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View Poll Results: Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai Specials Episode 4 Discussion
5 out of 5: Loved it!
187 58.62%
4 out of 5: Liked it
67 21.00%
3 out of 5: It was OK
38 11.91%
2 out of 5: Disliked it
20 6.27%
1 out of 5: Hated it
7 2.19%
Voters: 319

08-13-11, 11:05 PM

Joined: Oct 2010
Posts: 10142
Sucrose said:
Fuck off.
I wanted a Kuroneko confession.
Oh but perhaps you may want to read the LN, something does happen there but not saying what.

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09-04-11, 9:13 PM

Joined: Jul 2010
Posts: 2300
Yumekichi11 said:

It was that great! In fact I have lived countless hours to arrive at what is in the spoiler
indeed it is none other than #1 best of this series, that of Kuroneko's kiss on Kyousuke even though it was more of a curse to motivate Kyousuke to bring back Kirino and so starts a Kirino section.

best part of the show.
i really hate kirino but i actually felt sad when she actually left. she still needs to change her attitude though.

09-16-11, 7:18 AM

Joined: Aug 2011
Posts: 857
I love the 2 special episodes(2&3) and i like the part before Kyousuke travel to america.
Since i did not laugh while watching season 1 (i like ep9 &10 tho), surprisingly i enjoy the 2 special episodes a lot.
They should make the first 8episodes in 2 or 3 episodes and replace Manami story with Saori story(i do not read the novel but i suppose there will be something).

I can understand the purpose of getting Kirino back but the ending is still incomplete.
Glad that i made it this far even though i thought of dropping after watching ep5 or 6.
I really like the 2 episodes focusing on Gokou.

10-26-11, 8:29 AM

Joined: Aug 2011
Posts: 425
Lulexiaa said:
Am I the only one that liked this ending? o__o

nope! I loved it!! XD
10-30-11, 12:42 AM

Joined: Jul 2009
Posts: 464
Bad-ass ending. loved it.
Kirino haters can go to the hell.. im not a Kuroneko hater tho, i love both.
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11-26-11, 4:14 AM

Joined: Oct 2010
Posts: 231
im so happy kirino came back :3
11-28-11, 1:24 PM

Joined: Jul 2011
Posts: 4297
Well first off, I WAS GLAD when Kirino was back. All first 3 episodes I was like WHERE TF is Kirino??!!

Kuroneko's story was very entertaining. Yes I love BOTH Kirino AND Kuroneko!

Kyousuke was annoying as always. Always so nosy, and ugh...I just don't like him. Sorry.

THe fact that he wanted Kirino for his selfishness pissed me off, but I was still happy she came back.

Kirino and Kuroneko 's friendship is unique, but great!
And yes we neeed MORE saori!

Tell you what, get rid of Kyousuke and bring Saori as the big sister... or something like that, yes??

JK, pshh i wish, anyways if there is a 2nd season I will definitely watch. :D

12-20-11, 8:19 PM

Joined: Sep 2011
Posts: 248
Why hate on Kirino? Isn't it normal for a little sister to act bratty to her older brother? Besides, if Kirino wasn't like that, then there wouldn't even be any real story - if Kirino wasn't like that, her brother couldn't love her and put up with her like he did in this whole series.

So are you guys saying you wanted Kirino to act all goody-goody and be like 'the perfect little sister' or a Barbie Princess?
01-19-12, 12:39 PM

Joined: Apr 2008
Posts: 168
If I were to guess this really is the final stop for the series. looking how these specials ended, and with no announcements of any sequels to come, I cannot say otherwise sadly.
A few things that buggers me with this kind of ending tho: That Yaoi, or whoever, never shows us her real identity. Maybe she's just some random rich daughter then...
With Kuroneko, or Goukou, just about everyone here that actually liked the show would want to see some kind of sequel to the possible romance there as well. Personally I was hoping that when Kirino came home, Gokou would take Kyosuke's hand or something while giving his sister the lurky smile.
All in all the show did not end all that different from other shows from the past, it's become a pattern with only 1 button called "repeat".
Still glad they made something more directly from the novel, which gave me more pleasure watching a 2nd,and better closure than the original series gave me.
02-03-12, 10:32 AM

Joined: Feb 2011
Posts: 33
this specials made me forget about Kirino and love Kuroneko more and more @_@ this 4 eps are great
02-04-12, 6:03 AM

Joined: Oct 2011
Posts: 128
Best OVA ive seen so far~
Kuroneko <3
Mei Misaki is mai waifu. Hands off, fruitbowl.
02-06-12, 1:20 AM

Joined: Sep 2011
Posts: 395
My second time watching this i remember how much I loved this series. I don't understand why everyone has so much hate for Kyousuke. I thought at the end he acted pretty normal I mean a bit over-dramatic but good. I hope they do a 2nd season with this ending as the start. 8/10 for this OVA
02-14-12, 9:48 PM

Joined: Jan 2012
Posts: 57
The OVA was fantastic. I really hope they will make a second season. This series has so much potential and so many fans to support it. Aniplex needs to realize this!
03-10-12, 12:26 AM

Joined: Mar 2012
Posts: 7
I don't know what's up with all the Kirino hate... not every tsundere has to be fully committed to being nicer as the story develops :p. Sure she has a pretty bad attitude but that's what drives Kyousuke to be a better brother for her. Kuroneko has some good moments, but I was generally bored of her in the first series so seeing her in this special was a little bit offputting for me.
05-09-12, 1:29 AM

Joined: Jan 2012
Posts: 196
hm, a lot of people didnt seem very satisfied with the conclusion, and I guess I can sum it up best in one word: anti-climatic.

