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Days: 170.9
Mean Score: 6.85
  • Total Entries760
  • Rewatched15
  • Episodes10,085
Anime History Last Anime Updates
Apr 19, 8:35 PM
Plan to Watch · Scored -
Shingeki no Kyojin: The Final Season Part 2
Shingeki no Kyojin: The Final Season Part 2
Apr 2, 5:14 PM
Plan to Watch · Scored -
Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time
Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time
Mar 7, 11:30 PM
Plan to Watch · Scored -
Manga Stats
Days: 17.3
Mean Score: 7.54
  • Total Entries89
  • Reread0
  • Chapters3,151
  • Volumes270
Manga History Last Manga Updates
Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry
Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry
Nov 3, 2019 8:49 PM
Reading - · Scored -
Rougo ni Sonaete Isekai de 8-manmai no Kinka wo Tamemasu
Rougo ni Sonaete Isekai de 8-manmai no Kinka wo Tamemasu
Sep 8, 2019 10:08 AM
Dropped 2/? · Scored -
Renai Harem Game Shuuryou no Oshirase ga Kuru Koro ni
Renai Harem Game Shuuryou no Oshirase ga Kuru Koro ni
Sep 2, 2019 10:13 AM
Reading 4/19 · Scored -


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Zeaaa Jan 14, 2:31 PM
Nice list, ??? from Hoshimemo seems like a pretty cool character
DillonA Dec 25, 2020 2:34 PM
Great review on the aria manga, convinced me to read it after I watched the anime. Nice job
Takamura-sama Nov 1, 2020 6:01 PM
Nice waifu you have. It'd be a shame if someone.. loved her more :D
JayVeeDee Apr 30, 2020 7:09 PM
Kotori definitely best girl from Rewrite!
FelipeGuedes Mar 22, 2020 6:31 PM
Kenny_Stryker Jul 9, 2019 3:58 PM
Haha. It's alright. Once you stop paying attention to the haters, the world will seem more cheerful. xD

I got support from Reddit and MAL, that's how I was able to keep the thread in check for past year and a half.
UncleShiro May 4, 2019 11:25 PM
Takamura-sama Feb 12, 2019 5:34 AM
u still love kotori?
VerusAmor Jan 19, 2019 7:25 PM
Can I ask which is better, to watch Aria the anime or to read the manga?
yuccasnpk Dec 25, 2018 9:59 PM
That's quite far for basic. Keep it up! You might want to immerse yourself and hit Japanese twitters right away for examples. I weirded out myself when I read any of those, and I still am on reading news and complex stuffs lol.
yuccasnpk Dec 25, 2018 9:20 PM
It's fine. I'm still on job hunting and hoping I'll hit one so right now there's a lot of free time to spare. Also bought Smash and finished World of Light, unlocked all fighters and maining Zelda ー she's tricky to play. That's a nice Japanese learning site there, I've checked it out. How far have you learned?
yuccasnpk Dec 25, 2018 9:23 AM
Merry Christmas, Ange! Life going well?
yuccasnpk Nov 24, 2018 4:01 PM
Lol you can take your time since it's just for your anime hobby. But damn, I'm so sad to hear that news... Anyway, keep it up! I'll leave a friend request to you if I may.
yuccasnpk Nov 21, 2018 7:05 PM
You're learning right now? That's one step closer to raw VNs, even if you're new. Get used to reading hiragana and katakana like letters and you would do better in studying grammars. Always remember that Japanese language' structure is no English; need to get used to that too. Everything starts from the bottom, so you're fine. Just keep going.

Nobody's translating Virgin as far as I know. Maybe the translator group previously worked on Jun'ai are doing it right now? I don't know, I hope. I can tell you this though: Of all the routes I have played in Virgin (I haven't touched 'black haired' Ai yet), I love Yoiko the most. Just like Majikoi, three previous heroines are after stories. And hey, there's Minato FD too and I haven't played that yet!

I will, but first I'll finish Patlabor I'm currently watching lol. Looking forward to RWBY after all those Azrael/Yang combos I enjoyed.
yuccasnpk Nov 21, 2018 5:22 PM
Oh that! Yeah, I don't know, probably just him loves Ai so deep he's molding her. He cared and acted is what I see, but could also be just what Minato Carnival wanted to write for.

If only Ayumi's actually a delinquent too....hmm (thinks hard). All the routes are delinquent girls after all. As for Virgin, I do pretty much, not full. Once it goes culture-specific, I'm kind of left out. Used Jisho web to translate any kanji I didn't understand and made notes lol. It was a fun ride to both learn and enjoy the VN.

I've said it before, but I got surprised to see RWBY got into the collab game. I never expected something like that; West to Japan I mean. Haven't watch any of it but design and personality goes to Yang, since I also like fists (casually played Tekken and DOA once). Thought I'd just go ahead and buy!