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Favorite Anime
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai add
Higashi no Eden
Higashi no Eden add
NHK ni Youkoso!
NHK ni Youkoso! add
Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica
Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica add

Favorite Manga
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai: Minagoroshi-hen
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai: Minagoroshi-hen add
Natsume Yuujinchou
Natsume Yuujinchou add
Hayate no Gotoku!
Hayate no Gotoku! add
Sword Art Online
Sword Art Online add
Skip Beat!
Skip Beat! add

Favorite Characters
Furude, Rika
Maebara, Keiichi
Kirigaya, Kazuto
Ayasaki, Hayate
Tennouji, Kotarou
Inverse, Lina
Kaname, Madoka
Natsume, Takashi

Favorite People
Matsumoto, Rika
Matsumoto, Rika
Hoshi, Soichiro
Hoshi, Soichiro
Tamura, Yukari
Tamura, Yukari
Kamiya, Hiroshi
Kamiya, Hiroshi
Hayashibara, Megumi
Hayashibara, Megumi
Ono, Daisuke
Ono, Daisuke

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09-14-14, 3:54 PM
October 28, 1990
Caifornia with the Pikas
June 9, 2006
658 (Find All)
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Barakamon add
Watching at 3 of 12
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders add
Completed at 24 of 24
Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus add
Completed at 10 of 10

Anime Stats

Time (Days) 265.5
Watching 22
Completed 1093
On Hold 34
Dropped 22
Plan to Watch 85
Total Entries 1256

Anime compatibility with Katsuki is:
Unknown :(

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Manga Stats

Time (Days) 29.3
Reading 76
Completed 92
On Hold 30
Dropped 2
Plan to Read 40
Total Entries 240

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Unknown :(

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About Katsuki

Erika, born into this lovely fragment on October 28th, 1990 to fangirl over Pikachu and Cats along with suffering main characters. I also edit to AMVs, read visual novels, as well as spam my tumblr with my anime obsessions. There's also MALgraph to keep track of my stats since MAL freezes often.

Anime Goals
NEXT: 1500th Anime & 270.0 Time (Days)

DMS | Digital Memory Studios
* {Evannyan} * {Addiechu} * {Anachu} * {Maiachu} * {Paco} * {Elikachu}

Feel Free to drop by and comment. I won't bite. Chu~

Katsuki's Comments
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Doku-Chan | 06-12-14, 8:32 AM
your list is quite impressive when did you start watching anime anyway?

encephalic | 05-23-14, 6:24 AM
That is one impressive list :o

RunningBoy | 05-06-14, 8:36 AM
I like your list

trashiyama | 03-30-14, 6:15 AM
Gosh you're fast. It looks like you really liked it, too! :D THE CUTE PIGGIES i still dont know how you can eat watching it cries, your stomach is stronger than mine.

I'm guessing you'll be starting the second season soon too?

trashiyama | 03-29-14, 6:58 AM
You started on Silver Spoon! :D I hope you're liking it so far!

2SugoiToActSugoi | 03-04-14, 2:18 AM
I found some on sale! Yay!

2SugoiToActSugoi | 02-16-14, 4:39 AM
I know how you feel...


I spend so much time thinking about watching anime... so little time actually doing it.

Dang it, I blame my earphones, which broke! And I usually sit beside my mom all the time, so I can't just have the volume blasting without being told to cut it off!

2SugoiToActSugoi | 02-07-14, 6:38 PM
Good golly... What a massive list. The only thing about my list that's massive is my PTW list...

//eternally discouraged

trashiyama | 01-07-14, 8:20 AM
Whoa, I don't think I can imagine doing that. But then again, if it was the right kind of anime, I probably could. I remember when I first started watching stuff I would marathon and rewatch everything I could get my hands on. Nowadays I'm just an incredibly lazy person that can't keep up.

Let me know what you think of the SAO novels! I've seen you talk about them some on Twitter, I think. I'm pretty excited for the second season. ;3 It looks really neat!

I definitely hope there's more. Can I tentatively ask who you ship? ;x

trashiyama | 01-02-14, 3:17 PM
I'm sorry it has taken me so long to respond to you on here. It was a super hectic semester and I was under a lot of stress. I hope yours went well and you have been enjoying the holidays!

Since Xephy is visiting for winter break we've been trying to marathon a bunch of stuff. I saw you've been watching a lot and he keeps telling me, "That's not even Erika's final form. Just wait. She can marathon EVEN MORE." So I'm starting to think you're a super sayan with anime watching, tbh.

But I'm really glad you're watching Chihayafuru! I hope you like it!

