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Aug 11, 2017
NOTE: Be sure to watch the original Amanchu! anime before watching this OVA as this is a direct sequel. Watching at least one season of ARIA would be nice too but is not necessary. This review won't have any major spoilers for any series.

Amanchu! is one of the uncommon Iyashikei / healing / relaxing / feel-good slice of life anime. These shows are light on comedy and drama compared to other episodic shows but still find a way to create situations that provide character development and events that make the main characters happy which in turn makes the viewers feel warm inside.

If you haven't read more
Dec 17, 2016
Type of Doujin: Vanilla Harem

Potential Charm Points: Assertive Girls, Lack of Really Large Breasts, Childhood Friends, 1 Orgy/Groupsex scene

----Story Premise----

A guy named Yuuki used to live in the suburbs with his little sister and a group of 3 female childhood friends (who were all sisters). He moved to the city for 5 years but has slowly got exhausted with all the people he interacted with. At the suggestion of his sister, he decides to come visit his childhood friends in the subrubs for summer break.

During dinner time he learns that they all missed him and through a casual mention by the mom, all of read more
Aug 31, 2014
Before you read the K-On! Highschool it is highly recommended that you either read the original K-ON manga or the first two seasons of the anime.

The general tone of K-ON Highschool is very similar to its prequel: a light-hearted slice of life comedy written in a 4koma/Yonkoma style. It also does not have much a plot, the main premise of the story is basically a group of girls hanging out and having fun with their club. If you prefer your manga to have a solid concrete plot this isn't the manga for you.

K-ON Highschool takes place after the original series. It stars Azusa Nakano who read more
Jan 9, 2013
Before you consider reading "Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica: The Different Story". It is highly recommended that you either watch the original anime series or read the manga adaptation (both called Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica) due to the Different Story not only referencing events from the original but it was pretty much written under the premise that the reader has seen the original.

That said I will keep spoilers to a minimum for both the original and Different Story so both people who are familiar with the original series and those who aren't can still read this review.

Now onto the actual review:

Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica: The Different Story is actually read more
Dec 5, 2012
The second season of Maria-sama ga Miteru or Maria-sama ga Miteru Haru is a continuation of the first season.. a story about the members of Yamuyuri Council, the ordeals they go through in making the school a better place and their relationships which each other. While the show is generally episodic, there is a fair amount of drama (with a little of it being melodrama) and character development which are the show's strongest points.

However, the DVD-only specials of the Maria-sama ga Miteru Haru are almost the complete opposite of it as far as the mood and themes go. The specials are very light-hearted and comedic. read more
Nov 8, 2011
Hidamari Sketch x SP is a two episode special of the still-continuing Hidamari Sketch series.

Just like every season before this one, these specials do not have a big plot or any big drama and instead focus on the daily lives of 6 art school students who live in the same dormitory.

If you aren't a fan of slice of life shows where nothing happens (shows like Lucky Star or K-ON) then these specials (and the series) aren't for you.

If you are interested in this, it is highly recommended that you have watched the first 3 seasons of Hidamari Sketch before watching these specials in order to read more
Sep 22, 2011
The Amagami SS anime was pretty well known as a harem romance series were each main girl was able to get their own arc with the main character Junichi, with all of them being able to "win". If you haven't watched the main series yet then I suggest you do before watching this OVA so you will be familiar with all the characters.

These 6 short OVAs are some neat add-ons to the each of the 6 girls' stories. All 6 OVAs are roughly 5 minutes each, and mostly could be fit towards the middle or the end of each respective arc.

The OVA order follows the read more
Aug 21, 2011
If you haven't seen the main Dai Mahou Touge series before watching this "Omake", I suggest you do so you can familiarize yourself with the characters and humor.

If you have the seen the main series (and liked it) then I definitely recommend watching this omake series.

Dai Mahou Touge is known for its dark, twisted and over-the-top humor, and this omake definitely has more of the same humor that the main series had.

The plot of all 4 episodes are all connected with Punie showing Tetsuko the 'wonders' of the Magical Kingdom she lives in.

I shouldn't say anymore but if you were fond of Punie's antics in read more
Jan 12, 2011
If you haven't watched or don't know about the Amagami SS anime, basically it's a somewhat typical high school romance harem anime based on a Playstation 2 dating sim. The 'catch' in the anime was the fact that unlike most harem anime, the show was done in an omnibus format where one main girl was pursued at a time with mostly 1 on 1 interaction with the main character Junichi and the current main female. After 4 episodes, time would be 'reset' and a new girl would be the target of Junichi's affection. One complaint about the anime is that pretty much every arc read more
Jul 17, 2010
Linkage (Manga) add (All reviews)
Mod Note: This review was initially posted for the one-shot, Present, and was subsequently merged into Linkage.

Note: There are at least two other manga with the title of "Present". If you want to search for this story make sure the author is Uso Kurata.

Present is a very good one-shot about the love between two girls.

Keiko is a girl who, in the past felt like her appearance (upturned face, pale hair, pointed chin) are unsuited to her actual interests (cute things like stuffed bears). Due to these differences many girls used to find her creepy, so she had to change herself in order to be more read more