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Beelzebub add
Ao no Exorcist
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Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo
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Shokugeki no Souma
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Elric, Edward
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Sakata, Gintoki
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Sugita, Tomokazu
Sugita, Tomokazu
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Hanazawa, Kana
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Satou, Rina
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Sfuturama79 | 04-17-14, 9:17 AM
Yeah probably need to do so soon but i am really loving HXH's recent episodes especially episode 125 was not expecting such a badass fight with netero and the king (note he really reminds me of cell from DBZ appearance wise). My favorites of this season are hitsugime no chaika, no game no life , world is still beautiful, mekaku city actors and fairy tail of course but the new animation and character designs still freak me out though lol.

Sfuturama79 | 03-28-14, 2:23 PM
Sorry for not replying been busy working 40+ hours a week all night shifts!! Anyways how have u been also I finally started watching hunter x hunter late thought from episode 47 to current 122 still need to go back and finish 1-46 to get a better understanding of the characters but anyways it doesn't change the fact that it is pretty good. Also how did u like the winter anime season? For me I felt disappointed since all the animes that I felt had potential fizzled out quickly since we last talked the only one I seemed to enjoy was witchcraft works. Also don't u feel nisekoi was ruined by shaft because I felt like they skipped a lot of chapters that serve as important development for the main characters or maybe it's just me. Lastly what shows are u looking forward to next season?

Sfuturama79 | 01-27-14, 5:39 PM
Ugh.... Never-mind that potential cool concept on samurai flamenco of course that new episode totally ruined it so abruptly sigh..... I'm so disappointed but nonetheless I will continue to watch even though the show is becoming so stupid. I'm really digging the pilot's love song it was to freaking amazing on that shocking revelation on episode 4. Also noragami was good but I swear the plot pacing is really messy though. I also loved this week's new witch craft works episode it was awesome with the funniest fight of the century with a bear and a bunny lol!! Sword art online 2 I hope Its better but won't have high hopes like last time. But anyways have u watch anything this week that was interesting to you?

Sfuturama79 | 01-22-14, 6:36 AM
Man U and me both brother on how Samurai F has gotten very clinche and boring though their recent new episode kind of gave me some hope with its proclamation of doomsday at the end I haven't given up on this show yet. Also have u notice a lot of the shows of this season have the same similar crappy CG animation that Tokyo Ravens has is this a trend? Also almost forgot to ask you about what u think was the best animes of 2013? Lastly what did u think of the news of SAO getting a second season your thought on that matter as well as Akame ga kill getting a anime adaptation have u read/heard of the manga.

Sfuturama79 | 01-20-14, 7:12 AM
Just saw Witch craft's episode 3 I'm really like the way they are adapting the chapters so far I'm sure everyone getting the feeling of a reverse shoujo kinda of atmosphere since the girl is more like a guy and the guy is well... U know what I mean lol. Have u seen noragami and Sekai seifuku newest episodes they were both pretty good especially Sekai seifuku with the all craziness going on in that episode still not sure if it's a relaxing comedy based story or a serious action plot story may need more episodes to make a judgement. Noragami episode 2 really liked it but I'm starting to feel that animation style and designs feels a little generic. But who cares the story is being adapted very well what did u think? I am little annoyed with shaft's animation style with nisekoi it just doesn't suit/fit this anime but that's my only complaint of the latest episode. What are your gripes of this this week?

Sfuturama79 | 01-18-14, 6:19 AM
No I haven't seen Sakura trick don't plan too not really into yuri that much but will watch akuma no riddle an upcoming yuri anime mostly because it has action in it. Also Witchcraft works is something i have been looking forward to since i have read the manga before the anime aired for me I just have to stomach the first few episodes cuz this anime doesn't get better till it finishes introducing all it characters in next episode because honestly they are boring after that the plot starts getting interesting with many twists and conflicts so yeah hope u enjoy it as much as I do. Also yeah I have the same feeling someone is going to die as well hopefully not his love interest I kinda like her even if she is shy/timid. I think nisekoi is going to be 20+ episodes just a feeling though no real evidence to back up that thought of mine. Hey I usually don't like loli characters either but since she has the same voice actor of Serara from log horizon I have to admit her voice is so adorable I kinda don't mind that her character is just a magnet for loli obssesed pervs hell For once I don't care all hail this holy loli overlord but don't get me wrong buddy I usually prefer female characters to be like C.C from Code Geass, Asuka Langley from Evangelion , Holo from Spice And wolf or Revy from black lagoon but for once to hell with my tastes let the loliness consume me lol. Yes, Flatness Is Justice!!!! XD jk

Sfuturama79 | 01-16-14, 10:14 PM
I agree the return of Silver spoon is a blessing thank you Kami-sama lol. I have been watching all oft he ones u mention and then some more like witch craft works and the pilot's love song but of course this season it hasn't caused me to forget shows like kill la kill, log horizon and samurai flamenco from last season. I think people who haven't read the manga version of nisekoi are going to think nisekoi is going to be a lot alike Seto Hana no hayome but anyways nisekoi debut was very solid I enjoyed it very much. As for the others like noragami I kinda hated how they didn't show/adapted in the first episode the first chapter of noragami which is awesome but nonetheless still a lot of potential if they adapt each manga chapter successfully , Dfrag is awesome it is just as hilarious as it is in the manga great choice on seiyuu for the main protagonist ^^ , engaged to the unidentified is very unusual but very fun in how it is just relaxing anime I really like kobeni she is so cute when she blushes, and lastly your last favorite is one of my favorites as well for world conquest mostly because it very uniques and enjoyable to watch just hope jimon asuta isn't a weak MC but never mind that the whole reason I like this is because of my new favorite little overlord Kate long live the loli overlord BANZAI!!!!! XD

Sfuturama79 | 01-15-14, 6:39 AM
Been awhile anyways just recently logged in since being gone for almost a month but anyways what have you been up to are u watching/enjoying the new season like I am. Because this season has so many shows that you can't help but like. Also how have u been?

