16? o: Well, it's obvious XD I turn 17 tomorrow in 1 month then :D But I still do look like a 14 year old girl... Cuz of my height, I'm about 1.50cm but surely between 1.50-1.55cm not that tall but I still, even when I get older, want to be small cuz I don't want to look down on other ppl (my neck'll hurt xD)
But to be about 1.60cm would be fine by me :D

Wow, that's a BIG difference...
I also read the Manga but I'm still stuck at Vol.3 cuz it's boring for me xD Like, Beatrice is the questioner and Battler is the detective xD Actually it's nice with mystery but I think I don't like it cuz it's either complicated and I don't understand or it's just boring. Though I have to click A LOT DX

ShinKozato | 07-29-14, 9:05 AM
Oh yeah, Oracle freakin op then :D

Okay, you've got a point there. I agree with you, I was wondering why many ppl like SnK o: It's not like that's bad or something like that but from my PoV it's not the BEST of the animes. The music is FREAKING AWESOME/EPIC and the fights too! But sometimes I wonder... WHY THE HELL IS GOING ON NOW?!
That's really good about the anime, which I was kinda reliefed. I thought it's going to be really hard to understand.
When I watched it I watched it from 4pm till next morning - 3am and then I was totally worn out. I was almost sleeping and then my brother came and said to me said I should come here (living room) and watch now cuz it's going to be epic (ep 11 or 12)
Ops, I'm sry o-o Maybe I just didn't realized that I wrote rotting instead of rooting. I type "fast" (10 fingers) so I don't realize what I write xD Many ppl (in my class) says that I can type really fast while they use 2 fingers or 1 or 4 XDD What about your uni? Wait... you're a worker now am I right? Cuz our age difference is about 6 years, which means you're 23 (I'm turning 17 next month) right?

Er... to put it simple, it's a part of the main genre? Like you said "Comedy" the sub-genres are sketches, sitcoms and slapstick comedy.
WHAT? Then I just can skip this shit then! xP
It was sooooo freaking boring -.- I was just clicking and clicking and clicking like a idiot! :c
Wanna see people die XDD So it's getting better (VN)

AmberFebruary | 07-29-14, 6:06 AM
have you tried reading TE's manga?

and i'm just glad the action in AgK is also consistently good, i like the manga-ish touch to finishing sequences

ShinKozato | 07-29-14, 4:50 AM
Okay, thanks for letting me know :3

Yeah, unfortunately D: Just imagine Lilim buffs Oracle and Chocodevil also buffs Oracle. Oracle is gonna be op xDDD

I also got bored but I just wanted to finish it. Sometimes it was really funny and sometimes it was confusing like WHY THE HELL ARE THEY DOING THIS? WHAT'S NOW THE STORY?! o.o
Why is Madoka Magica overrated?
Really, I thought that Steins;Gate is gonna be complicated (theories) but they explained it easiert han I expected o:
That's good cuz I'm not an intelligent person xDD
Steins;Gate is really good (and funny ofc) but it took the sooo long to get to chap 4 (I had to replay it cuz I was playing on my laptop before but then I cannot play it I played it on the PC)
With the sending emails and "answering" it was kinda complicated to me... when you don't know how to reply.
Well I don't know which couple I'm rotting for... Many say Tomoyo, Kyo or Nagisa. (pairing with Tomoya)

Thanks but what do you mean by sub-genre? I don't get it... sry D:
I also have this game but another one (Umineko no Naku Koro ni) it looks MUCH better than this one and I also have Chiru.
I played the beginning of it and I didn't read ALL of it. It was TOO long and it was boring (for me) and just clicked and clicked and still I'm not at the part where they're killed. D:
I'm still at the prologue so I haven't heard many 'voices'.