Xephy told me to say, "Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, thank you for the message."

Jajuka89 | 12-19-13, 7:22 PM
Hello, I've been wanting to meet more users on here and I saw that we have high anime compatibility. I see that you watched Ergo Proxy, can you give me any tips on how to understand it better ? I'm planning on watching it again soon this time I was thinking I would watch it with subs.

EwelaIchigo | 10-28-13, 2:43 AM
Happy Birthday

trashiyama | 08-16-13, 9:25 AM
Late reply is late - I've been pretty sick for a bit now OTL

Otome anime adaptations are generally... bad. And I say that as someone who always goes and watches book adaptations at the movie theaters regardless of how good or bad I expect them to be. ;A; And generally I like them even if they are bad. Hakuouki is good, although the game is certainly better. UtaPri's first season isn't as good as the second, IMO - but it's really a fun anime. Guilty pleasure, so to speak. Watching Amnesia was pure suffering. This season's Brothers Conflict, though... is enjoyable. It's bad, because the heroine has no personality whatsoever, but I like the other characters. (Sorry for the ramble here, I am deeply saddened that adaptations aren't better than they are. ;A;) I'm not sure about Arcana Famiglia or Hiiro no Kakera as anime adaptations, though, since I've yet to get around to watching them.

It's like Nitro's trademark to smash feels and gut people. At least their BL company does a good job of that part! I haven't played too many of their other games. Although since S;G is being released over here officially, I might pick that up and give it a try. ;3

trashiyama | 08-05-13, 8:08 AM
The fandom of Naruto, here in the states at least, is completely over-the-top. So I understand losing interest, especially /because/ of the fandom. :( 201 for Skip Beat, well, I'm not too far behind then! As for Kajiyan, I know he'll be in Diabolik Lovers next season - which is another otome adaptation. It's probably not most people's cup of tea, though. He has a lot of good roles, but honestly, I think Alibaba and Eren have been two of his best. I don't really like when he's put into a shota role, although he does do it VERY well. (I am sadly not a big shota fan.)

I have so many feels for all of the characters! Watching it a second time, Sayaka became my favorite. I think she and Homura are really alike in how and what they sacrifice, albeit in different ways at the same time. I just really like those character types in general, though. (Hence Kaworu!)

Yeah, stat raising can be drawn out and tedious sometimes. But the story more than makes up for, in my opinion at least! Another Nitro+CHiRAL work is supposed to be getting a patch later this year (Sweet Pool) which you may have seen. I think that's the one where people have said there's essentially no happy endings. At the very least, I know it's probably one of the more, um... disturbing ones? It's definitely... special. o-o;; Nitro has a knack for drawing the line between itself and everything else.

Sadly, I've already watched C;H anime, and it was very promising yet sadly disappointing. So I can definitely see why you'd say it hasn't done it justice. But that's a good reason to play it, too! S;G has such high ratings, I imagine it must be really good for an adaptation. Granted that no adaptation can quite amount to what the game is or has done. ;3

Also, I hope you don't mind me sending you a friend request!

trashiyama | 07-29-13, 4:59 PM
I apologize for the late reply; I went out of town on Friday and just got back late last night. ;3

I keep up with quite a bit of manga, but they don't get updated frequently. I gave up on sticking with Naruto and Bleach - waiting for them to finish before I marathon through the last of those chapters. I haven't kept up with Skip Beat in a while, but I really loved it. I should probably play catch up on it again! ;A; And yeah! I was actually surprised when I noticed that, but Alibaba's voice was so familiar. I don't really like him being used in shota roles, like in Brothers Conflict. He pulls it off well, but I love him as Eren and Alibaba.

Aw, see, I think that would have been fun to experience. 'Cause it was setup to really troll people. And the HomuHomu episode just shattered me. I spent all those episodes thinking HOMURA WHY ARE YOU SO MEAN and the whole anime just sent me through a rollercoaster. Thinking, When will Madoka become a magical girl?!?! to MADOKA DON'T BECOME A MAGICAL GIRL!!!

OELVNs definitely have a different flavor from their Japanese counterparts, so I understand if you're not a fan. I don't really like stat raising, myself. But since that one is short, it didn't feel too tedious. (Dandelion, on the other hand, is the definition of tedious - not sure if you've heard of it, it's a Korean otome game.) Since you've read some of Nitro's other stuff, I don't think TnC will be too much of a surprise for you - but it is much darker than DMMd was. Some people don't like it as a result, ofc. I hope to get the chance to play through Chaos;Head and Steins;Gate eventually, as well. (The latter of which I still need to finish watching!)

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