Honestly, with Kirino not bothering to contact any of her friends and family for 3 months until those two ominous texts, one would think that there would be a more significant underlying issue and more dramatic overtone than simply not doing well at the training camp. Either that, or it was terribly rushed and undersold as a plot point for it to make any sort of impact on me as a viewer.

Also, why bother to introduce the potential of a kuroneko romance only to shove it aside and have Kyousuke grovel like a dog to have kirino come back to japan? He would really "die" if she didnt come back with him and placate his "loneliness"? Based on the previously 3 episodes, maybe like 30 seconds was served as to remind everyone that Kirino was still on kyousuke's mind? He seemed fine to me, not suicidal, as he would claim. Again, not believable.

The producers really have to get it out of their minds that crying makes a scene genuine to the viewer (L00king at Y00, kyousuke). It's an automatic signal from the writers that I should care, but it's so contrived that it defeats the whole purpose.

I really don't have a side as to Kirino or Kuroneko, but that last sequence so horribly executed and out of character. Kinda put me off of what was otherwise a wonderful story arc.
06-20-12, 2:25 PM

Joined: Dec 2011
Posts: 126
I'm proud I completed this series?! :) Great episodeeeeeee!~. Although they should've shortened the school life time by 1 or 2 episodes and show more of kirknooo!! Super nice series, and should've been inside the original series. Hoping for season 2 for more kirino, kuroneko and manami! Plzz season 2!!
06-30-12, 4:19 PM

Joined: Jun 2009
Posts: 13015
Well, we'll just have to wait for the second season to really say how this "ending" works or not. I liked the focus on Kuroneko, but ultimately the focus of the series IS Kirino so it was a bit of a relief to see her again. I wouldn't have a problem if Kuroneko ended up with Kyousuke though.
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07-15-12, 1:59 PM

Joined: Jul 2009
Posts: 10790
Nice OP with chara intros (again! ;D) and seeing Kirino running track! I would have liked to see more of that honestly :P
Now this episode ... Sena, you are awesome, never change :') WE SAW SAORI WITHOUT HER GLASSES! ;O Not really but XD Plus Ruri's got friends now yay :D
I gotta say that text was really surprising ... throwing away her collection?! Minami's so nice :3 Although I think mixing it with Ruri's "confession" (which it practically was) kind of ... I dunno, didn't work out that well? XD Lol :P
Kyousuke flies to the USA to see Kirino. Started fairly lighthearted (let's play porn games! :P) but I gotta say that I thought it was something more intense than Kirino just placing restrictions on herself. I mean, not contacting anyone for six months?! Of course they'd be worried! D: Kyousuke's confession really hit my feelings though :S He's just lonely ... aweh T_T What a nice brother T_T I wish I had one like him D:
Two tsunderes again with Kirino and Ruri XD Gotta say I loved Kirino's "Aniki" though :P Ending with another concert and that jump (wtf?!) was kind of ... weird lol. Anti-climatic I guess XD Plus the ED wasn't that great either X_X
So overall, I did like the OVAs about as much as the series. NEW CHARACTERS AWESOME XD I guess the ending was just kind of disappointing, although I guess there's not much you can do when Kirino's gone for half of the series :P So same score as the original: 8/10
There will be a second season apparently, which I am looking forward to :)
07-17-12, 5:04 PM

Joined: Sep 2011
Posts: 1332
I liked the Good End, but I think this was way better. Though the school-life of Kuroneko and Kyousuke felt somewhat out of place without Kirino. I still liked it very much.

I'm really happy for Kirino and Kyousuke, they are so cute together (as brother-sister). But I'm also happy for Kuroneko and Kyouske, if they won't make lovers out of Kirino and her brother I hope he ends up with Kuroneko (anyone but Manami!).

I wrote my main review on the series' last episode, so I'm just gonna say that this, as well as the series itself, is a 9/10.

The 2nd season will follow this End btw, right?
07-21-12, 3:55 PM

Joined: Jan 2008
Posts: 331
ftghb said:

The producers really have to get it out of their minds that crying makes a scene genuine to the viewer (L00king at Y00, kyousuke). It's an automatic signal from the writers that I should care, but it's so contrived that it defeats the whole purpose.


Mostly, I was content with the specials because Kuroneko simply proved to be a more "rewarding" protagonist than Kirino. She was way better balanced. I'm not saying Kirino should have been all lovey-dovey; Kuroneko was a prime example of a better character though. She was never swooning over Kyousuke, had a decent tsun-side, but she DID also have a convincing dere-side, that seemed sincere and came about in the perfect dose.
Well, I'm not a Kuroneko-Fan, just for clarification, I'd just prefer her over Kirino as a main heroine because of certain character traits and -mostly- development, that's all. But the show had various problems even without the female protagonist issue.

I am also wondering what ulterior message this show wanted to give me. Kirino simply running away from training camp because she just didn't manage to get better and ignoring her friends out of pride was almost overglorified. Why did Kyousuke even cry so much over her being away? People need to become independent and grow up, geez. So many characters in this show have just been overreacting so much. :x

I think the specials were fine, but somehow lacking a lot.

Also, Kirino-lovers, please face it. Kirino was a character that developed a great potential of being hateable. It's not at all surprising she IS being disliked by many. (And yes, look, those are MANY, it's not really coming from nowhere.)
However, it's an opinion based on the show's plot and the character development. If you seriously think the forums are only there to come here and glorify all the characters, worshipping the show and whatnot - sorry, I have to disappoint you. That is NOT what reality is like. This topic is even called "discussion", so please to realize that does include negative reactions.

You're being very very childish calling people that criticize Kirino "Kirino-Haters" and demanding them to not post on forums or drop the show. Seriously, please grow up. (This thread would be sooo boring with only people drooling over Kirino. =D)
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