Yep, that's true~

Okay, don't worry bout that ^^ (it's been a long time since I used this smiley)

Fayetta | 07-29-14, 3:52 AM
Ha ha, true true! :3

Awws, well from what you've said it sounds really good! Thank you, I hope so too! It seems interesting so far so that's a plus c: Wow, I see, so they were just a cameo then? c: That's cool that they put them in along with background tracks! I've just looked up on Tokyo ESP, that looks like an interesting series too, I'll have to give that a try sometime! ^_^ The manga looks so pretty :o

Same here, there's quite a few films I want to watch, I'd like to given Se7en a try with Brad Pitt in it, apparently it's good. The plot seems pretty cool! =D Aww bless, maybe you'll find it hidden about somewhere? c: I have Blazing Saddles on VHS from when I had recorded it from TV years ago, I've still got it somewhere in my cupboard with my high school writing scribbled on it xD

AmberFebruary | 07-28-14, 9:11 PM
well i too don't normally watch sports anime, but Haikyuu is like the epitome of sports anime since Slam Dunk,that's how good it is

btw, I dropped Tokyo ESP, couldn't enjoy it anymore

and I liked the latest ep of Akame ga Kill, the animation is consistently good

ShinKozato | 07-28-14, 12:40 PM
That's true, the same when someone says that violence don't solve problems.
Oh yeah, but I really prefer Yuri than Yaoi as you see xD Not that hardcore and the animation... the ANIMATION! The chin looks so strange xd
It's really bothering me...
But another Manga I really like is "Watashi ni xx Shinasai" at least the chin isn't 'square-shaped' xD (well, for adults)
I plan reading it and I also read Sakura Kiss (is it the name) and I REALLY prefer Yuri than Yaoi.
I'm NOT a Fujioshi!! But I'm an ERO GAMER!! XDD That's a fact! xd
Oh yeah, gj then~
Okay, thanks for not spoiling me though I read a LOT of spoilers xD
I got it, because that's over 4 volumes so far. But to be honest when I watch SAO I the first half of it they can just let it end there and make a second season (ALO) and then a third (PB) but I think that doesn't that much of a sense... I think.
Ah, and what about Mother's Rosario and Early and Late? Is that also good?
At least I downloaded the whole Volumes of SAO so far and transferred it onto my phone so I can read it the whole time~
I also have a lot to read =-= (Teasers+Chapter 1)

Fuck dat shit! -.-
What skill does Lilim have? Buffer, Healer or what?

Uh-huh, I can imagine that when you already watched the Anime of it (LB!) but it was kinda boring with the "Let's make a Baseball Team!".
But it's good that they said WHY it's like that.
For example... you watch 'Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica' and at the last episodes they tell you why it happened and such.
When I watched Steins;Gate I was going: "WHHHHAAATTT?" because I'm reeeeaaallly stupid and didn't understand why's like that and all and at the half of it I was going: "Omg, it's so good and I wanna watch more!" and a few eps after that: "Oh! Now I know why's like that!"
At least they clarified it in an EASY way, because I REALLY thought that they explain it really hard to understand...
I started watching Kanon but I immediately stopped watching it after 3 eps cuz it was boring and I didn't want to watch any further but I think I'll watch it to the end... some day.
But really~ When I watched Clannad I WASN'T CRYING! T^T I didn't know why! But I haven't cried... D:

What is per se? I thought 'per Scence' or smth like that o:
For me the most important things about VNs are:
1. Art
2. Story
3. Music (BG+OP+ED)
That's ALL I need. Though many prefer the story but Art is also important cuz when it' just crappy drawings and has a good story I don't think someone would like to play that o-o

I'm not that far with LB! But it took me 7h (!) till chap 4 of Steins;Gate -.-
It was REEEAAALLLY long but I really needed the walkthrough so I used it cuz replying to the emails wasn't that easy when you forgot what happened in the Anime.
Many ppl say that when you play a game it's better to play it without a walkthrough because if you play without it you have MUCH more fun solving these problems all by yourself. I also think like that but I don't want to get a bad end so~ XDD

