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July 15, 2010
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About supermegasonic

I'm a big fan of sonic the hedgehog (look at name)
I only watch animes that are completed, excluding bleach and naruto actually forget that, i like watching animes as they air now. conversations about what happens next are interesting
my favourite characters are usually the main character in any show, thats how i am
i'm also starting to read manga, so since i'm completely new to it, recommendations would be helpful
My FIRST MANGA COMPLETED: BREAK-HANDS ~Inheritor of the Star Stone~
also, plz for the love of all that is good, plz dont give random friend requests, actually BE an internet friend of mine before adding me.

Other seiyuu and other ppl people I like: (in no particular order)

anime characters I find awesome in some way. some of them might be even more awesome than the ones in my faveourite list, but its too much of a hassle to rearrange all of it so i'll put new favourite characters here. also in no particular order



shows i particularly like, stuff I might watch again and again. And I might even recommend to an average openminded fan. so basically my "favourites" of the anime i've watched. Note, the favourites are made that it involves the entire series (i.e. OVA's, specials, second seasons, etc)

manga's I like

some anime quotes that I particularly like:

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wicked_liz | 12-18-14, 2:26 PM
Late reply from the Gundam Blog post

Yeah, the bolded entries were the main ones to watch, the important parts of the UC universe.

The Gundam Unicorn OST is a freakin' magic. *__*

wicked_liz | 10-14-14, 1:35 PM
The British version is funnier to me, but the humour is different. I like British shows generally, watch an episode and decide.

wicked_liz | 09-21-14, 3:39 AM
I liked "The Office", but I've seen more of the British one than the American.

Am a fan of "Arrested Development" though.

Black Cat was okay, gave it a 9. Not really my kind of show though.

wicked_liz | 09-17-14, 7:59 PM
Sonic, I came to check out your tags and you've changed 3 @___@ (lol)

I need to watch some movies/ tv shows, I'm beginning to not understand what people are talking about ;_;

Hakuba | 06-05-14, 3:04 PM
It was dead before, now its somewhat active. The active veteran members became "Super Moderators". A lot has changed. I'm Setsuna F. Seiei there now.

Hakuba | 06-05-14, 1:42 AM
You still on AnimeFushigi?

wicked_liz | 03-30-14, 7:35 PM
I'm tempted to use one of the pre-made styles, but choosing is where I end up losing steam. I don't even have a vague idea of what show I'd want =_=

Before I had an MAL I used to keep track with notes, so it's useful to know what I've seen and stuff. I'm pretty attached to it. Don't let the number fool you, there are still so many shows I want to watch. :burn:

wicked_liz | 03-29-14, 4:07 PM
Sonic, your layout is so pretty *_* (or cool/ more masculine term of awe)

And your Plan To Watch list made me cry for you. Fight-O!

Liz from AF

Metal-Grip | 03-16-14, 8:04 PM
Yeah go Clannad!! Top of the list :D

Rinji- | 03-12-14, 11:01 PM
Hey, the chibi is Himouto from Himouto Umaru-chan. It's a great slice of life series, packed with cuteness. And yea, the profile pic is Shiwoon from The Breaker.

halibonga | 12-08-13, 5:33 AM

i knew this was gonna happen, rejoice!

halibonga | 11-09-13, 6:22 PM
old phone reactivated, still same number

halibonga | 11-02-13, 4:00 PM
i m bak at toronto!

Jaeger07 | 09-13-13, 10:53 AM
Lol, I'm glad I made your day, and thanks XD

halibonga | 08-21-13, 1:16 AM
i thought oreimo's ending was TERRIBLE, author did not have the guts to make a real incest ending, so he had to turn it into that...

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