Sfuturama79 | 12-09-13, 2:10 AM
Really by the way did u like the ova or was it just okay to u. I see okay I'm going to look forward to that thanks for the heads up on what to expect on the next episodes on magi can't wait ^^. I see well don't worry buddy this just means u get the chance to find another great new manga to fill the void of the ones that are ending. Are u excited about the winter season as I am xD I can't wait to watch both the upcoming anime series of noragami and pupa what about u anything u look forward to watching from the winter anime list?

Sfuturama79 | 12-07-13, 4:24 AM
Yeah i totally agree on yozakura quartlet being a another surprisingly very good anime with awesome action scenes but very intriguing plot development but the only that is stopping it from becoming even more awesome is the lack of romance development.... In short I want some more akina x Hime they are so cute together. But even without it is still a very good what do u think is the next episode is going to be like with hiizumi enjin's diabolical plot also I really want that witch V Lila F to appear soon she is so sexy me likey more of her lol XD. Also the recent new magi episode was so freaking amazing with alibaba's amazing swordsmanship what did u think of the episode. Also what did u think of the recent developments on the yamada kun manga it seems like it is getting close to ending are u going to be sad when it's gone like I will be.

Sfuturama79 | 12-05-13, 3:05 AM
Sorry it took me so long to reply have been sadly seeing my dad go in and out of the emergency hospital as well going to a funeral for the very recent passing of my grandmother also been working graveyard shifts this past two weeks so yeah in short I have been busy. But anyways I have still been able to make time for anime just had to cut my watch list alittle due to the time constraints I am really digging the koimonogatari arc with kaiki he is a awesome character. I have been obviously still watching log horizon a little heads up get ready for some epic monster gaming wars with about 10,000 army of players fighting a massive amount of goblins. I have been disappointed so far with Tokyo ravens and unbreakable machine doll but enough about me what about u anything changed in ur favs of this season? Mine is kill la kill I am really enjoying that show,

Sfuturama79 | 11-16-13, 10:00 PM here's a link......but never mind did some more research and found out they just decided to add the sequel material as part of the movie basically showing what happen a year later after the events of where the tv series left off sorry if this was a inconvenience to u but nonetheless it is good news to all Ano Hana fans unless u already knew. Nisekoi......was getting good when it was about raku having amensia and yes of course I wanted to know marika's secret as well as what exactly is her illness cause they are setting to many death flags on her which is teasing me to no end...... I want to know now!!!!!!! Also I just watched the monogatari's latest new episode and it was wonderfully adapted from the light novel I am a reader of the light novel so knew it was coming but still hit me pretty hard but oh well can't wait for koimonogatari arc because the return of kaiki and senjougahara is what u should expect of this last arc those are going to be the main characters as for kyoumi araragi isn't going to appear much in this last arc if u wanted to know. Also I ended up spoiling myself on the ending of log horizon because I started reading the light novel so here is a little spoiler this anime is very similar to spice and wolf in terms of how both animes explore extensively on details about business and economy so that's what u should expect on log horizon for now don't expect much action in this anime in the immediate future at least not until they get to volume three (log horizon the anime adaptation is bearly on volume 2 if u wanted to know). Oh I have been wondering do u read light novels or just manga?

Sfuturama79 | 11-15-13, 1:13 PM
Yeah I still haven't read the manga on magi yet but will eventually. Tokyo ravens is going to be a blast next episode since they are adapting one of my favorite chapters. Have u read the latest chapter of nisekoi...... I am wondering when they are going to answer the amulet mystery I'm torn and just want to find out which girl it is which I am hoping it is chitoge. I see u from looking at your anime list that u enjoyed Ano Hana as much as I did are u stoked about watching the upcoming movie as I am, also have u heard there is going to be a sequel to the Ano Hana tv is coming in 2014

Sfuturama79 | 11-10-13, 6:03 PM
I'm back!!!!!!!! Man feel's like I have been gone for ages even though it only has a week since I last logged in here but anyways nice to meet u Cody what have u been doing since I been gone also did u just watch magi's recent new episode it was simply amazing!!!!!!! Oh also I managed to catch up on all the anime I missed is there any changes on your watch list of this season I still have log horizon as my number one show of this season what about u?

Sfuturama79 | 11-01-13, 2:58 AM
Sorry for not being able to respond I feel like I should disclose some of the details of my troubles which unfortunately my dad had to go to the emergency hospital and be hospitalize to save his life I have been with my father for the previous three days in the hospital supporting him on his ongoing battle with his advanced cancer. This also means in the coming week or weeks I will unfortunately be unable to message u about anime since I will be very busy putting my father's health over my hobby I am not sure when I will be able to talk to u again about anime but I wish u good health buddy and hope u understand my situation right now. Words cannot express my gratitude meeting a fellow friend that shares my interests in anime and enjoys discussing about it I hope to see u soon again :) oh and since I won't be here for awhile I might as well tell u my name it's Mike if u wanted to know.

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