ShinKozato | 07-28-14, 10:28 AM
What? How the hell is it possible? o:
I also have a lot of animes I want to watch but don't have the time or don't want to watch it xd
Nice theory you've got there but it's true. It's like... when you watch Yuri and I would find it disturbing and while I watch Yaoi YOU would find it disturbing... it's almost the same, right?
If I'm right...
But to be honest I don't really like Yaoi cuz it's more "hardcore" than Yuri. For example when I read a Yaoi I would think "WHAT THE FUCK?" and when I read Yuri "Aww, that looks cute!" I think it's because how it's drawn? An example would be for Yaoi "Love Stage!" (I read that but I don't think that's a aww-how-cute-story) and "Yuru Yuri" for Yuri (the art looks cuter). In Yuru Yuri it's not THAT hardcore like in Love Stage! cuz I think in Yuri Animes they only make them chuu~ and nothing more than THAT (Yaoi) XDDD
And yeah, it IS strange how humans work XD
No, no you don't have to apologize. I just searched the words long-winded and convoluted cuz I didn't know what it means xD So now I know but still you don't have to apologize.
Ah, okay~ Then you might now what happens next right, since you're at Vol 11 of it and you're at the "Alicization Arc"
The Arcs are listed like that (I think)
Vol I+II= Aincrad
Vol III+IV= ALfheim Online
Vol V+VI= Phantom Bullet
Vol VII= Mother's Rosario
Vol VIII= Early and Late
Vol IX-XII= Alicization (Beginning, Running, Turning, Rising)
I have to read A LOT to get to Vol XII D:

Hm... but you have better cards then me Dx
My brother said that Lilim was the best card of the game.

What? Eroge, best story-telling ever?! o.O
Hm... I can imagine that. A girl wander around in a 18+ store with Ero Games. It would look reeeaaallly strange but for a guy it's okay xP
Okay, that's reeeaaallly stupid then o-o
I also have that one but I'm still at the Prologue so~ Not finished with it xD
And also with Clannad and other ones (on my profile)
Was Rewrite good? The other Key Games I have: Rewrite, Little Busters! & Clannad

See ya :3

ShinKozato | 07-28-14, 5:32 AM
Oh yeah, that's true. Many protagonists are just stupid and just do something ridiculous e.e Or even DON'T use their brain xd
Hahaha, true I think you're a meanie but I think you're not so mean hurting someone's feelings... or? o.o
And yeah, the OP is really good~
A FEMALE CHARA! Just clinging to the protagonist... just... THE FUCKS WRONG WITH YOU?!?!?
That's good to hear~ That's the ONLY thing what disturbs me about this anime and that's why I stopped watching it. The whole time 'Onii-sama' -.-'
But about the theories about Magic, that's not my thing so I stopped cuz of that. Though I thought it's more fighting than about theories.
Well, that's true but I think in the LN it was in the Side Story.
Ah, I see. But I REEEAAALLLYY hate brocons xD Siscon is better for me cuz it's ridiculous how they react, like as if they're their father XDDD
I don't think it's going to the worse than FT. FT, the animation of it, it's gone down~ Meaning the contrast was much brighter and the faces of them looked kinda strange?
I actually was REALLY lookin forward watching it but I stopped at ep 4 or something and I just read the Manga... much worth xD
Hahahahaha, that's also true :D XDD

Ah~ Okay.
My cards are (from left to right): Noel ,Cacao, Oracle, Chocodevil, Nicola
All of them are max Lvl but ATT is not max and DEF, my brother said I need A LOT of ATT Cards

What the-?! But at least it only lasted a half hour~
But that's so bad-- hot water for bathing o-o I might burn though I like bathing in hot water instead of cold XDD

You should but when, you should decide it yourself.
I thought a girl playing Ero Games might be strange o-o
Er... yeah. But it's better when you read it again (Log) the BG should be much darker so you cannot see the scence xDD
But why should SUCH a scence pop out in the middle of the story?! Shouldn't it be at the end? I think it's better but in the MIDDLE, I think that's not necessary.
Like... you read a really good story and then IT happens and then you think: "WHY THE HELL ARE THEY DOING IT NOW?! I WANNA READ MORE!" xDD

That's true. Hating when you write with someone and then don't know what to write~

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